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This is the sixth in a series documenting games of Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game using Advanced Solo Mode rules. All games are constructed randomly using the Legendary Wheel of Fate tool.

The Setup
Heroes: Jean Grey, Nick Fury, Professor X
Mastermind: Apocalypse
Scheme: Save Humanity
Villains: Hydra
Henchmen: Doombot Legion

The Strategy
I was excited about building this deck. Jean Grey against the Save Humanity scheme could only be fun. Then I realized that I also needed Instinct cards in order to trump the scheme, and Professor X was the only hero who provided any of those — and he only had one. The strategy would still be to load up on Jean Grey cards, but I’d also have to focus on keeping the HQ free of bystanders and snap up every Class Dismissed Professor X I saw and hope I was lucky.

How Did it Work?
Unlike my previous session reports, I played this matchup three times before I wrote this up. The first time I lost in about four turns. There were two bystanders in the starting HQ setup, and the first card flipped from the villain deck was a scheme twist. I was halfway to losing and I hadn’t played a card yet. Losing didn’t take long after that.

Frustrated, I shuffled up a second game with the same setup. I lasted a little longer, but again lost one bystander from the HQ early on, rescued another from HQ, but then lost it from my victory point pile along with another bystander in the HQ. I got my fourth bystander KO’d after Apocalypse’s Master Strike stripped an Instinct hero from my hand and then rolled into a Scheme Twist to end my quest.

The third game went almost too well for me, but it still had nail-biting moments. I was able to start building the Jean Grey focused deck I wanted without seeing any bystanders in the HQ. I never rescued a bystander using Psychic Search Jean Grey unless I’d already played cards that would trigger off rescued bystanders first. I dodged a few Scheme Twists by having both my victory point pile and HQ bystander free, and I was able to fend off a few more raids on my VP pile with Instinct Xavier, but the villain deck was running low, and I didn’t want a draw. I’d fought Apocalypse three times, but he still had two tactic cards left due to his Immortal and Undefeated tactic card. There were only two cards left in the villain deck, but I had a hand with potential. I had Psychic Search, Mind Over Matter and Telekinetic Mastery Jean Grey. I played carefully, grabbing bystanders from the HQ and snaring one with Psychic Search Jean Grey. I managed to drop five X-Men, including a second Mind Over Matter Jean Grey without dropping Telekinetic Mastery. I finally dropped the rare, drawing 10 cards, which powered the deck to more card drawing and recruiting shenanigans. I grabbed every Jean Grey, bystander and Professor X card I could out of the HQ until there were only Nick Furys standing on the deck of the helicarrier. Class Dismissed Professor X helped a lot to cycle through unwanted hero cards in the HQ. The team’s total attack was 60, easily enough to defeat Apocalypse.

Victory. The team's adjusted score was 47 points. The team endured all eight Scheme Twists and all five Master Strikes. Every bystander was rescued except for the three that were KO’d.

The Final Deck
1x SHIELD Agent
2x SHIELD Officer Maria Hill

5x Psychic Search Jean Grey
4x Read Your Thoughts Jean Grey
3x Mind Over Matter Jean Grey
1x Telekinetic Mastery Jean Grey

1x Battlefield Promotion Nick Fury

4x Class Dismissed Professor X
5x Psionic Astral Form Professor X
1x Mind Control Professor X
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