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This is the seventh in a series documenting games of Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game using Advanced Solo Mode rules. All games are constructed randomly using the Legendary Wheel of Fate tool.

The Setup
Heroes: Cable, Human Torch, Spider-Man
Mastermind: Kingpin
Scheme: Capture Baby Hope
Villains: Skrulls
Henchmen: Maggia Goons

The Strategy
This group of heroes is a mess to work with. Spider-Man works poorly with both Cable and Human Torch, and neither Cable nor Human Torch does a lot of interacting with other hero cards. Human Torch can, however, punch enemies really hard in the face. The plan was simply to grab good Cable and Human Torch cards while ignoring Spider-Man. There’s not a lot of ways to KO the SHIELD cards, so a large deck will help dilute the starter cards.

How Did it Work?
It worked fine. Kingpin isn’t a brutal mastermind to face, and Capture Baby Hope isn’t a grueling scheme to try to thwart. I kept the city fairly clear of villains, so several Scheme Twists whiffed. I was also able to grab several early Hothead Human Torch cards early in the game. I didn’t have a good way to clear the wounds they gave me at first, but Call for Backup Human Torch eventually surfaced, and four damage for four recruit is hard on villains early in the game. I did recruit one Spider-Man card. I think the rare The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man is solid in most decks. He’ll usually draw at least one card, and he helps improve the next turn’s starting hand by drawing any SHIELD Agents or Troopers and any Wounds from the top of the deck.

Victory. The team's adjusted score was 23 points. The team endured all five Master Strikes and all eight Scheme Twists. One villain escaped with Baby Hope. The game was won on the last turn before the Villain Deck ran out.

The Final Deck
6x SHIELD Agent
2x SHIELD Trooper

5x Disaster Survivalist Cable
2x Strike at the Heart of Evil Cable
1x Rapid Response Force Cable
1x Army of One Cable

3x Call for Backup Human Torch
4x Hothead Human Torch
1x Flame On! Human Torch
1x Nova Flame Human Torch

1x The Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Man

1x Wound
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