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Subject: My First "Solo" Game rss

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Keng Leong Yeo
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aka Uncle
My Significant Other and I have introduced Love Letter and Tichu to my father-in-law and brother-in-law over the past few months, and we have been playing less of Dou Dizhu as a result of that.

My brother-in-law was out yesterday when we visited, leaving the three of us. My father-in-law wasn't so hot about Love Letter and Dou Dizhu became the default choice.

There was one particularly memorable game during that session...

Initial Hands
Father-in-law: Unknown
Significant Other: Unknown
(Unknown as I forgot to note down their hands after the game, probably due to my own excitement blush )
Me: 3335688910JQKAA2 BJ CJ
(CJ=Coloured Joker, BJ=Black and White Joker)

I had a good looking hand. The BJ and CJ meant I had the coveted Rocket. Almost as importantly, it meant that my single 2 could probably control one single card round. I also had a reasonably high sequence from 9 through to K. The pair of Aces may help me get through my pair of 8s whilst retaining control.

I had the first call on landlord. With the Rocket in hand, I was tempted to take the risk and go for the jugular, i.e. maximum of 3 points. It is not often that I call 3 points from the off, and my call caught both other players by surprise.

The three cards uncovered for the landlord were K, K and Ace.

The gaming gods must have been smiling on me that game , for all of a sudden, I had an aeroplane format going with the triple Ks and Aces. I could now tag on my 5, 6 and extra 8 as single kickers with my triple 3s, Ks and Aces, leaving me with no low single cards. My sequence was downgraded to 8 through to Q, but I wasn't unduly concerned as I could play that last to close out the game.

I did note that I was missing 4 and 7 from my hand, i.e. there could be other bombs in the game. It was comforting to know I had the Rocket to back me up. My chances of winning this game were very high.

Game Starting Hands
Landlord's hand (Me): 3335688910JQKKKAAA2 BJ CJ
Peasant 1's hand (Father-in-law): Unknown
Peasant 2's hand (Significant Other): Unknown

Turn order was landlord, peasant 1, followed by peasant 2.

I played 3335 as my start, fully expecting another player to have the bigger cards with the same format. To my surprise, both players passed, and rather quickly too. It suggested the 4s and 7s were divided up as pairs in both players' hands, or could be sitting as a bomb(s) with either of them.

Indeed, at this point in time, I already knew I had this game sewn up. If another player had played a bigger triple and single kicker, I would have had to break up my aeroplane format. There was then the possibility of three 2s sitting with one player to worry about, and the game would not be so clear-cut. However, as both players passed on 3335, I kept my aeroplane format intact, and I did not have to worry about the potential three 2s anymore.

I played the aeroplane next, KKK6AAA8. That drew gasps, but no bomb. I was suspecting the 4s and 7s were really divided up as pairs.

Next up, I played a single 2 confidently. Still no bomb, though I was hoping for one by then. If a 4 or 7 bomb was played, I would trump that with the Rocket and earn an extra doubling of points. But none came.

The Rocket came next, and both players were already covering their cards. It was then that I noticed that neither peasant player has played a single card this game. I was reminded of the rule regarding an extra doubling of scores for the landlord if that happened. devil

8910JQ to finish the game.

Both started counting their chips and were preparing to give 6 points to me. I calmly reminded them that they did not play a single card between the two of them, and I therefore earned another double. I was therefore due 12 points from both players. cool

I was handed a total of 24 points very grudgingly.

This was the first time I won as landlord and earning a double due to neither peasant playing a single card. cool Certainly worth writing up a session report on!
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