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Subject: After 3 plays, here are our 9 questions rss

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Ty Hansen
United States
Dist of Columbia
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Finally pulled Serenissima out this weekend and played it through 3 times, first was a teaching game.
Our group came up with the following questions:

First, we confirm we played these questions correctly (many were answered 'Yes' in earlier threads):
1) Forts and Basilica are limited to 5, correct? So if the 5th is built, you’re out of luck later in the game.
2) Each player is limited to 6 boats, even if they had the means to buy a 7th? There are only 6 cubes for the Doge track.
3) Goods are also limited to the number of cubes supplied? We had players occasionally loading extra wood on galleys to prevent an opponent filling a warehouse. Jerks.

Anyone disagree with those assessments?

Secondly, questions where we didn’t know what to do:
4) Can fully loaded galleys swap cargo/sailors during the load phase?
We said - yes. No clear rule to limit.
(i.e. galley 2 with 5 sailors, beginning turn in same port with galley 11 with 3 sailors and two cargo - galley 2 can leave with 3 sailors and two cargo...)
b) What if in a port, where there is 'extra' sailor capacity available?
We said - yes.

5) Fort casualties are removed before calculating the attacking galley combat value, but those casualties can be the ‘tired’ sailors? We said - yes. (i.e. full 5 sailor galley moves one sea space, takes 1 fort casualty, still attacks at 4, rather than 3?)

6) Can one attack an opponent’s galley at a neutral port, and then choose to capture the port if victorious?
We said - no. Two actions, unless blockade initiated.
Clearly the opponent could blockade and that would initiate a battle and possible capture, but if I suspect my opponent doesn’t want to fight, can I make both attacks, or would it take two actions?

7) Special Investment phase questions:
a) If a player has 1 galley, may a player buy additional sailors for his ports/existing galley (per ‘in friendly port’ rules), or only a new galley with sailors?
We said - yes. All rules of a ‘normal’ investment action were available.
b) What if there are no galleys available and a player has 0?
(i.e. galley 12 & 13 of ‘Constantinople’ player attack and are sunk; galleys 14 & 15 then use their actions to invest in galleys 12 & 13...)
We didn’t have it happen, but it came VERY close, as only one galley was available, and only because 15 sunk one on the last action...
We said player was out of luck, but did discuss being able to 'force' the player with the most galleys to 'sell' one...

Other questions we discussed after the games:
8) Why are there only 15 galleys?! (not 16!)
In a 4 player game, one player is out of luck at getting that 4th action - seemed more than a little imbalanced?
Sure, they are delivering or conquering instead on turn 1, but every turn after that they are falling further behind. The player without a 4th galley finished 3rd and last in our games (first game was a teaching game, and the winner won by 20+, we don’t even remember).

9) We liked the asymmetrical design, but were very curious why there is only one Spice port, and within 2 spaces of Alexandria (rather than 3, which would be equal to Valencia)?
In our three games only the Alexandria player got spice (always the first player, then galley 1 - straight to Tripoli).
Other players weren’t really able to contest this, rather soaking up all their areas.
The Alexandria player did win the 2nd game, but lost to Constantinople in the third game, who managed to capture the Alexandria home port on the final action for the win...

Thanks for any & all input.
I plan to write brief strategy musings after we play a few more games.
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Kåre Dyvik
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1-3: agree. Beware, the number of cubes in the box may be different from the number in the rulebook. We stick with the rulebook.
4-6: agree. 6 never occurred, but I am sure we would've arrived at the same conclusion.
7a: I would say no. Buy 1 galley with 1 sailor.
7b: never occurred. I suggest the unlucky player waits until a galley becomes available, then invests immediately.
8: usually more uneven distribution than 4443. Guess the trailing player must sink an opponent's galley.
9: In my last game, Valencia went first and grabbed Tripoli. The port is within reach from all starting ports.
(I don't have the rulebook here right now)
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Joshua Martin
United States
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5 it says to recalculate after you take damage but never go above your initial maximum. I'm like to think of them as being tired and not fighting at full strength rather than some of them asleep and somehow getting killed. The rule book explanation alludes to this.

7 They can spend their ducats to buy galleys and
sailors (at the price indicated in the “Investment” section)
in order to own 2 galleys at the beginning of the next turn.

Nothing about filling up ports

8&9, sounds like someone needs killin'
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