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Subject: Leadership rules rss

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Some weeks ago I saw a thread here asking about what leader rules people like.

Some of you know that I have posted several ideas to make the original '58 or '64 Gettysburg a better game and/or simulation. This rule is intended for Gettysburg, but it can be modified for other games.

The Confederates get 5 HQ and Union gets 9. So, Confed. HQ need to be better.
. . . A HQ can do only 1 thing per turn, invert them when you use 1 for something or it is wounded, etc.
A] A leader mostly effects units under that leader, except Longstreet is over all Inf. and Art, not Cav. & Horse Art. Also see 4] below.
. . . 1] Add CF to attacks (+2) or defenses (+1). You must roll to see if he is wounded (but not sick). I don't like this much because it is simplistic but it is common.
. . . 2] Help units force march, that is, move 1 sq. further before combat. Not much on a road but 50% more cross-country. Allowing this for only Confed. would be a good way to make Confed. HQ more useful.
. . . 3] Let units move after all combat is over, 1 sq. for Corps/Stuart HQ and 2 sqs. for the Army HQ. Note this is sqs., not MF, so no road bonus. This would be a big change, but it would help you rearrange your forces after combat messes things up. You could bring reserves forward to support success. In both these cases the leader must be stacked with the unit/stack to move it and move with it.
. . . 4] Let units of 2 corps stack &/or attack the same defender together. That is, organize attacks. This is what HQ do, organize things. The leader would stack with 1 of the units of a different corps in the attack, taking it under his command.
. . . 5] Help rally troops when they are routed, here this is AorD back 6 and Disrupted. Disrupted units move and defend normally but can't attack. I don't like luck in rallying, but to certainly un-disrupt a unit is too much of a benefit. The leader must be stacked with the unit/stack to try to rally =un-disrupt it, it is un-disrupted on a roll of 5; 5 or 6 if it is the army HQ.
. . . 6] Help rally troops when they are retreated, here this means stop a retreat at 1 sq. or after some of a AorD back 6 & Disrupted. When a unit retreats adjacent to its leader, he can stop the retreat, if back 6 it must retreat at least 3. This often happens in the enemy player-turn which is different from all other above functions. So it matters when you re-invert your HQs. At the start of your turn means that shortening retreats is the last possible use for them in a game-turn.
. . . 7] Increase maximum stacking. This is possible, but I don't like it; and the leader's own extra CF do the same thing.

B] Leaders can get sick or wounded/killed or just be stupid, during which time they can't be used for normal functions. Each turn after all combat each player can designate 1 enemy HQ to roll for to see if it is “effected”. To be eligible for this it must be within 4 sqs of an enemy unit. Alternately a player can roll at the start or end of his turn to help/cure his own HQ; OR he can designate an enemy leader after all combat that he (non-owning player) rolls for. Not both.
. . . A roll of 1 = he is killed/wounded [owner can roll once per turn to patch him up (1= he dies, 5, 6, or 7 = he returns to duty)], you can keep rolling once per turn until he recovers or dies.
. . . a roll of 2 = he gets sick [owner can roll once per turn to see if he is all better (5, 6, or 7 = he's all better)], you can keep rolling until he recovers.
. . . & a roll of 3 = leader is stupid for 1 turn and can't do anything for the next turn, invert him now.
. . . If the leader is the army commander add 1 to the recovery roll for him.
The Army HQ is more likely to recover because it is more useful, and so would be very likely to be singled out by the enemy player. A partial list of who historically was “effected” by this rule – Hill was sick, Ewell was stupid, and Lee might have been sick; Reynolds was killed, Hancock was wounded, and Sickles was stupid and then wounded. Also Stonewall Jackson was killed at Chancellorsville and Hooker was stunned by a cannonball hitting the porch post he was leaning against. So, a lot of corps commanders were wounded, killed, or got sick.

I wish I could think of a way to make the units of a leader DO something stupid rather than just "not do anything" to simulate being stupid, like Sickles going forward to the Peach Orchard. Do you-all have any ideas?
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Scott Muldoon (silentdibs)
United States
New York
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Two "stupid" rules that have worked in the past include forcing a stupid general to attack or otherwise act contrary to best practices; or just give control of that general to your opponent for a turn, he will surely find something stupid for him to do.
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