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Subject: More interaction, more value in hand, more fun? rss

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Jin Kapagami
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I have been reading complaints about the lack of player interaction, which I guess also makes the game seem rather long and monotonous. Personally, I don't recognize any of these negative features the complainers out there are throwing at the game. But then again, I'm no veteran to boardgames as such and have little comparison.

I was thinking, playing out in my head, as I was pushing through a solo scenario the other day: how cool would it be to have reaction cards in your hand? I played with the idea some (and forgot about my game) and came up with little things like this:

The reaction cards are in the contact decks.
They are considered as if they were jobs.
They can only be be held in hand.
They read out a reaction perquisite which enable you to choose to play them.
They don't go to the discard pile but is removed from game (don't know if they can be discarded at any time yet)

contact deck name
"Card Name"
@Play Trigger

A couple of examples:

"Job Well Done"
#Solid with Niska.
@Play when you complete a Niska Job.
%All other players' non-captain, non-disgruntled crew becomes disgruntled. You an additional $1000
(bonus can also be added)

"Were in on it, too"
#Solid with Patience
@Play when another player completes a job with Patience.
%That player have to split their pay with you, rounded down.

"Excellent Opportuity"
#Solid with Badger
@Play when dealing with Badger this turn.
%You may also buy at Persephone.

Any deck (one in each maybe)
"Favored Employee"
#@Play if you have three active jobs from one contact.
%Get an additional $1000

"It was our tip!"
#Solid with Harken. No warrants, wanted crew, fugitives or contraband.
@Play when Alliance Cruiser enters a sector occupied by an opposing ship.
You get $500, + $100 for fugitive and contraband, +$200 for each warrant and wanted crew.

Any deck
#Need to be solid with two contacts. 2 Neg on job
@Play at any time you draw a misbehave card.
%You may ignore the last misbehave card and draw a new one.

As I said, I'm no veteran or even mediocre board gamer, but I believe these mechanics could be incorporated to add more "secrecy" and interaction. Ideas just keep coming up, but I'll stop here now. (not too many interaction cards, but you get the point of it)

Breaking the game mechanics?
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Stephen Williams
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I like the idea. It's certainly an innovative way to add direct player interaction to the game.

I'd be inclined to say let the cards be discarded to the contact discard pile as usual (if discarded unplayed) or removed from the game if used. It would add that much more player interaction if multiple players want to go deal with a contact to grab that reaction card they saw a third player discard. =)
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Markus Weihrauch
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That's a very good approach and I was also thinking of something quite similar.

My take on this was a little bit different though:

1. First you have to become solid with a contact (keep the first job card you complete)
2. When you complete an additional job for this contact, also keep the job card (rather than removing it from the game)
3. When you are no longer solid with a contact you lose ALL jobs from this contact.
4. You can use the additional jobs cards to do some nasty or shiny things (remove them from the game afterwards)

I am thinking of having the same options for each contact card rather than having a different effect for each individual card. For example could Niska cards be a little bit stronger and meaner as getting solid with him is riskier than with other contacts.

Niska contact card (choose one option then remove card from the game):
a) When someone fails a Niska job, kill an additional crew from this player.
b) Let another player have to encounter 1 additional Misbehave card when attempting a job (even for jobs without Misbehave cards).
c) Gain +500 dollars when completing an illegal and/or immoral job.

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