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Subject: M44: Alpha Campaign Battle 1 - Beda Fomm rss

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John Carlton
United States
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John - Allies
James - Axis

The two combatants agreed to conduct a campaign consisting of eight battles, to be fought in chronological order (with one exception). There would be two standard battles, one on the beach, two using the Terrain Expansion, two from the Eastern Front expansion, and one Overlord scenario. The Overlord scenario is slated to be the last battle fought and will count for double victory points.

All "official" scenarios listed on the M44 Web site (currently 54) would be eligible. We also chose to use the simplified campaign rules that came with the map expansion.

Using a randomizing number generator, the following scenarios were selected:

Battle 1 - Scenario #46A
[Operation Compass] Beda Fomm
(Terrain Expansion)
February 5-7, 1941

Battle 2 - Scenario #45
[Barbarossa] River Bug
(Eastern Front)
June 22, 1941

Battle 3 - Scenario #41
[Stalingrad] Red Barricades Factory Complex
(Eastern Front)
October 22, 1942

Battle 4 - Scenario #5
Omaha Beach (First Assault Wave)
June 6, 1944

Battle 5 - Scenario #14
September 19, 1944

Battle 6 - Scenario #33A
Operation Veritable - Moyland Wood
February 17-20, 1945

Battle 7 - Scenario #37
[Operation Grenade] Across the River Roer
(Terrain Expansion)
February 24, 1945

Battle 8 - Scenario #44
[Kursk] Prokhorovka
July 12, 1943


Battle 1: Beda Fomm
Axis 0 (0 Total Medals)
Allies 0 (0 Total Medals)
April 13, 2006

James and I set up Bed Fomm. This is a desert scenario featuring Italians (James) strung out a long east-west road.

At the west end of the road, the Brits (John) have set up a roadblock, which the Italian tanks cannot pass
through. The Italians are cut off to the northwest by the Mediterranean Sea. To get past the roadblock, they will have to either dip to the south and trudge through the desert, or fight their way through three
British units - two tanks and one artillery. All of these units are on a hill and are dug in with sandbags. So it's literrally an uphill battle for the Italians.

If the Italians can breakthrough the roadblock, they can score medals for each unit that exits the road (from the hex with the Iron Cross medal on it). Those units are removed from the game.

The objective of the scenario is to get six medals.

The Italians start with four command cards and move first. The Brits have six command cards.



Axis - Probe 2 on the Right
James moves his northernmost tanks west into the desert and moves his middle tank unit just south of the roadblock. He hits two British tanks on the north hill, but misses the artillery.

Allies - Armor Assualt (4 tank units)
I have some nice card choices, right from the start. Since two tank units are in close combat (one of which
may not last another round), I decide to start with the Armor Assault. Starting with the northernmost tank
unit, I roll four dice and hit all three Italian tanks for a medal. I take my overrun (since I'm just down to the one tank in the unit and might as well get as much out of it as I can) and fire again - but this time all the shots miss. The other tank unit on the hill hits for one, plus one retreat. I also move up the two (standard) tank units in the center of the board, placing one in the middle of the southern hills. That unit takes a shot and gets one tank, plus a retreat.


Axis - Attack 3 on the Left
Italy decides to move up some of his infantry, bringing two units directly west into the desert, and another one into the town just south of the road. No shots fired.

Allies - Air Attack
The Brits bring in air support, targeting the infantry that just moved into the city, along with two armor
units and the artillery unit. The planes are very effective, eliminating half of the first armor unit, half of the artillery unit and half of the infantry unit. They also wipe out the last tank from the beleaguered armor unit for the Allies' second medal.


Axis - Recon in Force
The Axis are able to issue orders to one unit in each flank, but do not have any available on their right. They move one armor unit in the center, and one of the infantry units moves up three along the road. The
armored unit shoots down one British tank for a medal. He does an overrun and takes aim at the other tanks on the hill. This second round of fire is unsuccessful, however.


Allies - Probe 2 on the Left
The Brits counter with their tanks and artillery on the hill behind the roadblock. The artillery takes out an Italian tank for a medal and the armored unit hits another Italian tank.


Axis - Move Out (4 Infantry)
At this point, James cries out in frustration, "My cards are terrible!" Wanting to make another run at the hill, he just doesn't have the resources to do it. So he moves three infantry units from the east up the road and another one further into the desert. No shots fired.

Allies - Recon in Force
The Brits continue to pound away with the artillery, hitting another Italian tank. The armor unit in the center manages to take out the Italian artillery unit for a medal. And an infantry unit from the right flank moves to the center.


Axis - Direct from HQ (4 units)
The Italians move up two infantry units, but are unable to get them into firing position. They also fire two armor units at a British armor unit, but manage to only take out one tank between them.

Allies - Attack 3 in the Center
I order two armor units and one infantry. The Infantry unit advances two hexes to the hill. The tanks fire at
the Italian tanks and get one for a medal.


Axis - Assault All Units on the Right
James moves an infantry unit into the roadblock space and two tanks units south off the road and into the
desert. The infantry unit fires at the artillery on the hill and misses. The tanks fire at the tanks on the hill and miss.

Allies - Probe 2 on the Left
I fire the artillery one last time and get two tanks for the final medal.



Throughout the battle, the Allies lost only a total of four tanks, no infantry and no artillery.

Starting the game with an Armored Assault card (and rolling well on it) really swung the momentum over to the Allies. The Axis had little chance of breaking through the roadblock once their forward armor units
were in such disarray.

Exacerbating the Axis problems was that he was holding a lot of right flank cards, but rarely had any units
in the right flank to order.

Once the Axis were pushed back from the roadblock, there was little need for the Allies to advance the
infantry from the south. And all three armor units to the far south went unordered.

Based on the comments we had read about the scenario beforehand, we were expecting an Allied victory. But in addition to the significant terrain advantage, the Allies had the luck - both in cards and in dice
rolling. That made for a lackluster battle that left both players a bit disappointed.


Allies 1 (6 medals total)
Axis 0 (1 medal total)
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Dan C
United States
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That made for a lackluster battle that left both players a bit disappointed.

This seems to be the case with any M44 scenario that has one player holding 6 cards and the other holding 4 or less... a slaughter in favor of the 6-hander. We've tended to avoid these lately.
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