Joshua Birk
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It seems like we have some new players who want to see session summaries of games. Here is an example of a "high level" game (at least, as high a level as we can get thus far).

Starting Order, location and hand:

Amiri at City Gate: Glaive, Blessing of Gorum, Ilsoari Glandethus, Blessing of Abadar, Cloak of Elvenking
Harsk at Shadow Clock: Shaleli Andosana, Light Crossbow, Light Crossbow, Longbow, Masterwork Tools
Ezren at the Temple [I like the irony]: Scorching Ray, Broderick Quink, Staff of Minor Healing, Toxic Clod, Mirror Image, Shiedron Medallion
Limi at Shrine to Lamashtu: Strength, Augury, Dog, Cure, Token of Remembrance

Turn 1, Amiri at City Gate

Encounter Goblin Acolyte, roll 1d6 (Charisma) = 6. Acquire Acolyte.

Explore (discard Blessing of Abadar) Dogslicer, roll 1d12+4 (Melee) = 5. Banish Dogslicer)

Use Ilsoari Glandethus, top card of deck is sage’s journal. (1d12) = 5

Move to Shadow Clock [I want to hand off the acolyte to Harsk for a sacrifice]

Draw Ilsoari Glandethus

Turn 2: Harsk, Shadow Clock

Explore: Consecration, roll wisdom. Banish Consecration.

Reveal Shalelu Andosana to examine top card of Shadow Clock: Wooden Shield

Explore (discard Shalelu Andosana): Wooden Shield, roll 1d12+2 (Constitution) = 6. Acquire Wooden Shield.

Examine top card of Shadow Clock: Charmed Faceless Stalker

Turn 3: Ezren, Temple

Explore: Blessing of Irori, 1d12+2 (Intelligence) = 5. Acquire Blessing of Irori,

Explore (Discard Brodert Quink): Blessing of Sarenrae, roll 1d4 (Constitution) = 1. Banish Blessing of Sarenra.

Recharge Staff of Minor Healing to Recharge Brodert Quink.

Draw Acolyte.

Turn 4:
Lini, Shrine of Lamashtu

Explore: Skelton Horde
Amiri fights Ancient Skeleton: 1d12+4 (Melee) + 1d10 Glaive = 8. Discard Glaive to reroll = 20.
Harsk fights Ancient Skeleton: 1d8+6 (ranged) + 1d8 (Light Crossbow) = 15
Ezren fights Ancient Skeleton: 1d12+4+2d6 (Scorching Ray) = 21. Recharge Scorching ray: 1d12+6 (Arcane) + 1d6 (recharge Acolyte) = 9.
Lini: 1d4+1 (strength) + 1d4+2 (Reveal Dog) + 1d4+2 (Harsk recharges Long bow) = 11

Cast Augury (Monster): Slashing Blade, Blessing of the Gods, Scarecrow Golem. Place Scarecrow Golem on top of the deck. Recharge Augury: 1d10+3 (Divine) + 1d4+2 (reveal Dog) = 16.

Draw: Dog

Turn 5:
Amiri at Shadow Clock

Give: Acolyte to Harsk

Move: City Gate

Encounter: Sage’s Journal. Banish Sage’s Journal

Use Ilsoari Glandethus, top card of deck is a ghost. Shuffle deck. (1d12) = 11

Draw Ilsoari Glandethus, Icy Long spear +1, Soldier

Turn 6: Harsk, Shadow Clock

Explore: Charmed Faceless Stalker, Harsk fails wisdom roll for +2 difficulty.
Harsk fights Charmed Faceless Stalker: 1d8+6 (ranged) + 1d8 (Light Crossbow) + 1d6 (Toxic Cloud) = 13. [too close for comfort on that one]
Ezren Recharges Toxic Cloud: 1d12+6 (arcane) = 15.

Banish acolyte to close Shadow Clock

Draw: Blessing of Shelyn

Turn 7: Ezren, Temple

Explore: Blessing of Claistra, 1d6 (Dexterity) = 2. Banish blessing of Claistra

Draw: Charm Person, Haste, Lightning Bolt

Turn 8:
Lini, Shrine of Lamashtu

Explore: Scarecrow Golem.
Lini fights Scarecrow Golem: 1d4+1 (strength) + 1d4+2 (reveal dog) + 1d14+2 (harsk recharges wooden shield) + 3 (strength spell) = 16. Recharge strength spell: 1d10+3 (divine) + 1d4+2 = 14

Close Shine of Lamashtu: 1d10+3 (Divine) + 1d4+2 (reveal dog) = 9

Draw: Crow

Turn 9: Amiri at City Gate

Encounter: Potion of Healing. Banish Potion of Healing.

Explore (discard Soldier) Father Zantus, roll 1d6 (Wisdom) + 2d6 (Harsk discards Belling of Shelyn) = 7. Aquire Father Zantus

Use Ilsoari Glandethus, top card of deck is an ogre. Shuffle deck. (1d12) = 3

Draw Ilsoari Glandethus.

Turn 10: Harsk, Shadow Clock

Move: Mill

Explore: Mystic Inscription, Harsk recharges Masterwork Thieves tools. Harsk acquires Acid Arrow and Force Missile.

Examine top card of Mill: Blessing of the Gods.

Draw: Hide Armor of Fire Resistance.

Turn 11:
Ezren, Temple

Explore: Throwing axe. Banish blessing of Throwing Axe

Explore (cast Haste. 1d12+6 = 9. Fail Recharge) Lightning Touch: 1d12+4 (Arcane) = 5. Acquire Lightning Touch.

Explore (acquire a card with the magic trait) Fiery Weapon: 1d12+4 (Arcane) = 8. Acquire Fiery Weapon.

Explore (acquire a card with the magic trait) Blessing of the Gods. Acquire Blessing of the Gods.

Bury Charm Person: Acquire Ameiko Kaijitsu

Explore (discard Blessing of the gods) Charmed Faceless Stalker. Ezren Fails wisdom roll.
Ezren fights Charmed Faceless Stalker: 1d12+4+2d4 (Lightning Touch) + 1d4+2 (Harsk recharges force Missile) = 19. Recharge Lightning Touch: 1d12+6 (Arcane) = 8.

Automatically Close Temple

Turn 12: Lini, Shrine of Lamashtu

Move: Throne Room

Explore Warhammer. Banish Warhammer

Explore (recharge dog) Blast Stone. Banish Blast Stone.

Explore (recharge dog) Ring of Protection. 1d8 + 1d4+2 (Reveal crow) = 9. Acquire Ring of Protection.

Draw: Blessing of Desna.

Turn 13: Amiri at City Gate

Encounter: Ogre
Amiri fights Ogre: 1d12+4 (Melee) + 1d8+1 (Icy Longspear +1) + 1d4+2 (Harsk recharges Acid arrow) = 16.
Explore (discard Blessing of Gorum) Pit of Malfeshnekor. Draw Eyes of the Eagle, Mattock and Potion of Energy Resistance. Eyes of the Eagle, Mattock and Potion of Energy Resistance

Use Ilsoari Glandethus, top card of deck is Allying Darts +1. (1d12) = 4

Draw Ilsoari Glandethus. Magic Half Plate.

Turn 14: Harsk, Mill

Explore: Blessing of the Gods. Acquire Blessing of the Gods.

Explore (Blessing of the Gods) Potion of Ghostly Form. Banish Potion of Ghostly Form.

Examine top card of Mill: Charmed Faceless Stalker

Draw: Ring of Protection, Blessing of Shelyn,

Turn 15: Ezren, Temple

Move: City Gates

Explore: Allying Dart +1. 1d6 (dexterity) + 1d6 (Lini discards Blessing fo Desna) = 11. Acquire allying Darts.

Explore (acquire a card with the magic trait) Xenesha

Lini temporarily Closes the Throne Room: 1d8 (charisma) +1d4+2 (reveal crow) = 7
Harsk temporarily closes the Mill: 1d8+3 (dexterity) + 1d8 (discard Blessing of Shelyn) = 10

Ezren Fights Xenesha: 3d6+1d12+4 (Lightning Bolt) + 1d4+2 (Harsk recharges ring of protection) = 31. Ezren Recharges Lightning Bolt: 1d12+6 = 11. Ezren draws Ray of Frost. [For what it’s worth, I knew I had Frost Ray on the top of my deck from casting on previous turns. However Amiri could have finished the fight in any case.

Ezren Fights Xenesha: 2d6+2d12+4 (Frost Ray) + 1d4+2 (Harsk recharges Light Crossbow) = 33. Ezren Recharges Frost Ray: 1d12+6 = 17.

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M Edwards
United States
New Jersey
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Unless I'm misreading, you seem to be forgetting the Shadow Clock location ability that forces you to recharge your entire hand at the start of each turn. That Acolyte wouldn't have been in Amiri's hand to give to Harsk.
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Joshua Birk
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Argggggghhhh! You are absolutely correct.I misunderstood that ability entirely. I suppose I will have to replay the scenario.
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Scott Smart

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Meh, since you only used it to help recharge a spell that would have been on the bottom of the deck instead of the discard pile which made no difference in the game, I'd say you won anyway. I'd doubt that Amiri would have ended up with no weapons on the hand reset.

I'm just amazed that you got through that scenario in 15 turns. Granted those last 2 scenarios of Skinsaw are the easiest I've ever had time-wise, but that's really, really, really fast.
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Joshua Birk
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I have no doubt I would have won, I just hate doing things wrong whistle

And I think you are right. The third scenario really kicked me around. Things eased up a bit after that.
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