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Paul McConkey
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I have just read through the rules and have a few questions I haven't seen answered anywhere else:

7.2 says a unit forced off map by retreat is eliminated, while 9.4.1 says units that retreat onto entry hex are not eliminated.
a) Can German units retreat off-map onto an Allied entry hex and not be eliminated?
b) Does it make a difference if the hex is already closed (by another German unit closing that hex earlier)
c) Does it make a difference if it is the first or second hex of a retreat?

7.7 - Does German City control have any impact on Allied movement by train?

18.3.1 Since the bridges are blown over the Meuse, does one of my 8 off-road LoS hexes have to be over the Meuse if I'm tracing to B/C/D?

20.2 Does Rommel's Panzer brigade have to lead the determined defence to get the re-roll, or just be part of the stack?

21.5.1 Does a German controlled city block the rail line through itself (and vacant hexes that are adjacent) for Victory point determination?

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United States
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7.2 Exiting the Map is
"Units that exit the map during the Movement Phase are permanently
out of play (but not counted as being eliminated). A unit that is forced
off the map by a retreat is considered eliminated."

To my understanding, OUT OF PLAY units is NOT equal to ELIMINATED

(19.4.2) Closing an Entry Hex: If one or more enemy units exit the
map through an Entry Hex then that Entry Hex is closed for the remainder
of the gameā€”no reinforcements may enter the map through
that Entry Hex. Keep the enemy unit on the Entry Hex to indicate
that the Entry Hex is closed. Once all Entry Hexes in a particular
entry area are closed, all further reinforcements scheduled to arrive
are forfeited or must use Strategic Rail Movement (19.2.3).

The 19.4.2 is not talking about the elimination due to retreat off of map.

Since the German Control City and immediate six adjacent hexes stop lines of supplies, we assume that German units is present in these hexes some form And the entrained unit must be at least 4 hexes away from German unit, I am against that these entrained unit can pass thorough German controlled city
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Mark Simonitch
United States
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1. Units that move into an Entry Hex are not eliminated.

2. German City control DOES prevent Allied train movement into or next to the city.

3. The bridges over the Meuse are considered intact for supply purposes.

4. The Rommel unit has to be the Lead Unit to use the re-roll in a Determined Defense.

5. German controlled Cities do block Allied paths for determining Victory Points.
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