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Subject: Seven rules questions rss

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David Helmbold
United States
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Had a fun game of Pax Baltica, wanted to check that we were interpreting some of the rules as intended. Here are seven rules questions we had that I didn't see answered in FAQ thread.

1: Are sieges different from "battles"? For example, if a unit is ordered to siege can it also have an action spent on a reinforcement for it? Can a reinforcement action be used on a non-sieging unit in a territory with a declared siege? (I think this was answered yes on the forum but isn't in FAQ)

2: Since the move action allows units to siege where they end up (including where they start), what is the purpose of the "siege" action?

3: Can a port in a transit area without a garrison marker be used to trace a line of communication by sea?

4: Several Ukraine Questions.
Does Ottoman/Swedish control of Ukrainian areas reduce Russian RPs (when Ukraine is inactive)?
Can the reduction of Russian RPs for these areas be greater than 8? (the amount Russia loses when Ukraine enters on Sweden's side?
Can the Ottomans enter Ukraine if Ukraine is inactive (and thus part of Russia rather than Ukraine)?

5: If Russian captures Nyen in Winter 1703, is it correct to place the Russian fleets in the 1705 box, so Sweden has just over 1 year to recapture Nyen before it turns into Sankt-Peterburg at the start of 1705? Thus the Swedes do not get two full years to recapture Nyen before conversion to Sankt-Peterburg.

6: Assume there are Russian fleets in a Russian controlled Sankt-Peterburg harbor. Is the fleet's line of communication to (unoccupied) Ladoga cut if there are Swedish forces in the Nyen territory? Here the line of communications is being traced "out of" rather than "into or through" an area containing enemy blocks.
Note that I expect Swedish land units in Nyen are able to trace a line of communication out to an adjacent home province even if there were Russian fleets in the harbor.

7: When the Cossacks revolt (Place a Turkish garrison in Kremenchuk) then the garrison is placed (and Russian RPs reduced) even if Turkey is inactive correct?
Also, is it correct to assume that Russia loses RPs for the loss of the territory and can siege this Garrison even though Turkey is inactive?

Thanks, Dave

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Scott Muldoon (silentdibs)
United States
New York
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First, allow me to apologize for not getting to this thread sooner. I must've missed it in my daily rounds.

Now, your answers.

1) A besieging block is eligible for replacements, so long as there are no enemy blocks in the same territory (i.e. the definition of a "battle territory".)

2) I guess technically there is no reason to have a separate siege action from movement; originally it was not considered that players would take a move action and then not move. Based on our subsequent ruling, this is the case, but there's really no reason to delete the siege action either.

3) No, it is not a friendly port.

4) Swedish/Ottoman control of "Ukrainian" areas does cost Russia RPs while Ukraine is inactive (those areas are considered Russian). The reduction can be greater than 8 RPs. The Ottomans are allowed to invade Ukraine while it is Russian.

5) You have it correct, it can be less than two full years.

6) Fleets in harbour "are not considered to actually occupy the territory", so they cannot trace out of Nyen to Ladoga in the situation you describe. The Swedes are not prohibited from tracing LOC.

7) Yes, the cossack revolt does not require the Ottomans to be in any particular state of play. The Russians may not besiege the garrison to return it to Russia: "Territories belonging to inactive nations [...] may not be entered until they are activated." Since there is no mechanism for Russia to declare war on the Ottomans, they have to live with the revolt until the Turks see fit to break the peace.
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