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Okay, so our Schevardino adventure continues on Vassal with La Bataille de la Moscowa (third edition)!
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defended with the Russians and I commanded the French.

As 1640 began, the Russians activated their dragoon division with their first MU and began demonstrating in front of the French lines. A few French battalions formed square, but one battalion in the south failed its check and disordered. The Russian heavy cavalry immediately declared a charge and pounced on them.

The Russians routed the French infantry in melee, but then faced a dilemna. When they advanced into the melee hex, they were in cannister range of 2 French batteries. If they pursued, they would take multiple shots. If they recalled, they would take a parting blast.

The Russians decided to recall, did so, and regrouped into the stream bed (soon to be known as the cavalry ditch). They were blasted by the cannons as they left and took 2 hits. We also realized during this fight that we hadn't been giving the French the +3 DRM against the cavalry for more than 9 increments in the target hex. (The dense formation of the cavalry helps them in melee, but makes their casualties from fire heavier.) The cavalry passed their morale check from the fire hits.

The next activated dragoon squadron decided to test the mettle of the French center. They had to skirt around a clump of thick brush and approached 2 French infantry battalions in the same hex. I opted to not form square and see what would happen. The Russian dragoons charged and the French successfully rolled to stand. The 2 battalions then rolled a 66 in defensive fire and caused 3 hits to the Russians! wow This gave the Russians a -18 modifier in the subsequent melee.

The Russians rolled well in melee, but couldn't overcome the heavy negative modifier. They managed to get a bounce result, took a hit and retreated into the "cavalry ditch". Unfortunately they then failed their bounce morale check and routed to the rear.

Near the village of Doronino, the 3rd Russian dragoon squadron decided to attack an infantry battalion in the village. They formed square, but Campbell wanted to see if he could beat a square in melee.

The French infantry whiffed on their defensive fire, but managed to just barely bounce the charging cavalry in melee. Whew!

This was a much better round of melee than I had faced with the cavalry last turn, so I was a bit more encouraged. We played the Leader chit, the Regroup chit, and the artillery chit. As usual, Campbell's grenadier artillery scored a long range hit on my infantry. We then pulled the MU chit for his 2nd Cuirassier Division gulp and stopped the game to play that out on a later date.

The action is coming much faster now and we're definitely becoming more familiar with the cavalry rules and the various charts. It's getting to the point where we usually know the fire defense values by memory so we don't need to look them up.
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