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Subject: CVW-16 mission debrief Rolling Thunder Day 1 rss

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Ron A
United States
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Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet-Gen. Mattis
TARGET: VPN base in Route Pack IV
DEFENDED BY: KS-19, SA-2 (x3), S-60, ZU-23-2, infantry forces

4x A-4 Skyhawks from VA-163 Saints armed with Shrikes, AGM-12, AGM-62, Mk-82
2x F-8 Crusader from VF-111 Sundowners, armed with Zunis + Aim-9 Sidewinder AAM

Strike launched from CVA-34 Oriskany 0915. Rendevous with tanker assets at 1005. Approach from South. Nearing target Red Crown detected MiG-21, MiG-19 and MiG-17 a/c in defensive positions.

2x Iron Hand a/c led strike into target and destroyed 2x SA-2 sites with AGM-45 Shrike attacks from long range. At this time 4x AGM-62 Walleyes released at targets, scoring numerous hits. AAA ground fire from KS-19 site aimed at A-4 attack aircraft. A-4 Skyhawk evaded but was hit by AAA, and forced to jettison all ordnance prior to making attack run.

F-8s retaliated, destroying KS-19 with Zuni fire. 2nd F-8 fired 2x AIM-9 at MiG-19 which was approaching strike formation. MiG-19 Farmer was hit by one missile and exploded, pilot was seen to eject.

Remaining strike A-4 fired 2xAGM-12 at target, destroying it.

As primary target was destroyed, and not wishing to risk further damage to strike a/c, strike lead decided to return to base without expending remaining ordnance vs AAA sites and MiGs.

All strike aircraft recovered aboard CVA-34 by 1141.

Lt Knife, VF-111, awarded Silver Star for destruction of enemy a/c.

"Well hey, just another day of fun at the beach, huh? I was flying wing on Back Fire and he said to do what he did. Pluto and Preacher went in first cause they were flying Iron Hand, and man! they just WASTED the SAMs AND the main target. But that pissed off the little guys, and they shot up Back Fire pretty bad. He dropped his ordnance and left for the boat but told me to stay on the target. Then, who could believe it, the fighter pukes showed up and decided to grab all the glory. Wise Guy, he rolls his F-8 in on the guns and lets loose with a bunch of Zuni rockets. BOOM! No more gun. Knife must've felt left out, because then he calls out, cool as you please, 'Fox 2' and sends a couple of Sidewinders towards a MiG that was trying to get too friendly. That MiG took one up the tail pipe, that musta ruined his whole day.

Since everybody else had earned their flight pay for the day, I shot off my 2 Bullpups and blew up what was left of the target. Gotta hold up my end of things, ya know?

Skipper must've figured we'd had enough fun for the day cause he came on the radio and said it was time to go home. The fighter guys were kinda pissed cause they wanted to go after some more MiGs, but Skipper said no, we hadda look out for Back Fire and make sure he got back OK."

Post mission statement from Lt (jg) Stargazer, VA-163 Saints
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John Clocherty
Western Australia
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Nice mission summaries.
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