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Subject: Two humanoids save humanity rss

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Gareth Sebar
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The two humanoids sat together in the Salty Dog tavern, commiserating over their lack of coin and the need to live with such noisy humans when a crazed old man approached them.

Into the Dark
Ispher and Spiritspeaker Mok brave a dungeon in search of treasure and the glory of slaying the terrible Giant Narthak.

Ispher (Nic)
Enduring – Armour does not reduce speed. Nic as a result bought chainmail in the initial setup and laughed off many minor wounds.
Ambidextrous – Off hand bonus adds +1 damage or shield cancels 1 extra wound. Ispher began with a sword and dagger, but once he found a one handed ranged weapon he was happy with he changed to ranged weapon and shield.
Precision – Ignore one figure or obstacle for a ranged or magic attack. Played no real role in the game.

Spiritspeaker Mok (Jeremy)
Weaponmastery – 2 free surges with melee weapons. Mok never swung a weapon in anger. This skill wasn’t used.
Blessing – Gain the command ability. Used to great effect. The heroes stuck next to each other for most of the battles.
Telekinesis – Spend 1 fatigue to move a figure one space. Jeremy used this multiple times. By the end of the game, every pit had at least one dead Beastman in it.

The adventure started poorly for the two heroes. They burst into the first room, killing the master Beastman. The monsters moved in for the kill but the heroes managed to find some space. Unfortunately they moved behind some rubble, blocking sight into half the room and they were ambushed by a Beastman war party. Mok was quickly slain.

Ispher managed to hold off the remaining Beastmen until Mok could return and they slaughtered the remaining monsters. They searched the chest and returned to town to spend their gains. Mok gained two Crystals of Tival from the chest (despite the Overlord shuffling the deck for an extended period of time) and a number of treasure hordes were found putting the heroes in a wealthy position. Ispher trained in an additional ranged die and Mok in an additional magic die. They then set off back into the dungeon. They turned left and came across more monsters.

The overlord played trap master and smirked in preparation, the remaining cards in his hands being traps.

The heroes slaughtered the monsters and secured the silver treasure. Ispher found the Flying Death and put away his sword and dagger. From that point on, the Flying Death would be the bane of the monsters in Narthak’s cave. The heroes returned to town to spend their new coin and sell their treasures. When they returned, the Overlord pounced, striking Ispher with a range of traps, however Ispher stood firm. They opened the door, looking for the red rune key and multiple hell hounds attacked. Mok was safe, but the combined might of the fiery breath of the hell hounds and the terrible traps of the dungeon were enough to make Ispher fall and be teleported back to the temple.

Upon Ispher’s return The heroes slew the ogre, and gained the red rune key. They opened the last door and a paralysing gas stopped Ispher in his tracks. The monsters raced forward to attack but did little damage. Both Mok and Ispher slaughtered the Bane Spider ambush and the Beastmen guarding Narthak. Finally Ispher took a step forward and opened the gold chest. That spelt the end for the overlord with Ispher securing the elven bow and Mok the Fiery Blast rune and Staff of Knowledge.

One of the manticores fell into a violent rage and, after attacking four times, slew Ispher. Mok used the fiery blast rune, however Narthak’s armour proved too strong. On Ispher’s return Narthak lumbered in to attack. He swung wildly and missed both heroes. Ispher lifted the elven bow and sent two arrows deep into Narthak’s belly. Narthak slumped to the ground cursing the heroes.

The two humanoids returned to town to spend their coin.

This was an introductory session for Jeremy and Nic so I tried to play less cruelly than otherwise. Killing Mok in the first three turns made me slow up a bit until they were a bit stronger. However once they got their hands on silver treasures Ispher, in particular, started to slaughter my forces and my attempts to kill the heroes off became more difficult. I tried to focus on Mok, as Ispher’s regeneration ability made it slightly harder to kill him. However Ispher’s regeneration made Nic a little less careful in keeping his health high and every time Mok was wounded a crystal of Tival would heal him up, so in the end I managed to kill Ispher more than I did Mok.

Overlord – Killed Mok, Killed Ispher, Card cycle, Killed Ispher (-11 Conquest)

Heroes – Activated 3 Glyphs, Gained conquest from chests, killed Narthak (ended with 10 Conquest)
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BFL's going down (under)
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Sounds like it was fun. Wish I had been available. Maybe next time.
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