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Subject: Initial Impressions rss

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Brian Boyle
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Proud Balmain Board Gamer
I don't normally do this, but I thought I would post this "impressions from a first learning session" as there is not there much out there on this game at the moment.

I soloed my first learning 2player last night. Scored and closed the game about 75% of the way through, but played enough to get a feel of most of the rules, if not the situations that might arise.

Initial impressions: Great Bits, appears initially complex but surprisingly streamlined. Actions and scoring actually boil down to "one action/VP per thing" quite neatly. (Although the market took a bit to get my head around). The scaleable board would appear to accommodate all player options pretty well, although the AP issue might favour lower player counts.

A lot of possible actions for each meeple, and it needs the excellent player aid by poifpoif here on the geek. Perhaps the biggest downside in the possibility for severe downtime with AP players once a few meeples are out on the board.

Having said that, the rest is upside. Highly abstract, but quite possibly one of the best balances between interactive conflict game and Euro trading/building game that I have come across. Battles are straightforward and quick if you use the dice - which I prefer for that unpredictability-of-battle feel.

There is no off-board tech-tree to consider so all focus is on the board. There are some extra abilities you can buy and use once per turn, but it looks "wicked-tech-combo leading to the unassailable-leader" problem looks like being kept pretty much in check.

There are some very clever innovations here - all off which appear to encourage interaction and careful play. The point multipliers on tiles between the start cities draws you into the middle of the Board rather than turtling in your corner. Also the fact that you dont own the structures you build and other people can not so much leech of then, but downright deny you their benefit could lead to quite confrontational play.

The exploration angle is good too and, for me, pretty much counteracted the abstract nature pretty well. Even if I never really got feeling I was in ancient Latinum plains. I liked the way the water tiles were handled, giving rise to more realistic situations - albeit with the risk of some tiles being "cut-off"

It doesn't purport to be a CIV game, but it reminded me of Clash of Cultures done right. There is more conflict, better handling of tiles, less fiddliness, more focus on the board and less on tech-tree, a much tighter tactical game and possibly more strategic options. Of course there is less theme, but I found the theme in CoC pretty superficial anyway.

RoR is pretty much stripped down and super-charged.

The initial high score on the geek here appears well justified.


Simplicity beneath the complexity
Great balance between war and euro
Encourages interaction


Possibility for AP
Too abstract for some
May be too confrontatial for some
Needs better summary of actions in rulebook (fixed here on the geek)
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