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Subject: Need Help Separating Expansion From Base Game rss

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Antares CD
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I know you can play the game with the new cards (mostly - a few are odd) with just the base game rules, but I'm trying to introduce very new players and they want to play with just the original components. The rooms, adventurers, and monsters are easy to separate because they are explicitly listed on the back of the rule book, but I was wondering if any one had a list of the cards (traps, spells, events, etc.) that belonged to each?

I had intended to make such a list myself, but some friends mixed up the contents (without asking), and it's been long enough since I've played myself that I'm not confident I could pull out the base cards from memory.

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Lior Kiperman
Ramat Gan
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Expansion traps: Plague, Dart of Madness, Riddle, Stink Bomb, Monster Catapult, Kamikaze Imp

(90% sure)

Usually when I introduce the game I play without the expansion and just tell players to draw another card if they get a trap with "bard" in its text
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United Kingdom
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This game is bullshit.
Kamikaze Imp is a base game trap.
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United States
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The events should be easy to find if they were printed the way mine were. The expansion events have the back of the card upside-down. So if you look at all the events' text right side up, and then flip them all over the same way, the picture on the back will be oriented one way for the base game, and a different way for the expansion. So find the group that has the 'He's Back Ladies' event that brings in the original Paladin, and you have your expansion cards.
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Antares CD
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I was able to compile the list. I will share it here so that anyone else trying to separate the cards doesn't have to try to figure it out themselves.

First Year Combat Spells
Base Game (9 total):
-Detect Evil
-Detect Treasure
-Fist of Justice
-Magic Shield
-Word of Peace

Festival Season (3 total):
-Level up
-Tragic Ballad

Second Year Combat Spells
Base Game (9 total):
-Aura of Fear
-Blind Rage
-Create Food
-Dimensional Gate
-Magic Key
-Song of Courage

Festival Season (3 total):
-Chaos Vortex

Special Events
Base Game (9 total):
-Danse Macabre
-Extra Tax
-Title Envy
-VIP Visit
-Witch Hunt

Festival Season (9 total):
-A Scout at the Entrance!
-Ambiguous Directives
-For Dungeons in Developing Countries
-I'm back, ladies!
-Impatient Heroes
-Minion Holidays
-Monster Strike
-Pet Shop
-Slandering Campaign

Base Game (3 per type, 27 total):
-Anti-magic Dart
-Cursed Ring
-Fire Wall
-Kamikaze Imp
-Poisoned Dart
-Poisoned Meal
-Rolling Stone
-Trap Door

Festival Season (3 per type, 18 total):
-Dart of Madness
-Monster Catapult
-Rusty Nails
-Stink Bomb

Hope this helps someone in the future.
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