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Subject: Awesome addition to an under appreciated game 9/10 rss

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Travis Morton
United States
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[Daytrip Gaming]
There are some things added: Ships, Combo cards, and new Treasures/Heros/Realms/Monsters. The major addition is the Ships.

Ship Rules:
Ships have a Cannon rating in the bottom right (Ranging from 1-3 in the over the counter expansion, and 4's in the promos).

During your turn, without using your action, you can tke a Treasure from hand and put it beneath the ship. The ship is fully loaded when it has as many Trasures as Cannons.

Once loaded the ship gives an ability called 'Hold' that is static and is in play as long as the ship has the maximum Treasure beneath it.

It can also 'Fire' and disard the Treasures to use its Fire ability as well as make a player drink the amount that was disarded. The firing can be done with less, but you do not get the 'Fire' ability.

Taking a Ship is instead of a Realm. From the vague rules, it seems like you can setup three blue piles; Hero/Ship/Realm, taking SHip or Realm.

Anyone familiar with Magic the Gathering will see the Ships like Planeswalkers.

The added 2 Bosses are what you would expect, there is a Nine and an Eleven drink boss.

The Monsters add something new, they can be beaten and effectively turn into Permanants

The Combo Treasures have an icon that allow other COmbo cards to be tagged on the moment somone pays the first.

The other new Heros, Realms, and Permanants are rather standard fare; not there is anything wrong there.

As far as what the expansion adds, 9/10. There is the familiar and then the new, which is not overwhelming; just solid.

The area that could be added to is just not having the promos be so different from the public copy. They have a new type of card (Effects) and the Ships with 4 Cannons may or may not be stronger than the in box ones.

You get 6 Ship in the box, so that leaves the game going wony if you want mre than that.


The balance is notiably perfect. The more swingy factors on some of the cards have the pendulum go both ways. And the lesser have usually more neutral downsides.
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Griffin Patterson
United Kingdom
South Yorkshire
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Just to clarify. It's 9/10 because of the status effects and the potentially OP extra heroes/ships/realms. The same could be argued for the base DQW (with it's controversial werewolf), but I do see where you're coming from. I do agree that I don't think I could ever play a game without status effects. But I do not remember seeing anywhere that the Status Effects are exclusives. I believe that, like the Boozter packs, Status effects 1 and 2 will be able to be purchased from the Loot Corps website, though I do not know when or how much they will cost. NOTE: This is just what I believe, I do not know this 100%.

Thanks for the great review though.
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