Zoltán Demeter
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Hi folks!

We've been through some games of MoM, with me always in the keeper role, in most times with 4, in some cases with 3 investigators.
From the base set, we've played all of the objectives of the Lynch scenario, and one objective of each the Inner Sanctum, Blood Ties, The yellow Matter, and The yellow sign.

Just to make clear: I try to fulfill both of the expactations that can be exploited from the gameplay: competition between the to sides and immersion in the theme.

I think, mythos cards are the tools capable of expressing both of the above mentioned expectations, if using them careful and without abusing, and if they can make a feeling of suspense and neither mechanical obstacle, nor thorn in the side of the investigators.

In the Lynch scenario, I could use these as I wanted, with minor complaints from my investigators, but I could live with that.
In the Inner Sanctum and Blood Ties, their usefulness were a little bit minor: in Sanctum almost as well as in Lynch, in Blood Ties less, but it could be because unfortune shuffling.

But in Yellow Matter and Yellow Sign, their usefulness were converging to zero. It was especially sad to me because mythos cards are one of the strong thematic elements of the game, to heighten the insecure feeling in the players, so both of us lose something in the gameplay, that can become to something more mechanic.

Of course, my problem were the small amount of threats in the least two scenarios, which can be ridiculous, but true: in both stories the keeper has a lot of things to manage - spawning bodies, spawning cultist, move them, mutate them, mutate inv.-s in Yellow matter, and spawning cultist (more nerfed), move them, give roles to inv.-s, use those roles in Yellow Sign.
To gain mythos cards cost threats, and also to use them (there are some with zero threat cost, but these are really restricted), 1-2 or 3. To use a mythos card of 3 threat points cost, you need an entire turn almost doing nothing, and yet you still need to wait for the proper opportunity.
Meanwhile you could do much more: keep the things moving, reacting to the previous turn of the inv.-s, etc.
I just found myself holding 3-4 mythos cards total useless, because of its cost, and special conditions, really accidental sometimes.

Don't get me wrong: both the mentioned scenarios are well balanced enough, with good winning opportunities to each sides, and I won both of them as a keeper, yet I wasn't entirely content,something was missing.

Please, I don't need comments about holding back punches to express a good thematic mythos card: when I'm playing, I'm wanting to win, I want to throw in everything I can - if mythos are not satisfactory, I won't use them just for fun.

I'd just like to know, if there are some keepers suffering from the same problems, and could find a proper strategy, solution or have some good thoughts about this, especially the above mentioned scenarios, or can warn me about other scenarios, I haven't played with yet.
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Roberta Yang
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Part of it is the scenario structure. In the base game, there are usually some turns when you're building up threat and aren't doing anything anyhow - most base game scenarios are very long, and in Lynch you need to save up threat to afford that Maniac - so Evil Presence gives you cards "for free". The Yellow scenarios are shorter and generally have something worth doing most turns.

In Yellow Matter, the problem is:

1) Summon Worshippers is around. That card is extremely powerful and severely undercosted, so when it's around, the best use of threat tends to be "summon lots of cultists". Toss in the 1-threat Byakhee too and other stuff becomes overwhelmingly more efficient than mythos cards.

2) The Forbidden Alchemy "potion" set of mythos cards is awful. Some are absurdly overcosted (4 threat to drain 2 skill points?), while others are weak to the point of helping the investigators (one gives the investigator a spell at the low price of one horror, another does absolutely nothing unless the investigator decides they want it to do something). I can't remember any that I'd actually be happy to draw.

In Yellow Sign they're not quite that bad (aside from one unfortunate mythos card that is literally unplayable because none of the rooms it demands are on the map), but it is still a short scenario so you don't have a lot of spare turns, and you have something specific you're trying to do instead of just "stall until event 5". You don't always have other threat outlets (cultists get prohibitively expensive and often it's better to let investigators keep their King's Courts for a time), and you can pull off some nice combos between them and the King's Courts (like suddenly moving an investigator toward another investigator and then having one shoot another), but I do still find myself using them less than in the base game.

edit: Part of the problem is that Evil Presence is designed for "if you have nothing else worth doing, take some cards", so once they give the keeper things to do it stops being so useful. That might be part of why in Call of the Wild they got rid of Evil Presence and replaced it with other draw sources that you're certain to use.
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Ken Dilloo
United States
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Everything is relative to perception, and your perception is limited.
The Ginger Ninja
Don't know if this is helpful, but the amount of mythos I see played varies quite a bit among games. This is probably true of more balanced scenarios, where threat can be very tight. This is probably good, as the mythos can be quite powerful and game changing.

In all my games with the Laboratory, I can probably found all the mythos played on one hand, leaving plenty of fingers for other nefarious actions

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