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Subject: FLEET ACADEMY: Homesteaders Union rss

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Brandon Freels
Rooty Hill (Sydney)
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SPOILER ALERT: This is a series of articles that go into detail about each Alien Frontiers Faction and offer some tips about its strengths and weaknesses. It is also to curtail the general "This Faction is too powerful! / This Faction sucks!" comments without proof. What is mentioned here may spoil the discovery of learning the game.


OWNER: The faction owner may launch their colonies from the sixth advancement circle of the Colonist Hub instead of the seventh.

Example 1: Red docks two ships at the Colonist Hub to advance their colony to the sixth circle. Red then pays one fuel and one ore to launch their colony.

FACILITY: A player docked at Homesteader’s Union advances their colony token one circle on a Colonist Hub track.

Example 2: Blue docks a ship at Homesteader’s Union and pays the one fuel access fee. Blue advances their colony token one circle on a Colonist Hub track.


This is one of the simplest Factions to play. If someone in your play group is new and/or "clueless" to the Factions expansion, give them Homesteaders to play. Get your fleet up to 5 ships and run the Hub, run the Hub, RUN THE HUB! When you land a colony, secure the Asimov Crater and run the Hub even faster.

While you are doing this, keep on the lookout to gain the Orbital Teleporter Alien Tech Card. This card will give you the 1 fuel and 1 ore needed to land your colony with only a roll of 5 or 6, and if you don't need the resources you can use the ship to do something then move it to the Hub (or move it away from the Hub to place a 5th ship). This with the Asimov Crater can move a colony to the end of the Hub in 1 turn!

There are other Alien Tech (Mind Control Helmet, Astrogation Servo) which produce a similar effect. Because these tech tend to be expensive, you should secure either the Pohl Foothills or Lem Badlands to help in the payment.

If you get a freak opportunity to acquire a 6th ship to your fleet, go for it! Being able to run 4 spaces on the hub and still have 2 ships for other activity is a huge turbo boost!

You will be setting the pace for the game. Other players should not get the time to set their plans in motion. Secure the above, add anything that will help you with your run (e.g. Van Vogt Mountains to guarantee an ore, or Burroughs Desert for the extra Relic Ship), and you are on your way to winning the game.

Asimov Crater
Pohl Foothills or Lem Badlands
Van Vogt Mountains
Burroughs Desert (if the opportunity arises)

Orbital Teleporter
Mind Control Helmet
Astrogation Servo
Data Crystal (if needed for Asimov Crater or Van Vogt Mountains bonuses)


Read the above Homesteader tactics. A loud klaxon should go off if you see Homesteaders take the Asimov Crater or acquire the Orbital Teleporter! It is mandatory for these to be taken away from Homesteaders.

Place the Isolation field in Asimov. Raid and take the Orbital Teleporter from Homesteaders, then immediately discard it and move them out of Asimov (or move someone else IN and cause a tie).

Raid Homesteader's resources and always keep them poor, forcing them to waste precious ships to gather resources rather than run the Hub.

This is an expensive spoiler move, but if you have the fuel to burn and were planning to use the Hub anyway, use Homesteader's Facility instead. Yes, you are giving Homesteaders 1 fuel, but that extra space on the Hub that Homesteaders doesn't get at a critical moment in the game can make a difference.

Discard a Plasma Cannon and reduce their fleet to 3-4 ships. It is harder to use the Hub when you have to use all of your fleet for its effect.
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Danny Mack
United States
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I only see the one article. The Introduction mentions a series of articles on all of the factions...?
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