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The title says it all.

It doesn't, you say?

Oh, well it says most of it.

You know how sometimes you're playing a game for the first time and you decide to document the occasion with pictures of the board? No? Ok, yeah, I don't really do that either, but for some reason it seemed like a good idea to snap some shots of our first experience with a "true" wargame. The problem is that now I have these boring photos sitting around and nobody to show them to. It isn't like babies or cats, you can't just shove pictures of games in random stranger's faces. Outside of BGG, that is, so it looks like a session report is in the works.

Unfortunately I don't actually remember a clear play-by-play and the game wasn't that long so "session report" here means "small series of pictures with some brief captions." Really it probably took you longer to read this opening than it will to read anything else here and you already know the ending because I spoiled it in the title. This increasingly seems less worthwhile to do, but here we go.

Here we see the daring advance made by the gray whositz against my brown whatsitz, which consisted primarily of walking up, shooting us and making rude gestures.

A few months later, as I'm assuming the time scale must be in months and hexes about 50 miles wide to justify my opponent having that many red deathknights on the field, we see the gray advance and the quickening dissolution of my forces.

Side note: That horrific line of enemies really is beautiful in some emergent sense, at least from the other side of the table. Y'know, that's why this is a side note. Get it? Shut up, it is definitely funny. Moving on.

Ah ha! We darkened the skies with our arrows and tomahawk missiles to kinda sorta push them back a little bit and helpfully force the tiniest, weakest gray sacks of victory points further away from the brown pinata-bashers capable of opening them. Clearly the future is bright.

See? Look how far away we pushed them, they'll never ever get back over to us. The victory sacks, I mean, the other guys might be here shortly.

It is probably worth noting at this time that the victory markers are strewn over the battlefield to mark the sites of key victories. At this point I'm realizing that this suggestion from the other party was almost certainly a form of psychological warfare.

I hate those gray whositz.
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