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Our first play is outlined in my first logging of a play session in this game's forum. Our second game happened a couple of days after our initial play. In the interim, I read the Geek for some clarification on rules questions and re-read the rules booklet to make sure we were tracking. This time we went with the EXTRACT advanced rule instead of download. Coupling that with proper transfer of data files from locks/lab workers made the game better in our opinion.

The second game went much quicker. There were only three of us this time instead of four. However, that was not the primary factor in speeding things along. Actually understanding the turn sequence and the rules I had botched before helped and this time we were singing through the building in search of ill gotten gains. We got to experience different rooms and our first NPC interaction (my character got shot entering a room) and several item cards and effects we hadn't seen in the first game.

We managed low rolls on the proximity counter for the first several turns (so the cops were delayed more than normal) and the rooms we entered didn't have any serious increases to the alarm. With that type of luck on our side including finding the Executive Elevator (escape at a price), we were able to explore all 12 rooms/both levels. There was no secret room access this game but we did get to see some interesting effects.

First, we encountered sludge in a hazmat storage room. This was our first encounter with the DELAYED effect, which prevents you from moving forward or backward in the facility for a turn. Second, we encountered an armed NPC whose first action was to zap my operative and another player's operative before heading into the previous room in search of our lagging colleague.

We figured she would get shot, too, if she didn't ADVANCE to the room where we were wounded but she surprised us both. The lagging player played FLECHETTE GUN, wasted the NPC and then returned the card to her hand----a very useful item. She smiled and extracted some extra data the following turn. She also managed to find a PROTOTYPE, something we hadn't run into before. Basically you have to drop all your item cards and can't collect others for a 10 zettabyte bonus at the end of the game. She decided it was better to try to steal DFs directly and maintain useful stuff like the flechette gun in case we ran into further NPCs.

I had a medical item from my starting items and was able to heal my character immediately as I headed toward the door. I had the least number of data files of the three of us but had seen how quickly the clock had run out our first game with just a couple of bad rolls. My fellow players decided to push for some additional DF extractions as I entered the Executive Elevator room and left the building while losing 4 random data files as the room requires for its use.

The game ended on the very next turn with a die roll that brought the timer to exactly '99' - both my fellow players had gotten caught just one move away from escaping. We all imagined them both waiting nervously for the elevator my operative had just taken to return and Security stepping out of it to catch them red-handed. We did a sum of collected data files to see just how things would have gone if the die roll had been one pip lower. The result was---had they escaped---they would have easily crushed my DF haul.
The more I read and play this game the more I am impressed how well it emulates heist stories. Somebody mussing around with a tempting valuable haul just a room or two away from the escape; ignoring the sirens for just one more strike at the data vault; all the little intrigue cards (black mail was particularly interesting as a guaranteed exit); everything drips with setting and the heist genre. Looking forward to playing much more of this game and hopefully that it will one day see expansion.
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Kevin Riddle

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I too hope for an expansion
A fun little game and the expansion could be a print and pay like Death Angel ( spacd hulk game)
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