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Subject: Lack of clarity and organization in Rulebook rss

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thomas abell
United States
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First of all, I found the rulebook to be poorly written and edited. Did the author not give this to beta testers to see if they could learn it quickly and correctly? I've seen other posts where people are unclear on the rules so I am not the only one.

1. Pg 12 re:2card - The wording "The player with the most monster tokens taken at the end of the game scores 5 points." This information does not appear on pg15 "Winning" where final scoring instructions appear. This is crucial aspect to scoring and it's absence is negligent. (see #4 for continued confusion on Monster token scoring). There is no mention here or on pg15:"Winning" to deal with tie situations. There are clear scoring instructions regarding ties for the Treasure token 5 point award.

2. Pg 12 re:3card - Use of the phrase "draw the top card" - "Drawing a card" typically refers to taking a new card and placing it in one's hand. This does not seem to be the expected action. The expected action seems to be turning over the top card face up from the deck...which is consistent with the set-up instruction wording of "Place the cards not dealt off to one side of the game board. Turn the top card from this card deck" (pg7). Wording and expected action is unclear.

3. Pg12 re:3card - Wording is unclear on the expected mechanics of trump change. It reads "During a trick, when a player plays a number '3' card, the player may choose to draw the top card from the deck of cards." (I assume in this case, that the expected action of 'drawing' is turning over of the top card in the undealt deck - see #2). The wording "During a trick" could mean that the player playing a '3' card turns over the top deck card 'during the trick' (i.e. immediately after playing the card). This would significantly affect play in the trick as trump would change real-time and possibly affect decisions by subsequent players on what card to play. This affect would be amplified if two or more '3' cards are played (i.e. trump within a trick would change real-time more than once).

An alternate expected action could be that the top deck card is not turned over until after the trick has been completed. This would result in the change/no-change of trump color to apply to the following trick and following tricks (until another '3' is played or the round ends resulting in a new undealt card deck). When multiple '3' cards are played it could follow that each '3' card player could choose to turn over a deck card (or not) in the order that the '3' cards were played. A player's decision to turn or not turn could similarly change depending on what the previous turned/not-turned deck card color would be. The final card color facing up would then be the trump for the following trick (and following tricks until another '3' card is played or a new round is dealt).

[It is assumed that the wording "Drawing a card may change the trump color for the round" means that trump can change multiple times during a round. And, that the turning over of a deck card to change trump color does not occur only once in a round.]

4. Pg 15 - Winning - "Add one point for each Monster token collected". There is no mention on this page of the addtional 5 points awarded to the player with the most Monster tokens (see #1). I have seen one review where the presenter explains that only 5 points are given to the player with the most Monster tokens (with no 1 point per Monster token scored...though the text on pg15 is explict...and repeated in the Errata at If the reviewer is correct it would imply that there is a typo in the previously quoted text where Monster should actually read Treasure (no correction is found in the Errata).

One would expect a separate paragraph to describe the scoring for Treasure tokens from Monster tokens. But the absence of a new paragraph can create confusion that the word Treasure is a typo and actually refers to Monster tokens (thus, repeating for clarification the instructions noted on pg12 re:card2). No such correct is found in the Errata.

There is no text in the scoring instructions on pg15 regarding the earlier mentioned '1 point earned for each Treasure token collected' (pg13 re:card4). The absence of this instruction on the final scoring page is notable and would significantly affect players' scores if not taken into account.

There is no text on this final scoring page related to resolving of ties when there are more than one player with the same highest number of Monster tokens. One would expect this instruction, given that there are clear instructions related to Treasure tokens (unless a typo situation exists...none found in the Errata).

This lack of clear summarization of all scoring elements is disappointing, as is the lack of clarity in terminology, seeming disorganized instruction sequences and the expected mechanics of play. It caused considerable frustration in the learning process. And expected play actions are still unclear. Truely disappointing.

P.S. The Errata posted on for this game references Promo cards. There were no Promo cards included in my deck. Also, the Errata concerning Tokens does not clarify the above confusion. It simply restates the contents of the rule book on two points using different wording.

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