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Session 5
Death on the Wing
Encounter 2

Energised by my victory in the last encounter and with a hand of 11 Overlord cards I was feeling pretty confident that Belthir would achieve his grisly objective of slaughtering a few guards before flying off for a well-earned cuppa.

So confident in fact that I gave the team a few play tips: Use fatigue for creative moves, keep your eye on the scenario objective, take time to make plans before diving into the turn; all delivered in the most patronising tone of voice I could muster – I could see their teeth grinding as I droned on.

A pretty straightforward proposition for the heroes this one: get into Belthir’s face as quickly as possible and down him before the monsters kill the guards.

I chose the hybrid sentinels again as my open group. Thematically they are a good fit – ideal servants of the hybrid mercenary Belthir; they’re also good damage dealers and the heroes hate them after the mauling handed out in the previous quest. I planned to use the elemental as a blocker and party damager while Belthir and the sentinels get munching on the guards.

With the advantage of the first turn and the heroes already carrying some damage I hoped to knock at least one guard down before the party arrive on the scene.

Alas, it was not to be. The first turn was pretty weak, one guard damaged but not down and the elemental only able to attack one hero because of the restricted space on the bridge.

In return the heroes proved that while they might not have liked my lecture, they had been paying attention. While Leoric neutralised the elemental by plonking an immobilisation on it, Jain Fairwood sprinted past the beast, using her heroic feat immediately to get in range of Belthir.

While the party lack might, they are pretty agile: pit traps, tripwires, bad language, all to no avail as Fairwood passed all her tests and plunked two arrows into the smirking Belthir, notching four damage. It was only then I realised that for all his trash talking, the Lieutenant is not all that in the first act – 11 health and a grey and a brown defence dice is not likely to keep him up for too long.

Ashrian was even cocky enough to spend a bit of time searching and wasting a turn looking into the secret armoury she discovered. Not that she stayed there long when she realised how much time it would take to gain the reward.

My next turns didn’t go much better than the first, the elemental pinned in place, and now poisoned by Leoric as well, only two guards downed and Belthir unable to escape the arrows of Fairwood. He was soon down to only 1 health remaining and was lost for words.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. I tried to convince the party that since they had the situation well in hand they could easily do a bit more searching - they didn’t buy it - so I launched a double frenzied attack by my two sentinels – sacrificing them to gain four attacks. It almost worked. Two heroes downed while Belthir defeated the penultimate guard.

But Fairwood was still in the fight, as was the remaining guard and even with a few card driven rerolls Belthir’s defence couldn’t cope with the attacks and flew off in a grump, leaving yet another useful relic in the party’s hands.

A much better performance from the heroes this time, they stayed focussed and used their abilities to good effect. The scenario suited their ranged attacks and high awareness ratings. It was a close run thing though and if I had managed to knock the guards down a bit quicker I might have made it. Belthir is not strong though, and with the guards able to throw in a few attacks as well it was always going to be difficult once the elemental had been bypassed and neutralised. There might well be a better open group to go with for this one, but the sentinels just felt right.

Anyway, it’s 1-1 for the first act and I suggested they party might want to go to Castle Daerion next as the received wisdom suggests the revised version favours the heroes – but they were all too busy recreating a performance by One Direction to pay any attention.

Ashrian (Spiritseeker) – Iron Spear, Ring of Power + Shield of the Dark God (skill – Healing Rain, Drain Spirit) saved 1xp
Leoric (Runemaster) Leather Armour + Mana Weave (skill - Runic Sorcery + Ghost Armour )
Jain Fairwood (Wildlander) Aurium Mail (skill-Accurate, Eagle Eyes) saved 1 xp.

Overlord – Bood Rage x2 + Expert Blow (Warlord 2)

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Thorsten Schröder
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Loser at the 'Pursuit of Happiness Contest'
I'm loving these Reports.... thank you.
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p slulzb
United States
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The reports are giving me great insight into how a campaign might go. Before reading, I wouldn't have your killer instinct to try to win as OL. I would still be rooting for the heroes, probably to the point of throwing matches. But I feel like after reading your reports, the key would be to set the expectation early that some encounters will heavily favor one side or the other, so some losses are inevitable. Obviously, the losses for the heroes make the victories all the more sweeter.

Keep the reports coming!

(FYI- The link to the next one isn't working for me).
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