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Subject: Monsters & Magic Game Log 12/27/13 rss

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GAME LOG 12/27/2013

Game Length: 5 hours
Number of Players: 3
Winner: Paul
End Card(s): Hand of Doom/Crown and Scepter

Characters: Wizard , Hobgoblin, Conjurer, Magus, Warlock

‘Tis the season to be toaded falalalalalalalala! It was Christmas Talisman Day which basically meant Talisman as usual but please show up in a silly hat. Paul was the only one that obliged: (note the similarity between Paul and the fella peering over his shoulder...)

He also had managed to find a 2nd edition miniature of the Hobgoblin character and was generous enough to buy it so a 4th edition character card was made (shown below with one additional special ability added).

It felt only right to offer him the choice of playing with it or not. He opted to hold it in reserve should he get killed at some point in the game. Little did any of us know how quickly that would be!

He picked the Wizard.

Brian picked the Warlock.

I picked Magus.

4 minutes later the Warlock was down to 1 life. I couldn’t help but laugh. Brian has an almost tradition now of being killed multiple times each game.

Paul - “It must be the chair”
Brian - “I switched chairs with you before you came”

2 minutes later the Wizard was dead! So out came the Hobgoblin.

20 minutes later the Hobgoblin was dead! So out came the Conjurer.

Maybe he really did switch chairs?

The Hobgoblin was killed in the Highlands and had a lot of booty left on The Precipice and Brian and I were both running toward it as fast as possible. I had a Lucky Charm so knew all he had to do was get within 6 spaces of it and it was mine - which I did. Unfortunately for me, Brian had an Acquisition spell and stole it from me one move away! Of course, he used it to do the very same thing and was rewarded with much gold and a walking stick amongst other things. Not only that, but on the next turn he drew Growing Suspicions and cast Misfortune on me forcing a roll of one and a loss of two lives!

When I asked him why he was casting the spell on me all I got was
“Because you were laughing at me”.

The Warlock was having the best of luck and used his constant spell ability to the max. He managed to gain 20 gold and was headed into the City when ZAP - Paul cast Generosity spell on him. But wait.....ZAP RIGHT BACK - Brian cast Reflection right back at Paul! He managed to hold onto his wealth. But things were not always going to go so well for the Warlock.

One die move into the City I cast Haunting Poltergeist on him! Now he was reduced to 1 space per turn until he crossed a river! But he was in the City and there is only one direction you can go. This meant for at LEAST 17 turns he was moving 1 space per turn. Boy was he pissed. It didn’t stop him going shopping though. He bought so many pets this game we decided we should create a custom Veterinary card that bills you for each pet you own. Hmmm, interesting thought.

Brian - “Wolfie and Death haven’t seen much action this game.”
Adam - “That’s because Shawn’s not here”

Right when The Warlock was about to (finally) leave the City, the Conjurer drew Wizards Chess and pulled him right back to the beginning of the City!!! It was brilliant. Another 14 rounds till he could leave the City.

It wasn’t all bad for the Warlock. He rolled three 6’s in the High Temple and got a much needed Talisman. He also made good use of the Sorcerer to sell unwanted spells knowing he could replenish at the start of his next turn. He definitely took advantage of his character s special abilities.

I had done very well using the Indoctrinated followers ability of the Magus and took a riding horse trip through the Dungeon in order to beat the Lord of Darkness. I did beat him and gained the Cloak of Feathers, but not by quite enough to get to the Crown of Command. We were all fighting tooth and nail to be the first one to break down the Portal of Power and I was the first to do so. As soon as I entered the inner region, I dropped the cloak of feathers and teleported to the Crown of Command.

Of course.


I drew the Horrible Black Void.

Instant death for me and all my followers.

Paul and Brian thought it was rather humorous.

I thought it was ironic. You see, we’ve have played with the Timescape from 2nd edition for a while now but removed it last month from the game. I made mention of this when we started the game since I wanted to make sure everyone knew if the Horrible Black Void was drawn there would be no escape.

Alas poor Magus, i knew him well.

The Warlock and Conjurer continued the adventure. Cerberus was on the Portal of Power and The Warlock beat him easily with the plan of going in on his next turn, but Paul had more than a white fluffy rabbit up his sleeve. He cast Path Of Destiny forcing Brian to draw a Warlocks Quest. That quest was to kill one animal. For all his effort The Warlock simply could not find an enemy animal to kill! This gave Paul’s Conjurer the much needed opportunity to break down the door at the Portal of Power. It took him three tries to do so but eventually he did and made his way around the inner region much to Brian’s frustration.

Paul’s end card was Crown and Scepter and he had no problem finishing off Brian quickly. But Paul wasn’t completely heartless - he offered to use his healing spell on Brian so he could drag out his death even longer. Unfortunately, no healing or gaining of lives was allowed so that was overruled. Nice of him though.

This was the last game of the year and Paul was crowned the winner!

Brian, however, did point out that since he ended the game with the same character he started with it was - at least in his mind - a token victory for him.

Well done to both of you and Happy New Year to all!

* * * Our next game will have the new Nether Realm Expansion to look forward to! * * *

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