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By Chas

(Note: This is a fan made product. All rights to Samurai Battles are owned by Zvesda. All rights to Commands & Colors are owned by Richard Borg, except where assigned elsewhere).

After working out a more elaborate system for playing Epic Battle Cry (available on that thread), I’ve adapted this quick and dirty draft for Samurai Battles, based on that and Memoir 44 Overlord. I’ve only played it once so far, but it seems to work just fine. You will need two sets of original SB to play, (or an extra C&C board and lots more Zvesda figures).

1. General Rules
2. Clan Army Point System


1. Lay down two Samurai Battles (SB) boards on the table side to side. Every two board sections now forms one Epic section (Left Flank, Center, Right Flank). Although Epic can be played with only two players, the rules refer to a Commanding General (CG; Side Commander) and individual Field Generals (FG; Section Generals) as if playing with up to six players.

Currently only one set of cards is used. Reshuffle the Command Card or Dragon Card decks if they run out, or when directed to do so by individual cards such as Shogun.

2. Without specific scenarios, each side will get a hand of 12 Command Cards and 6 Dragon Cards at start, as well as 8 Honor tokens.

3. Each turn, the CG of the active side may play 1-3 cards total from his hand. He may give one card to each FG per turn, or two to the same if they are both relevant section cards, for the play of one each in the two marked halves of that FGs section.

4. Cards that must be played directly by the CG and may only be played one card per turn without any others being played, include tactics cards and section cards that activate units in more than one section.

5. Units may cross section boundaries, being ordered each turn by the FG in whose section they begin each turn.
6. Section General Initiative Roll: An FG/Section assigned no Command Card on a turn may make an initiative roll with one die, with the following results:

Green Circle: One unit of this type is ordered
Blue Triangle: One unit of this type is ordered
Red Square: One unit of this type is ordered.
Flag: One unit must retreat one hex (or lose a figure if it cannot).
Crossed Swords: One unit must lose one figure

7. At turn end after all cards are used, the CG discards them so all are face up so they can been seen for possible Counter Attack by the opposing side playing that card. The CG now draws two Command Cards and two Dragon cards or 4 Honor tokens. In addition, if no Dragon Card has been played, up to 2 Dragons Cards may be discarded for one Honor token each..

8. All cards that refer to using the number of cards in your hand are read as half that number.

9. Scenarios: Currently I use standard Victory Points (1 per unit or leader, 3 for Command Tent) and make up my own terrain. In our first play test, I used terrain based on Sekeigahara, with armies of 249 points each.


General Army Building Limitations

Counting by unit and ignoring individual leaders, no army may contain more than half Samurai units. No army may contain more than half Missile units (bow and arquebus).

Command Tent (1 per army) 20
Mounted Leader 15
Foot Leader 12
Ninja Figure 5

Mounted Samurai Yari 20
Mounted Samurai Archer 15

Samurai Infantry No-dachi 10
Samnurai Infantry Naginata 9
Samurai Infantry Archer 8

Monk Naginata 7
Monk Archer 6

Ashigaru Spearmen 5
Ashigaru Arquebus 4
Ashigaru Archer 3

Peasant Irregular Infantry 2
Peasants With Ammo 1

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