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Player 1: Second Sister as Imperial Balkania, HQ in Indonesia
Player 2: Me as Die Mechaniker, HQ in Brazil
Player 3: Third Sister as Enclave of the Bear, HQ in Great Britain

Peru, North Africa, East Africa (worth 3 resources per card)

I thought this world was mine. It seems I will have to fight to prove this to be my right. Two others rose to contest my leadership- with them opposing me, various factions splintered and rallied behind who they believe to be the rightful inheritor of this world... Die Mechaniker, ever resistant to change, stood behind me. Imperial Balkania- offering to make one of my opposers empress if she would lead them to victory- was the first to stand against me, dealing the first blow in the war, before I had even realized that anything was amiss. Then, as soon as word had reached them that battle had begun, the savage Enclave of the Bear immediately sought to sate their bloodlust by attempting to make both of us their prey. Two other mighty military forces were present, but decided not to interfere- Kahn Industries are mercenaries through and through, and none of us had established the capital to entice them, while the Saharans hate to be bound under the leadership of any one ruler, and simply fled into the desert sands for the duration of the war.

The would-be empress immediately began to establish a base of operations in Indonesia, where she spread to Australia and the outlying territories, and immediately began to spread out in to Asia.

Meanwhile, I quickly established my dominion in South America, and a beachhead in North Africa in order to prevent my foes from reaching my shores, then began to take control of the rest of the Western Hemisphere. (Note to self: Consider the ethical implications of redefining East and West to center on my capital. The British of Old Earth chose to do such with London while they were the leading power in their world- why should I not do the same?)

The savages then spread themselves out, taking as much of Europe as they could muster, while leaving themselves spread thin... Soon, they found themselves trapped between the might of our armies, and pulled into a defensive position, acting as an effective wall within Europe to prevent us from attacking via the Eurasian land routes. With our forces in North Africa and Balkanian troops holding the Middle East, both our forces took an uneasy line and were hesitant to advance further into the African continent.

Balkania used this uneasiness to attempt to claim dominion over Asia... And they came much closer than I was comfortable with. For a moment, it appeared as though they had succeeded in claiming the continent as their own... But that moment was short lived as I ordered my spies to tip their hand, sabotaging the infrastructure and supply lines of Kamchatka- they then immediately pulled back into Alaska, as the scorched Earth policy they used to sabotage meant that it would be equally difficult to defend such a position.

From that point forward, we continued to battle with Balkania, slowly pushing into the Asian continent, stopping at Mongolia to rest... Then, when they thought we were tired, that we could no longer push, we made our gambit... We mobilized an entire army in Mongolia and pushed south. Our blitz passed through China, Southeast Asia, and then took a strong foothold in Indonesia, from where the Mechaniker did what they do best: They dug in, and held their ground. Of course, from there, the rest of Australia was an easy target, but the Balkanians would not give up so easily, they would have their vengeance.

It was a desperate gambit, but in the end, they succeeded... It was a short lived victory, but I applaud my foes for being more tenacious and skilled than I would have dreamed, with only nine squadrons they managed to dislodge twelve of mine from their capital, and reclaim Indonesia as their own. However, the cost was great, and I immediately retaliated with a large force of my own, quelling the rebellion... For now. I currently rule, but I know all too well that my rulership is uneasy. As I erect the great city of Newtonshire in Brazil, I see that cities loyal to my enemies- defeated but not broken- are being raised in other parts of the world- Goghville in Trkustk and Hyrule in Southern Europe. It is only a matter of time before they rise against me again, and who is to say the Mechaniker will remain loyal to me? They are all about keeping things unchanging, and I have just brought much change to the world... And now I am no longer certain that it is mine...

Grand Admiral A.B.

Major City "Newtonshire" founded in Brazil
Minor City "Hyrule" founded in Southern Europe
Minor City "Goghville" founded in Trkustk
Ammo Depletion scar placed in Kamchatka

I'm naming my cities after scientists, and my second sister is naming hers after painters... We've made a pact that if either of us gets to name the World Capital, it will be named Vinci, after Leonardo. I don't know what my youngest sister has planned- Fantasy cities? Video game cities? All of them specifically named after cities from Zelda? Or maybe she doesn't have a theme at all.

We're probably going to go with minor cities until those run out- we all want to open that large packet of cards. I'm probably not going to found any more major cities if I win again- I'll probably name South Africa if I end up winning another game before someone else does such- likely something such as "Library" or "Oracle". Or perhaps Alexandria, after the home of the original Great Library.

My second sister considered using her scar to place a bunker on Indonesia both times she held it and it was under attack, but didn't want to place such a powerful defensive card on such a vital choke point, for fear it would come back to bite her in future games- as such, she ended up not using her scar at all- if she HAD placed the Bunker there, I most certainly would have chosen Indonesia as Newtonshire's location instead. Already, we're seeing the game's consistency effect our decisions, and we've only just played our first game; it's a pity my second sister is going to be busy these next couple months, as I'm very eager to see how things will progress from here.
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