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Subject: Newbie questions rss

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Cadrick Loh
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Drizzt Utility - Dancing Serpent
Drizzt is currently 2 spaces away from a monster and Drizzt has already moved. Can I use this Ability first to move myself another 2 spaces then only make an Attack against the Monster?

Drizzt - Twinkle
Basically every turn I can avoid being damaged for 1? If the monster attack value is only 1 then I can totally avoided his damage? This is freaking imba..

Drizzt - Cloud of Darkness
When is the proper phase to use this? According to the card I think it means during villain phase when the monster is about to activate his turn.

Item - Mask of Disguise
Your hero does not count as the closest Hero to that monster. Does that means if the Hero is 1 tile away from the Monster then will no longer be treated as 1 tile away for that monster?

Troll Damage Ability
It says move hero 2 tiles, what does this mean? Can I just move my hero up to 2 tiles after bring hit by Troll?

Curse - Mark of Lolth
The first time when I drew this for my active hero, does him/her required to take the first damage? Or the first damage obly applied when the 2nd Mark of Lolth being drawn?

Defeated Hero
If the hero is defeated, does all the curse cards he had get removed?

Event - From the Shadows
It says place a new monster on that Hero's tile (fewest HitPoints left)
What if the monster card I drawn is Stalagmite (Do not place a monster), do I still need to draw a new one until a monster card is drawn?

Adventure 2
Heroes turn order: Drizzt, Bruenor, Catti Brie
Current turn: Catti Brie
Current situation: Drizzt just died at his turn
During her hero phase, he moves to the square adjacent to the Crown, then she makes an attack against Artemis and successfully defeated him.
Problem is Drizzt is dead. According to the adventure rule, it says at Hero able to collect the Crown at the end of his Hero phase. Right after I collected The Crown, am I consider WIN sknce Artermis has been defeated and Crown is in one of my hero's hand.
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United States
New York
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I don't have the cards in front of me so I can't go in to detail about Drizzt's abilities. But I can answer some of the other questions.

>Item - Mask of Disguise

The monster acts like you are invisible. So even if you are adjacent, it will focus its attack on someone else.

>Troll Damage Ability

The character who takes damage is blown back 2 whole tiles. Note that it's tiles, not squares. It doesn't matter if the tiles are in a straight line or if they are curved. You move 2 tiles in any direction and land on any square within that tile.

>Curse - Mark of Lolth

The first player to get the Mark of Lolth isn't dealt damage as far as I know. It's a group curse. I always played that all effects remain on a defeated hero brought back by a healing surge.

You win that scenario if you meet two conditions: 1) Artemis is dead and 2) you hold the crown. It doesn't matter if all but 1 hero has fallen, you immediately win when you meet the two victory conditions.
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birdkingz wrote:

Drizzt - Twinkle
Basically every turn I can avoid being damaged for 1? If the monster attack value is only 1 then I can totally avoided his damage?

No. You can only negate that damage from successful attacks from adjacent enemies.

Multiple monsters attack at ranged or the whole tile from the mushroom space. You cannot use Twinkle to prevent these attacks.

Multiple monsters deal damage on misses. You cannot prevent these either.
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