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Subject: WK/Aragorn exchange early rss

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Dave J McWeasely
United States
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Here was a great game.

Turn 2: Saruman.

Turn 3: Gandalf appears, followed by the Witch King. Mordor sends everything against Gondor. At the last moment, Strider and Boromir ride into the City.

Turn 4-6:
Aragorn is kinged amidst the siege. Guards of the Citadel appear, followed by The Eagles, followed by The Grey Company, followed by House of the Stewards. Sauron grinds and adds a fourth stack with Musterings of a Long Planned War. At one point the attackers are whacked down to three regulars. The defenders are also flagging with only three regulars of their own, but they have two captains of the west and a Mighty Attack in hand. Rather than suffering the slow, punishing defeat, Aragorn and Boromir sally what they have into the Pellanor fields. The local shadow army is destroyed, and with it the Witch King and three other Nazgul. However the toll is horrendous: Only one Gondor regular remains, and on the very next move a 10-stack of orcs in Osgiliath attacks. Reluctantly, the sons of Westernesse pulled their regular back into the fortress, which was promptly destroyed.

The Free People had traded Aragorn, Boromir, and Minas Tirith for a dead Witch King and three Nazgul. This was a good trade, as it would deprive the Shadow of six turns of selective card cycling, and it was to be a long game with an active Fellowship.

The Fellowship had navigated through the High Pass. Morgul Wound and Candles of Corpses had raised corruption to 4. The last guides were Legolas and Pippin, who heroically gave their lives to a '3' on the move into Morannon. The Shadow's turn stall didn't materialize. So the fellowship declares in Mordor at the dawn of Turn 7, but with a dangerously high 4 corruption and Gollum. Good thing there's no Witch King to rain down destruction on them.

Turns 7-10:
Corsairs of Umbar drop a small force to besiege Dol Amroth, while the main force marches on Pelargir. However, Gondor fights on, mustering many regulars throughout Pelargir and its environs.

Both the Elves and the North are within a space of war, but prevented from taking the next logical step by the Dol Guldur army camping on Old Forest Road. Finally, the Free People are able to sieze a tempo by sacrificing the Gondor force and Dol Amroth. They get The North to war and move Brand, Bard II, and all their men into Woodland Realm. The elves also declare war and Thranduil begins to muster. King Dain calls upon is Guard, and also recalls his cousins from Iron Hills. A Horde From the East sacks Dale and goes to work on Erebor.

Rivendell falls easily to Shadows on the Misty Mountains, Monsters Aroused, and the Mouth of Sauron.

A force of Dunlendings rides into the sunset, and causes quite a pickle for the Swords in Eriador. Eventually many Dwarfs come to the aid of the Gray Havens, but two rangers notwithstanding, the Mouth and his Dunlendings seize the Shire.

The fellowship moves slowly, revealing often, but still hits a nasty eye tile for 4 damage. Nevertheless, Frodo takes heart from Bilbo's Song, and also from some a chance sprig of Altheas. Both cards have been held in reserve for quite some time, in case the fellowship falls on hard times and the cards would have been wasted actions.

Woodland Realm grows so powerful, that despite the persistant presence of the Dol Guldur short stack on Old Forest Road, it is able to send an expeditonary force to Withered Heath and then on to break the siege of Erebor. So, just so you don't lose track, Sauron is only able to take one point in DEW this game. The Free got and played every DEW-reinforcer in the deck, and were able to accomplish this feat of defense without the slightest wisp of aid from any companions. The key was the strategic mustering of the leader Brand II in Dale, and then moving the three regulars and two leaders to Woodland Realm, there making a stack clearly overshadowing Dol Guldur in a field-battle. Had the Shadow had infinate time, they should have brought their Horde in to besiege Wooden, then pivot on Erebor and reduce it. But they had not the time.

Turn 11:
The fellowship had but to hide and move one space to destroy the ring. Their corruption was at nine, but Sauron rolled four eyes, and the hunt pool was 5-kills and 5-wins. The Free secured a turn-stall against the Sauron military victory, and waited. Both sides were using precious Event die results to draw character cards, and Character die results to play them.

Turn 12:
Sauron gets four eyes again! But Frodo wins the card drawing race - he's scratching at the ground trying to find some slightly chewy dirt to eat, when under a rock he discovers a Mithril Coat!. An Orc Patrol runs off with an eye, and Frodo marches certainly into the Forge of Doom and drops the ring in.


Dice Log:

Turn: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2
FPRing 2 3 1 2 3 2 2 3 3 3 1 2
FPMil 3 2 4 3 3 4 3 2 2 2 4 0
SPRing 3 3 3 3 2 3 3 4 2 3 5 1
SPMil 4 4 5 6 7 6 5 5 6 5 4 0

FPRV with 9 corruption. SP with 9 victory points.

Wizardry variant (link might not work yet)

The exact rules set is immaterial next to the huge penalty exacted on the Shadow for the midgame loss of the Witch King. The Fellowship only took a net nine corruption for its movement and SP cardplay in Mordor. The Witch King has to be willfully incompotent (or dead) for that to happen.
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Ira Fay
United States
New Haven
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Is the Brand II enforcer card you mention King Brand's Men? That doesn't provide a leader. Did you muster an extra one, perhaps?
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