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Subject: B2 Midnight Setting Campaign rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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This is the start of a long B2 Campaign which I have
set in the Game World of FFG old RPG Midnight.

The Campaign involves the forces of fallen God
Izrador (The Shadow) AKA Uthuk Y'llan attempted
conquest of 7 Strategic Cities of the Sarosan Human
Kingdom of S. Erenland AKA Daqan Lords. It's
sort of a Midnight prequel.

Why the change of venue-well we like a lot
of back story for our campaigns & as the
Midnight setting is based on a RPG it has tons
of background over Terrinoth .So FLUFF Warning
as this is the start of this Campaign a lot of
background material is covered to set the stage.
So you are warned De Dwarf is wordy.

I do session reports that are heavy on the story
elements & not so much a rendering of each dice
roll or card used. So basically each sides turn is 15
minutes of Game battle time & every 4 turns I give
the hour. The following Game lasted 8 Turns so
2 hours of Game time. I give the Command Card played
but don't mention the collection of Lore & Lore Cards
are only noted when they are used .

So to Have at it Here's the Set Up:

Army List

Forces of the Shadow= Brutal Assault
Kingdom of S. Erenland = Guardians of Lore


Forces of the Shadow=Staking a Claim(first Player)
Kingdom of S. Erenland=The Last Bridge

3rd Helial, Shareel

Jahzir smiled looking down from the tower of Highwall
Castle as he watched the fleet departing for the
conquest of the South lands. His war chief Jaekys
Flesh Marker under orders to capture the city of
Erenhead the first step to bring all of the Kingdom
of S.Erenland under the Shadow of his Master Izrador.

Time was some what meaningless to the immortal Night King,
but his God Izrador had made clear ,now that the North
had fallen & the last of the Dornish old Kings flayed, that
the Sarcosans Kingdom of the Southeast & the Elven Kingdom
of the Southwest must brought under his control.

It had been 6 months since the last Dornish City of
Highwall had surrendered & 3 weeks since another
fleet had been dispatched across the sea of Pelluria
to begin the Western Campaign against the Elves
in their forest stronghold of Erethor.

That Campaign would be the most difficult & he had
sent his elite Orc forces accompanied by his rival
Night Kings, Ardherin & Zardrix for support.

The just departing fleet for the Eastern Campaign
however, was a true moment of sweetness, his
revenge against his former people & the Sarcosan
King that had betrayed him. Now as Supreme
Commander of the Shadow's Armies the South
Erenland Kingdom would be ground under the
Shadows iron boot heel.

Jahair, watching the fleet grow small in the distance,
did find irony in the fact that most of the army he
was sending out was made up of Dornish men.The
Dorns had fought savagely against the Shadow
but once their Kings were thrown down &
they submitted old resentments against their
former allies the Sarcosans of the South resurfaced.
Thus many Dorns were willing to join Izrador

This was fortunate as although Izrador forces were vast
so were the task the fallen God had set out. The North
had to be held as not all Dorns were willing to accept
the Shadow rule. Sunulael ,his other rival Night King
& head of The Shadow Cult was busy organizing
& enforcing the occupation between him & the
Western Campaign most all of Izrador Chosen,
the orcs were committed leaving most of the Eastern
Campaign to depend on human troops.

Satisfied that all his plans were now in motion Jahzir
left the tower balcony to report to his God.

The time is 905 Third Age & the Shadow moves South.

4h Helial, Dorshran.905TA

Voratch Darksworn, stepped out of the cabin into the
chill mists of morning, the weight of responsibility
was crushing. The Legate healers had just informed
him that the entire Armies command structure, save
himself was dead or incapacitated.

He didn't know at this moment who he hated more,
the arrogant Sarcosans who had ruled over his
people for generations & then offered little help
as the forces of Izrador overran the north or
the arrogant Orcs his new allies in the service to
the Shadow.

The Eastern Army besides it's War Chief had a War
Council of 12,11 Orcs & him the lone Dorn, a sop to
the majority of troops that made up the Army.
Not that they paid any attention to his advice.

Basically he had suffered one indignity after another
since the fleet had landed along the coast & the
Army had marched inland through the Plains of
Erenhead. The deserted village was another lesson
in Orc arrogance ,a brewery had been found & the Orcs
lost no time in commandeering it's Kegs.

Dammit he had warned them the Sarcosans were
not honorable warriors & poison was a real
possibility. For his trouble his manhood had been
questioned & the next War Council meeting had
turned into an epic binge while the Orcs laughed
at his refusal to drink.

Now 8 were dead & War Chief Jaekys & 3 others
were bed ridden & barely conscience. The Legate
Healers had said they would recover but it would
be months at best before they could resume
command. Thus he was now the ranking officer of
the Army deep in enemy territory.By the Shadow
he had never commanded anything this big,the
command of a Palace Guard was the extent of
his command experience.

He knew, the Night King Jahzir would not tolerate
delay,if he waited for a new War Chief the day of his
arrival would be the day of his own death. Voratch
had no choice but to carry on with Jaekys Battle
Plan but the responsibility now forced upon him
was overwhelming .If he failed to take Erenhead
death would not be merciful.

4th Helial, Dorshran,905TA

Zerith Tabelu, Commander of Erenhead, had just completed
the Cities muster & prepared to meet the gathering storm
of the Shadow Army.

The scouts had informed him that the enemy Army had
landed several miles down the coast,undoubtedly
to avoid Erenhead's formidable sea fortifications.
This would only mean that they planned to come
at the City from land side & thus had to get over
the Eren River.

The obvious bottle neck would be 'The Great" Bridge,
if the forces of the Shadow were to be stopped that
Bridge had be defended. Otherwise, the forces of
the Shadow would Stake a claim to Eren hinterlands
& the City would be cut off from help.

Tabelu,reflected that even though he had been
Commander of the Cities forces for some 10 years,
he had never had to muster it's full manpower.
His Command experience was limited to the
parade ground & now he was caught up in a
real war.

Still he would do his duty, he was the best the City
had, may the Lost Gods grant he was good enough.

2nd Helial , Sahaad ,905TA

1st Battle of Erenland

Voratch Darksworn after being thrust into command had
moved his Army quickly following War Chiefs Jaekys plan
to attack Erenhead from it's weaker southern side.
However as he approached the bridge over the Eren River
he found the cities forces were moving up to block
his advance.

Voratch main goal was to secure the strategic points
necessary to open the way for the investiture of
Erenhead,now he would need to fight to take
them. He quickly deployed his forces.

The left Flank was covered by a unit of Blood Harvesters,
& Flesh Rippers plus the half dragon to insure the
vital strategic location would be denied the Erenlanders.

His Center has anchored by 2 Blood Harvester Units
and another of Flesh Rippers.Their assignment was to
take the river bridge & isolate the City from its
main source of supply.

The Right Flank with its strategic Hill was left to the 2 Fell
Units to take.

Commander Tabelu to his dismay found the Shadow
Army approaching the Great Bridge & other strategic
locations but it still was not too late.

Putting 1 Yeomen Archer Unit & 2 Citadel Guard Units
plus his Roc Rider in the Center with the key
mission to take & hold the bridge.

To his left to take the strategic hill he assigned a
unit of Yeomen Archers with a Citadel Guard Unit
& 1 of his Rune Golems Units.

The Right Flank was to try to push the Shadow forces
back & secure the strategic location. This difficult
task had been assigned to 2 Citadel Guard Units
& 2 Yeomen Archer Units along with the other Rune
Golem Unit.

Barely had he got his forces in place when the battle
horns of the Shadow army sounded the attack.

The Battle for Erenhead had begun!

Clash of Arms-The First hour

Voratch wasted no time ordering an Attack Right,
sending his 2 Fell Units lumbering toward the Hill
that dominated his Right Flank .He despised
the Obscene Fell, mounds of dead flesh given horrible
life by Sunulael's vile experiments but they were
useful in battle. A Unit of Flesh Rippers was also
dispatched to attack the Yeomen bowman Unit
guarding the hinge to Erenheads Center.

The Flesh Rippers perverted beasts through the
Dragon Magic of Zardrix charged into the Yeomen,
who held firm but lost 2/3 of their number.

(Upkeep: VP=0)

Commander Tabelu seeing the enemies concentration
on his left Flank ordered a Line Advance. The Rune
Golems on his left were sent to occupy the strategic
Hill before the shambling Units of enemy could get to it.
A Unit of the Citadel Guards was sent to occupy the
crucial bridge & on his right another Unit of Rune Golems
was set against a Unit of enemy infantry. Tabelu,
silently thanked the Lost Gods that these ancient artifact
still functioned as they would be his hammer Units.

The Golem attack on the Fell forced the undead back
but their counter attack took down one of the Golems.
The Golem attack against the Blood Harvester infantry
stunned that Unit.

(Upkeep: VP2- 1-Bridge & 1-Strategic Hill

Voratch, seeing set backs to his Right & Center
ordered a Patrol Left sending the massive
but slow half Dragon toward the Strategic by
the lake to secure his own supply line & ordered
the Flesh Ripper Unit to take on the Golems .

The Flesh Rippers was shrugged off by the Golems.

(Upkeep: VP 0)

Commander Tabelu seeing his forces had blunted
the initial attack by the Shadow Forces ordered
another Line Advance. The Citadel Guard Units
were put in motion, on the Left ordered to attack the
Flesh Ripper Unit that had previously decimated
the Yeoman Archers ,in the Center they moved
to take on a Blood Harvester Unit & on the Right
they moved to hit the stunned blood Harvester Unit.

The Guards on the Left eliminated 1 Flesh Ripper, in
the Center they gave the Blood Harvester Unit a loss
& on the Right another Blood Harvester Unit was
give a loss as the stunned unit was unable to retreat.

(Upkeep: 2 VP - 1-Bridge & 1-Strategic Hill -Total 4VP)

The Shadow Commander steeled himself the battle
was not going well & he realized that throwing troops
against the enemy was not working. He needed to tie
down some vital Locations to keep the Campaign going.

He ordered Attack Center & sent a Flesh Ripper Unit
to move into the buildings of the small village by
the bridge to threaten the enemies infantry there.
The depleted Blood Harvester Unit was ordered back
to secure a Forest crossing & another Blood Harvested
Unit was ordered over to the Left Flank to hold a
Hill over looking his supply line.

The Flesh Rippers fierce forced the Citadel Guard unit
back (2 spaces) & the Rippers pursued catching the
Guard again & force a loss & making the Guard retreat
back again.

(Upkeep: 1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy 1each
of Forest, Hill, Clear) Total 1)

Commander Tabelu silently cursed as he saw his Guards
forced off the bridge, the bridge that was the whole point
of him fighting here. It had to be held, at least long
enough to get arriving supplies through.

He ordered a Patrol Center sending his Roc Rider
Unit forward to take on the Flesh Rippers & sending
in his reserve Citadel Guard Unit to further punish the
Flesh Rippers.

The Roc attack destroyed one Flesh Ripper & forced
the rest back but their retreat left the Citadel Guard
without a target.

(Upkeep: 1VP- Strategic Hill (the bridge was lost)
Total 5VP).

Voratch having opened the bridge moved to shore up
his Left Flank & its it's vital Location ordering an Attack
Left sending the great Half Dragon to secure the vital
Landing by the Lake. To push back the Ehenheaders
Troops from getting closer he ordered the Flesh Rippers
to take on the Golems .His Chandlers were finally
able to muster the power to free the weak
Blood Harvester Unit from it's stunned condition(2 lore)
& it sought revenge from the Citadel Guard Unit
facing it.

The Flesh Rippers took down one of the Golems but
the Unit stood its Ground. The weakened Blood Harvester
in its Rage gave the Citadel Guard Unit a loss & forced
it to retreat & the Shadow Chandlers feeding off the
Blood Harvester rage sent Pillage into their opponents
stripping of power from them & adding it to their own.

(Upkeep-2 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy 1each
of Forest, Hill, Clear & 1 for Strategic hex - Total 3)

Tabelu seeing his Right Flank being pushed back
regretted he could not order a Cavalry Charge but
the Duke had held back his elite Sussars horsemen
as a strategic reserve, so he ordered his Citadel
Guard Unit in his center to reoccupy the vital bridge.

(Upkeep-2 VP - 1-Bridge & 1-Strategic Hill -Total 7VP

Decision in the Balance-The 2nd Hour

Voratch Swore as he saw the damn enemy Infantry
reoccupy the bridge, he wished he could Darken the Sky
with arrows but the Dorn Archers had not yet joined
the main army, instead he sent one of the Fell Units
on his Right flank to push the Golems off their Strategic

The undead Fell hammered into the Golems taking
another down but even weakened the Golem counter
attacked taking down a Fell & forcing the rest of them

(Upkeep 2 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy
1each of Forest, Hill, Clear & 1 for Strategic hex - Total 5)

The Erenhead Commander judged now was the time to
Darken the Sky & pulled his Right Flank Yeomen Archers
out of reserve moving a Unit up to get within range of the
enemy Flesh Rippers, the other Archer Unit was moved
up to support the Golems.The weakened Archers in
his center was ordered to attack the Flesh Rippers
in their range.

Alas he observed the missile attack failed to damage
the Flesh Rippers on his Right. The Center volley had
more success taking out a Flesh Ripper & forcing the
Unit to retreat.

(Upkeep-2 VP - 1-Bridge & 1-Strategic Hill -Total 9VP)

Commander Voratch again pushed against the Strategic
Hill with it's weakened Golem defender ordering a
Patrol Right. Both A Fell Unit & Flesh Ripper Unit moves
up to attack the Golem.The Erenhead Chandlers
intervene casting Stalwart Defender over the Golem.

The Fell Attack is shrugged off the Golem stands firm,
The Shadow Chandlers now cast Fury of Y'llan on
the Flesh Ripper, the resulting attack takes down
the remaining Golem & the Flesh Rippers occupy
the Strategic Hill.

(Upkeep-3 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy
1each of Forest, Hill, Clear & 2 for Strategic hexes
- Total 8)

Tabelu realizing the danger to his Flanks Left orders
Surround. On his Left he Sends the Citadel Guard Unit
off it's Center/Left hinge position to retake the Strategic
Hill & a Yeoman Archer Unit is moved up to get the
same Flesh Ripper Units range. To shore up his Right
Flank The Golem is ordered to renew the attack on
the adjacent Flesh Ripper & a Citadel Guard Unit moves
out finish off the weakened Blood Harvester Unit.

The Citadel Guard on the Left Flank storm the Hill
pushing the Flesh Rippers into retreat & advancing
to reoccupy the Strategic Hill. The Archers stand down
no longer having their target in range. On the Right
Flank The Golems take out 1 flesh Ripper but the
Ripper counter attack is brutal taking out both
remaining Golems. The Citadel Guard Unit fares better
killing off the weaken Blood Harvester Unit & then
conducting a pursuit & attacking the previously
victorious Flesh Ripper Unit & destroying them.

(Upkeep-2 VP - 1-Bridge & 1-Strategic Hill -Total 11VP)

Voratch once again s sees his fortune reversed,he
briefly considers a Patrol Left but this would mean
abandoning strategic Locations so instead he
once again orders a Fell on his Right to try to
retake the strategic Hill from the enemy Infantry.

To help his dark chandlers cast Unrelenting Battle
but the Erenhead chandlers dismiss it with Runic
Barrier.The Fell Unit however is still victorious,
giving the Citadel Guard Unit a loss & into retreat,
The Fell shamble on to the Hill to reclaim the
Strategic Location.

(Upkeep-3 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy
1each of Forest, Hill, Clear & 2 for Strategic hexes
- Total 11)

Commander Tabelu ignoring the loss on his Left
moves to make up up for it in the Center & Right.
Echelon Right is ordered sending the great Roc
forward to force an enemy Infantry out of it's
strategic Forest location. On his Left he ordered
the 2 Yeomen Archer Units forward to try to force
another enemy Infantry Unit off a Hill strategic

The Roc however is infective & the enemy Units
counter manages to wound the Roc which
moves off. The Yeomen Archers volleys do force
the Blood Harvesters off the Hill.

( Upkeep-1 VP Bridge-Total-12

The Shadow Commander begins to sense that the
battle is shifting in his favor. He still to opened the
bridge to deny it to the Erenhead Army. Ordering
Attack Center he moves a Flesh Ripper Unit
up to the bridge to clear it.

The Flesh Ripper attack take out a Citadel Guard
but they still keep control of the bridge.

(Upkeep--3 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy
1each of Forest, Hill, Clear & 2 for Strategic hexes
- Total 14)

Commander Tabelu sees his Flanks crumbling &
the vital bridge under increasing pressure. He
begins plan his withdraw but that bridge must hold
out just a bit longer. Ordering Attack Center the
Citadel Guard is ordered to push the Flesh Rippers
back from the bridge & the Roc Rider to again
try to force the Blood Harvesters out of the Strategic
Forest Location.

The Guard responds by taking out a Ripper &
withstanding its counter attack. The Roc Rider
this time do force the enemy infantry to retreat
out of the Forest.

(Upkeep-1 Bridge-Total 13

Voratch can almost taste victory but it will be a close
thing. Ordering Wedge he sends the Flesh Ripper Unit
on his right back to secure his hold on the Forest
lost when the Blood Harvesters retreated. In his Center
the weak Flesh Ripper is ordered to attack the
bridge with it's citadel Guard defenders. A
weakened Blood Harvester is also ordered up
to attack the bridge. On the Left Flank a Blood
Harvester Unit reoccupies the Hill to help secure
the high ground.

The Flesh Ripper manages to take out another
Guardsman & then The Blood Harvester
finishes off the Unit & the bridge is opened.

(Upkeep --3 VP-1 VP for Scenario Terrain Special-occupy
1each of Forest, Hill, Clear & 2 for Strategic hexes
- Total 17)

Commander Tabelu with the bridge gone begins
to pull out but to prevent a rout he hits back hard
by ordering Attack Left & a Citadel Guard Unit
& yeoman bow unit are moved to take on the
Fell on the Strategic Hill.

The Citadel Guard Unit forces the Fell back
but the Fell counter forces the Citadel Guard Unit
back. The Yeomen no longer have a target &
stand down.


Voratch savors his victory he has Staked his Claim
to the Erenhead hither lands the cost has been high
but troops lives are nothing only victory is rewarded.
Night King Jahzir will be pleased.

Commander Tableu husbands his Army back towards
Erenhead. He grieves at the cost of so many lost
but he had defended the bridge long enough for some
needed supplies & refugees to get through, hopefully
they would help but the bridge was now in the service
of the Shadow.
Close Game the body count was equal & for a first
Game we didn't screw up the rules except once
we had to redo a turn as we forgot the Forest Terrain
combat restrictions & a few times we got so involved
that we forgot counter.

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United States
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No pics of this great battle? So I just have to take your word for it?
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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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JAA1030 wrote:
No pics of this great battle? So I just have to take your word for it?

blush alas De Dwarf is wordy but not very Tech savy & besides
a pic would reveal that I haven't assembled my RoC yet.

I wanted to prep the figs & assemble/glue the ones that need it
& paint them but we were just too anxious to start the
Campaign. The 2nd Game of the Campaign has been set up so
it could be awhile before the figs are ready for their close ups laugh


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