AJ Walton
United Kingdom
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Can someone please clarify rule 21.2 (1) Before Surabachi Falls. This states "If markers remain, check each hex ... starting with hex 2812 and moving to lower-numbered hexes (2811,2810,2713,2712, and so on)".

On my map 2812 is an eastern beach hex, 2811 and 2810 do not exist (they would be in the sea). Also what is the progression northward ? 2713 and then what ? 2613 or 2612 etc.
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Brendan Whyte
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Here is the IWO ERRATA as of 2015.11.16 (bold for the specific question in this thread)

13.0 Modifications to Standard Rules
(clarification) During the Mobile Movement phase of a storm turn, all MA are reduced to 1.

16.3 Bombardment Resolution
(clarification) Attacker losses on D2 and D3 results are not affected.

19.4 Replacements
(modification) The last sentence of the rule should read: HQ and artillery units on the Japanese Fire Support Track may not be replaced.

(clarification) HQ and Artillery units forced to redeploy (DR or DRIP results) go into eliminated units container per 20.3 and may be redeployed (20.3) or replaced (19.4 & 19.5) from those units. If eliminated, they are placed on the Japanese Fire Support Track per 21.1 and are out of the game.

20.2 Combat Results for Dug-In Defenders
(correction) The second listing for a "D2" result should be "D3."

21.1 Fire Support Availability
(clarification) AT and AA units are not artillery units for bombardment and replacement purposes.

21.2 Bombardment Targeting
(correction) The word "determining" should be "determine."

(correction) In paragraph 1), the hex numbers should be 2915 (2914, 2913, 2815, 2814, etc.)

(correction) in paragraph 2), the hex number should be 0213.
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