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The 4 of us decided we wanted to use as many of the new daybreak components as possible but we have never completed the Ionian Nebula objective, the cylons keep winning.
Here is what we went with-
Objective: Ionian Nebula
Skill cards: All expansions/Daybreak only treachery (I miss you sabotage )
Boards: Pegasus, New Colonial 1, New Cylon locations
Crises: CACs, all crises except CAG ones
Loyalty: 1 Extra and Final fives
Our starting crew was-
Caprica Six (with Daybreak motives)
Admiral Cain
President Roslin (I started out human)

And off we went...
Early on, our leader was being quite hostile. First turn CAC. She frequently steals our cards and replaces them with treachery. She activated Caprica and chose CACs way more often than it seemed possible. Chief's first turn he XOs Cain to blind jump 1 distance and does nothing. She moves over to Galactica and again chooses to do nothing! My first turn (since I was last to go) started me off in sickbay. We somehow got another CAC after the jump. I went to command and did what I could to help discarding 2 of my 3 cards. My crisis was a food shortage. Great! I obviously went with discarding 1 card (instead of the usual 5) to prove my humanity. We did not get much damage early on, maybe a few hits on Pegasus, but Chief was doing a good job fighting the fires. When it came back around to my turn I decided to see how Dee was feeling in communications. Not good it turns out. I became traumatized and was executed. soblue Cain was delighted even before I revealed that I was human. The player who chose Cain is always bent on revenge for no good reason against me. I suspect Cain is a cylon but it is always hard to tell with his play-style. I choose to come back as Presidential Lee (human). I get to hold on to the presidency and do some piloting stuff if necessary. On Chief's turn I get out into space in the assault raptor to do the best I can at defending civilians even though I have no cards. We survive another jump and choose a 1 distance but gaining some fuel. Cain is up to something and I don't like it. Chief plays popular influence to arrange a eulogy for the late Laura Roslin. Another CAC and I'm out in space again. Assault raptor explodes rocketing me to sickbay. We lost about 3 population at this point and morale is getting close to the red. Cain decides it is a good time to send me to the brig. I have few cards to fight this except a couple of piloting. Chief doesn't know who to trust but Six is excited to help the Admiral. Massive overshoot, Lee is executed. soblue I come back as Tory (final five). We jump 2 distance.

---Sleeper Phase---

I'm still with the humans! Shortly after I am somehow sent to the brig but I get out using my political prowess. cool So now I've had enough of Cain's trickery after she again tries to execute me with the Admiral's Quarters. Arrest order! Good luck to you Admiral Tyrol. I set myself up in my office and try to build my hand to keep Cain in the brig and nominate Admiral Tyrol as my vice president. I play 1 good speech and fail at all others. I luckily get preventative policy and state of emergency, my favorite politician combo. I get to play 3 quorum cards thanks to VP Admiral Tyrol bringing me to 17 cards. I finally get a second chance! Cain obviously spikes on a morale crisis and although we do not lose morale, I do not gain a miracle. We get another 2 distance and shortly after Cain escapes from the brig, with no help from me. Six is still hostile revealing the no centurions motive and later advancing a centurion that hopped on from an intentionally failed crisis. Seelix is sitting in the armory and none of the "humans" know what she is up to. Cain then does something unexpectedly useful! She uses unorthodox plan and a strategic plan to instantly kill that centurion on the first try. Hmmm... Well, Chief had checked her out and didn't say anything, but he has only done good stuff so I start to think Six is the only cylon. I assign Chief as the mission specialist especially since Cain kept a destination on top and is not completely ruled out yet. Another 2 distance bring us to 8 distance with 2 fuel. At this point it is after 2am and we forget to resolve the crossroads phase. Oh well, the only one with a lot of trauma is Cain. Chief easily jumps us to victory!

Humans Win!

Ending resources were:
Food-A whopping 6!
Population 5 since Cain for some reason planned our final jump at -3

I'm one of the final five with the humans
Chief reveals he is human
Cain shows one human... and a final five- whoever examines this is executed! Close one Chief!
Six shows 3 cylon and 1 human, too bad. She had revealed the 5 distance no centurion before it boarded and had completed the higher than 2 food food and higher than 4 population motives. Unfortunately, those are all cylon allegience and the last was lower than 4 food.

Chief had managed to get rid of all his trauma being the only human that avoided the brig.
Six has 2.
I have 2 antagonistic.
Cain on the other hand has 5 but they are 3 benevolent and 2 antagonistic. I guess you won't be eliminated and can claim victory with us.
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