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Subject: My card ideas rss

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mar hawkman
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For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory
-=-Sea Creatures-=-
White Dragon of the Saxon (American)
18 points
masts: 2l, 3s, 3s, 4l
Cargo: 1 (not that it can use it for anything but equipment)
Sea Dragon, (shipwright ability)
Flavor text: Centuries past this beast feuded with Y Ddraig Goch. Though it lost, it was too tenacious to die. Instead it found itself a new home far across the sea.

-=-=-=-Barbary Corsair-=-=-=-
Mallory the bloody - 4 - Barbary Corsair
Marine, One of this ships treasure coins is worth -1 gold when unloaded at your home island.

Marie Marvingt - 2 - Barbary Corsair
Hostile: France, explorer, helmsman, this ship gets -1 to its cannon rolls while it carries treasure.
Flavor text: Marie was once an explorer for the French crown, but after years of dissatisfaction with the way the crown treated it's colonies, she found a new home amidst the enemies of France.

-=-Sea Creatures-=-
Y Ddraig Goch (English)
20 Points
Masts: 3l, 3s, 3s, 3l
Cargo: 2 (important!)
Sea Dragon, Once per turn this Sea Dragon may load a treasure from any friendly ship or explored island that it touches.
Flavor text: The mortal enemy of anything that threatens the English isles, this creature has guarded the land of England for centuries. Now it scours the seas searching for enemies of the crown.

-=-=-=-Jade Rebellion-=-=-=-
-=-Sea Creature-=-
Juda Sudigumdamu (horrifically mangled phrase meaning "Giant whirlpool". The first word is Chinese the second is from a Dravidian(India) dialect called Teluga.)
16-20? points, Jade Rebellion(Yeah that's why I gave it an oriental-ish name)
5 masts: 4s, 3s, 2l, 3s, 4s
3 cargo, Move S+S
Sea Monster, Instead of giving this Sea Monster a move action, you may instead move all ships within L+L towards this Sea Monster L. For each ship that touches this Sea Monster as a result of this, you may either initiate a boarding action or relocate it to any whirlpool on the map. If you relocate, the relocated ship must roll for Whirlpool effect.

Wang-Hsi the whirlpool explorer - 3 - Jade Rebellion
unique crew
This ship does not have to roll for effect when it uses a whirlpool. This ship may continue moving after transiting a whirlpool.

Ling Tingfang, trade expert - 3 - Jade Rebellion
unique crew
Hostile: English, Hostile: Pirate, explorer, after this ship loads cargo it may move S as a free action.
Flavor text: Ling started her career keeping charts for silk traders. She quickly became an expert in the field herself.

Captain Kang Kong-Hsi - 6 -Jade rebellion
unique crew
Captain, this ship gets +1 to it's cannon rolls against any ship

Eternal Dragon - 7 - Jade Rebellion
Whenever this ship eliminates the last segment of a sea creature, instead of eliminating the sea creature, it gains the eternal keyword, becomes docked at your home island, becomes a member of your fleet, and its faction becomes Jade Rebellion.

Zen Monk - 10 - Jade Rebellion
You may eliminate this crew to take 7 point of crew from outside the game and add them to this ship.

Fang of Fenris - 10 - Viking
Masts: 2s-3l-2s (3)
Cargo: 3
Speed: s-s
Ability: Whenever this ship rolls a 6 in a shoot action, eliminate an extra mast or crew on the target ship.

Svartalfar - 9?
Masts: 2s-3s
cargo: 2
Speed: s-l
Ability: If this ship starts a move action within L of an iceberg it gets +S for that move action.

-=-Sea Creatures-=-
Hafgufa - 20? - Viking
Masts: 4s-2s-3s-2s-2s-3s-2s-4s
Cargo: 3
Speed: l-l
Kraken, One per turn this Kraken may initiate a boarding action against a target up to S away from it. If this action is successful it also eliminates a mast, otherwise it follows the normal boarding rules.

Lyngbakr - 16 - Viking
Masts: 4s-3s-3s-2s-2s-3s-3s-4s
Speed: s-s
This sea monster may move and shoot using the same action.

Niddhogr (Viking)
19 points
Masts: 3l, 3s, 3s, 3s
Cargo: 0
Sea dragon, Extended range. This Sea Dragon may make a swoop attack against a target within LLL(the standard rules for a swoop attack apply).
Flavor text: Though no one knows for sure where this vicious beast came from, it has an uncanny resemblance to it's legendary namesake.

Arngrim the Berserker - 4 - Viking
unique crew
Hostile: England, instead of giving this ship an action you may instead give an action to any Sea Creature.
Flavor Text: Arngrim was only a minor warlord before he met Eyfura, when he laid eyes on her it filled him with a purpose like he'd never known before. Now his new father in law hopes that he will return and lend his strength to his newfound homeland.

Eyfura - 5 - viking
unique crew
Once during your turn, you may repair one mast of a Sea Creature within S of the ship or island that this crew is on.
Flavor text: Eyfura was once a Scandinavian Princess who loved to tend to animals. Now she has found her own ways of taking care of her husband's ever growing collection of terrible beasts of the sea.

Reivner, son of Arngrim - 5 - Viking
Unique crew
hostile: English, whenever this ship wins a boarding action it may capture as much non-crew cargo as it can carry from the other ship.
Flavor text: One of the 12 sons of Arngrim and Eyfura, Reivner is especially skilled at looting.

Hjorvard, son of Arngrim, 4 points, Viking
Unique crew
Hostile: France, Loyal: Viking, X is equal to the number of crew on this ship. If this ship in involved in a boarding action it gets +X to it's boarding roll.
Flavor text: One of the 12 sons of Arngrim and Eyfura, Hjorvard's specialty is overwhelming his opponents with brute force.

Hadding the Elder - 6 - Viking
hostile: English, loyal: Viking, Marine
Flavor text: Few know why Arngrim and Eyfura felt the need to name two of their sons Hadding, most are simply too scared of them to ask. The elder Hadding has acquired a liking for heavy firearms. It's said he can shoot the head off a Reindeer at almost 4 lås.

Note: 4 lås is a little over 100 meters. Yay for archaic terms! These aren't even very old. Lås wasn't replaced until they started using the metric system.

Hadding the younger - 2 - Viking
hostile: France, loyal: Viking, firepot specialist
Flavor text: Few know why Arngrim and Eyfura felt the need to name two of their sons Hadding, most are simply too scared of them to ask. The younger Hadding has experimented in more novel uses for Black Powder than his older brother. His favorite (and probably safest) creation is a keg with a partition in the middle. In the top goes Black Powder, in the bottom goes lamp oil.....

I also experimented with an idea for a new terrain type, triangles! Yes, it was inspired by the legendary Bermuda Triangle and Sargasso Sea. Each of these terrains is made of three pieces that are placed to mark the points of the triangle. Any ship inside the triangle has to roll for effect each turn. Each of the sides of the triangle cannot be more than 7 L.

Devil's Triangle:
Each turn when a ship inside the triangle is given an action roll a dice and apply an effect corresponding to the die roll:
1: lose a mast
2: a crew gets marooned on the nearest island
3: if there is a crew marooned with 2 and an empty space on your ship, place a marooned crew on your ship(you now have control of the crew)
4: maroon a non-crew cargo
5: recover a marooned non-crew cargo
6: nothing

Map of the Devil's Triangle
unique treasure
When this treasure is revealed, choose a Cursed Triangle from outside the game. Place one corner within S of this island and follow the normal placement rules for the other two corners.

Sargasso Triangle:
1-3: Place a Seaweed Terrain piece under the ship and roll for effect.
4: nothing
5-6: remove a Seaweed Terrain piece within S of this ship.

Turbulent Seas Triangle
1: Rogue wave: Eliminate a mast from this ship. If this is the second time this effect has been invoked in the same turn, eliminate an additional mast. If there are any fire masts on the ship, remove them.
2-3: Treacherous current: The opponent to your left moves this ship L before this action.
4: nothing
5-6: Favorable current: This ship gets +S to it's base move during this action.

Thanks for helping with the costs Woelf.
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