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Had my first play of the expansion with my oldschool gaming group last night. I’ld played 1st edition and A Clash of Kings with this group in the past, but this was their first experience with AFFC. They had read the rules and seen the cards before hand and had a good understanding of the objectives coming into the game.

Baratheon: Simon, Lannister: James, Stark: Rury, Arryn: Me [I slip between first and third person at times, but it should be understandable]

First turn started with the usual Baratheon/Lannister battle over KL. Baratheon took over Blackwater bay, but KL stood steady with a strong defence. Arryn and Stark skirmished but nothing serious, though Arryn earned some power. End of turn saw Lannister, Arryn, and Stark earn their base +1, but had no objective cards played. There weren’t many objective cards played at all for most of the game.

Turn 2 had the restriction of no raid orders, which hurt Lannister. Baratheon was able to securely take KL and able to hold it. Lannister set up to try and take it back the next turn. As Stark was moving ships south to near the Arbor and potentially might cash a 2 card from that alone, Arryn decided to focus on Stark. With rally the men coming up, 3 ships were sent north and just barely edged Stark’s ships there. However, Baratheon had a spare march and sent a ship up north. He had one card he could try to cash there for a 1, but is mainly a chaotic move that would have mixed results (good and bad) for him.

Arryn was initially content to have let Baratheon/Lannister fight it out, but due to ship march instead made a deal with Lannister to try and wear down Baratheon’s cards (who had 6 ships out now and salla and most of his cards). Baratheon set up well to counter their moves). I was willing to have baratheon sink my ships to remuster into narrow sea for greater unit mobility, but he didn’t take the bait as he had to save his high card for KL. Stark continued to enjoy the 3 way fight and stayed out of, earning his +1 point each turn and eventually cashing one of the first objective cards for taking twins (the bridge card). Baratheon cashed hold court (King’s landing) but otherwise it was Stark, Baratheon and Arryn slowly edging up with their base +1 each turn. Baratheon launched an attack on White harbour at one point (he had the most ports card and also recognized that Stark was on track to win) but was rebuffed and lost a siege engine. Overall though, Baratheon managed to keep getting the slight edge on Lannister in the KL fight, as Lannister overbid on the Iron throne and was also patchfaced a few times at unlucky times. Lannister managed to cash some cards in the endgame, but the lack of KL ended his hopes of winning, though he also prevented Stark from winning the game.

On turn 4 or so A Clash of Kings came up. Arryn had a ton of power and everyone expected me to hold onto power for my base +1, since I wasn’t able to cash any cards. However, I elected to go for the blade (which I had a card for) and high positions in general as I was getting killed by lack of supply and muster and gaining military advantage was more useful than +1. It turns out, however, that no one was willing to save power to block me, so everyone just spent all their power and I ended up with slightly more at the end and enough to keep gaining my +1 after cycling back littlefinger the next turn. This time armed with both the Blade and the Raven I was able to finally take back Narrow sea, but failed to make a dent in Stark that turn, who had heavy support all over the place.
Going into turn 5, Baratheon realized that it was best to let Arryn try to stop Stark (who was at 6 VP, so a single card or his base +1 would win him the game) and stopped fighting with Arryn, turning back to focus on holding KL. Lannnister could have played kingmaker at this point if he just did nothing and let Stark win, but that would be dumb, so he took flint’s finger and seaguard (which helped him prepare to a cash a card as well, though it was a bit too late to catch up), while Arryn took out Stark’s reserve army in the twins that was aiming to take back Seaguard.

Arryn was ready to take out castle black if stark held it and between Arryn and Lannister they pulled Stark down to 4 supply after realizing he was going for the supply card for the win as he was grabbing barrels in the south via his long ship train. Stark managed to block Arryn from gaining a base +1 power with power consolidating, including the Arbor (which he hadn’t gone for to get a card, just gone for in general it seems).

Turn 6 seemed like it would be the last turn, with Stark and Baratheon now both at 6 VP and Arryn at 5VP. Baratheon still had KL so if he held that or cashed a card he would at least make it to contest the tiebreak. Feast for Crows was up so no consolidate orders and Stark had 3 power, Lannister 1, Arryn 1, Baratheon 0. Lannister took KL with a large army, but Baratheon took it back. Lannister probably could have taken KL right back again but had his marches tied up in the east, tho ultimately at that point it did not matter as one of Stark or Baratheon would make it to 7 even if he blocked the other. Arryn used Lysa to gain 3 power fighting Stark and get up to 4 power. Also cycled cards with another march, and then attacked Baratheon at crackclaw + managed to cash a card as well by taking castle black and karhold in a single, final march of the game. So Baratheon and Arryn went to tiebreak at 7VP and Arryn narrowly won a very contested and fun game. Game time went way too long, 4 hours, but that was with the occasional stepping outside to chat and super long delays, so I don’t think the game will go that long again in the future now that everyone is even more familiar with it.

Generally, not many objective cards were played that game, and a lot of mustering was decided by Baratheon through burden of throne. New information came up on the last turn, but it was quite funny as everyone admitted (didn't show obviously) that they drew a bunch of zero cards or impossible that would not be of any use in time. Shifting ambitions occurred once but no one got anything that good, except for Baratheon who Stark oddly helped with what was a tactical mistake in terms of picking cards.

Pictures (note we couldn't find the eyrie garrison so the square barrel was just standing for that and other thing as a built in power token)

Turn 2 Orders

Turn 3 Orders

Turn 4 Orders

Turn 5 Orders

Turn 6 Orders

Stark 'secretly hiding' a march in the Arbor or so we joked

End of Game:

Final tally of objective cards:

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