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For anybody wanting to trying an army building variant of the game.

All 5 faction boxes.

You are a commander attempting to buy heroes/monsters from a slaver to build an army against your opponent.

You are now recruiting army to best utilize your order cards.
Adds more value to retrieving treasure tokens as they are now currency with multiple function.
Balances out going first and second in the game.
Can trade in bad creatures for better creatures.
Adds more randomness to each game played.

New Mechanics:
Drafting, Currency, trading

Setup Changes:
Commander Power's no longer apply, continue to use sheets to track morale and leadership
Determine who goes first. (First player has first move, last player has first pick from drafting pool when drawing 6th creature card)

Starting Leadership: 9
Starting Morale : 12

Starting Treasure: 4 (to be used as in game currency, as part of your resources at beginning of game)
Place 1 treasure markers(not the treasure chest) on each treasure square.
You no longer have your own order and creature deck.
Creature Cards: 5 face down piles: One for each faction. Place a faceup card into an area near the decks to represent a drafting pool.
Order Cards:: 2 face down Piles :
• Dex/Str/Con,
• Wis/Any/Int
Starting Order Size: 6 (Three from each order pile)
Starting creature Size: 6 (Draw one creature card from each faction and then one from draft table, last player has first pick).

After every player draft's their creature from the pool, replace the missing factions creature cards from the drafting pool with a face up card from their corresponding faction.

Changes to Refresh step -Draw Phase:

You no longer draw one card at end of refresh phase, instead do either:
• Draw 2 order cards (one from each Str,Dex,Con and Wis/Any/Int pile)
• Draw 3 cards from a single order pile, pick one, discard the rest

Activate Step Changes
Any ability, allows you to draw a creature card, you can draw from a face down card from any of the 5 factions.
Any cards referring to drawing an order card, you can draw from any face down order card pile.

Changes to use of Treasure tokens

No longer adds morale upon acquisition: Used once per active player’s Activate Phase at any time:
(1) Draw two order cards (any pile)
(2) Increase Leadership by 1
(3) Increase Morale by 2
Deploy Phase:
No Change, just new phase between this one and cleanup.

Enlist Phase: (after Deploy, before cleanup)
(1) Use of currency (Do only one of them)
a. Use one treasure to buy 4 levels worth of monsters from the open draft table. You can buy more than one creature card. (eg/ you can buy a level 3 and a level 1 creature)
b. Use two treasures: Buy any ONE monster on the board. (for monsters 5 points and up)
c. Use one treasure to draw one monster from 2 face down faction creature decks of your choice or two from a single faction.
d. Use on treasure token: Reset the drafting pool with a new creature card from each faction. Pick up one creature with level 4 or under.

(2) Trading monsters: Trade in multiple creature card from hand to get ½ creature level + 1 (Round down)to put a SINGLE creature from the drafting pool into your hand. Eg/ You have lvl 3 and a lvl 6, and you can get a single creature from the draft pool with lvl 5 of less. Please calculate the trade in values separately per creature card.

Monster Level Traded in,Trade In Values

(3) Released Slave: only if creatures were never enlisted with currency or trading this turn, choose one monster with the lowest level from the drafting pool and put it in your hand. (Reset all monster on drafting pool)
You may choose not to release a slave, and the cards do not reset.
*resetting is to provide an advantage to opponent, as they will be able to see more picks

If there are no more cards in a single deck, shuffle all discarded cards from draft into the deck and shuffle deck.

Cleanup Phase Change:
You no longer draw up to creature hand size
Add a new creature card to any empty creature faction on the drafting pool. (there should always be 5 creatures in the drafting pool before you the next player turn)

Handling empty card draw piles
If any pile is empty, reshuffle discarded cards back into faction pile.
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