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Subject: Button Man rss

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Jason Washburn
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Looking back towards the building a large blast knocked Danny forward onto his stomach and his face landed hard on the cold pavement. Danny was dazed for a second, and then he lifted his head off the sidewalk where he had landed. Looking back over his shoulder Danny could see the warehouse fully engulfed in a bright orange heat. Thick black smoke began to invade the area as Danny worked to stand up. Danny could now feel the immense heat coming from the blaze and though his head was pounding from being slammed to the ground with such force he was able to get his legs under him.

Slowly, Danny began to move away from the murderous fire with a purpose. This was his first attempt at setting a blast of this size. He had set a small fire to burn out a secret stash house for his gangs moonshine business but that was nothing like this. The blast was a bit more than he thought it should have been and he had the warm taste of salty blood filling his mouth. Bringing his hand up to his lips he felt a large laceration on his lower lip where his face made contact with the hard unforgiving ground. Danny quickly pulled out a hankie and applied pressure to the large cut that was bleeding. With a limp he continued to move away from the fire and this was a good thing for him as on lookers were starting to gather. Off in the distance Danny could hear the sirens from the fire trucks. Danny knew that the place would be lousy with coppers in a few minutes. Danny’s one thought was that he hoped all the bodies would burn up in the fire and there would be nothing left of Vincent Drucci and his bosses which had gathered at the warehouse for a meeting. Danny only received the information five hours ago that the “Don”, Vincent Drucci would be at this location with almost all of his bosses, and he did not get much time to set up the blast before they arrived.

Danny’s bottom lip was really starting to swell now but that did not stop the smile from washing over his face as he limped to his car that was parked four blocks away. With the “Don” out of the way his gang the Big Sixers could really make a run at becoming the largest gang. Taking over all the new territory would not be easy but Danny knew he gave his outfit an edge with this precision strike. None of his rivals knew about this meeting and for now only Danny and his gang would know that the “Don’s territory was up for the taking. If Danny and his men would be able to act with haste they could snatch up most of the store fronts without much of a problem.

Danny made it to his car and began the drive back across town to let his consigliere know that the mission had been carried out and every detail set forth was followed. It was an all or nothing gamble for Danny and it was going to pay off big time. Danny was sure to get a promotion from the rank and file for pulling this off and he would become a major player in the Big Sixers. Danny knew that he would now get a say in how they dealt with the other large gangs that were sure to make a run on the city. Danny grew up in Big Sixer territory so there was no question where his loyalty was. Danny always thought of himself as a Big Sixer.

Joe Tureno was the leader of the Big Sixers and felt it was best of have a strong defensive stance towards other gangs. Danny knew that Joe was not as aggressive as other gang leaders but Joe was detail orientated when it came to the defense of store front and territory. Danny’s hope was this would put him in a position to finaly make it on the weekly payroll for the Big Sixer Syndicate. This is where all the action was after all, and Danny knew the big money would start rolling in once he made it onto the weekly payroll.

Danny pulled behind the Barber Shop at 7th and Madison this was the heart of the Sixer territory and their best store front. The operation was really rolling at this location and due to it being the best Barber Shop in the city they were able to bring in city officials and even the mayor from time to time. Walking up to the back door Danny took a moment to straighten up his clothes. Though they were a bit dingy and covered in a light dusting of black soot. Danny held on tightly to the box of cigars in his hand which he purchased earlier in the day for this moment. This would be his crowning achievement.

Danny’s heart began to pound in his chest just as it did only minutes ago went he set the blast off and earned the title of Button Man, which was not something everyone in the gang got a shot at. Danny took a deep breath and entered the back room of the shop. Vincent was seated at the table just inside the door and Danny reached out and gave a firm handshake to Vincent. Danny could not keep the grin off his face and though it hurt to curl his lip up with such excitement he could not stop the wave of emotion now pouring over his body as he walked into the front of the shop where Joe was seated in his favorite brown leather barber chair. Tommy was standing just behind Joe and was happy to see Danny. Danny raised his arms and holding back the excitement in his voice he began to weave the story of how he Danny Frunichello planted the explosives and sent the Don to his maker.

Danny handed out cigars as the words danced off his lips. Faster and faster he spit out the tale stopping only to lick his swollen lip and ensure that it was not bleeding again from all the smiling that was going on. Danny was pleased that everyone was happy and excited about the future and the chance he had given his criminal enterprise with this mission. Danny knew that in a few days the Blind Tigers would be on the move though as they were a very aggressive rival that had a nack for attacking others. Always on the offensive, he Blind Tigers would be the first gang to really give the Sixers a run for their money on the open store front that now lay ripe for the taking with no leadership to guide them.

There were a few others to be concerned with. The Palookas were not going to back down either though they specialized in the protection of the high profile members that were on their payroll, it might be better just to hit them hard in the field than go after the high ranking public figures. Targeting the hired muscle might lead to the thinning out the heavy protection each figure was bound to have with them when in public. Of course you could not forget about the Embalmers either. Though violence is not their strong suit they can keep up in a fight. Not to mention that they always manage to get the best mileage out of each batch of Hooch that they produce. Danny knew the Embalmers had the best bootleggers in the business and this meant the Embalmer’s had a chance to buy their way out of tight spots by selling more joy juice than any other syndicate.

Joe lit up his cigar and stood up to shake Danny’s hand. Joe pulled Danny in close and told him how proud he was that the mission was a success. Joe was genuinely pleased with the entire caper and promoted Danny on the spot to Capo status. With the “Don” gone there was nothing left to stand in the way of the Big Sixers taking the lead in the bootlegging business and making money hand over fist by producing Hooch, which no man can refuse.
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