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Subject: B2 Midnight Setting Campaign #3 rss

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William Gaskill
United States
New Jersey
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3rd Battle for Erenhead

Forces of the Shadow= Harvest of Flesh
Kingdom of S. Erenland = Blacken Skies


Forces of the Shadow=Blood in the Water (1st Player)
Kingdom of S. Erenland= The Blood Muir Forest

Note The 4 VP point are clear hexes so they are
referred to as road hexes for Session narrative.


3rd Helial ,Halail 905 TA

The couriers grabbed the orders to attack & quickly
left glad to be out of the presence of their commanders
vile temper. Voratch was in a foul mood & the heat of
high summer in the South lands didn't help.

The real reason for his displeasure was however more
serious. He had used the road junction he had
secured in the last battle to split his army & send
them down the two roads leading to Erenhead City.

This had allowed the irregular forces of the enemy
to harass his columns & the marches had turned
into constant running skirmishes to maintain his
supply lines. Now another Erenhead Army was
blocking his advance; plus the Legate Healers had
sent word that the Orc Army General Jaekys Flesh
Marker & the surviving Orc war council members were
recovering.Thus he had no time to waste ,he needed to
take the damn city before they were well enough to
replace him.

The combination of irregulars to his rear & an enemy
Army in his front presented Voratch with several strategic
problems. He had to secure the roads behind him for
his supply & force the Erenhead Army away from
the roads leading to the city so he could advance.
This was all made harder by the Hill Country in his
center ,which he needed to control to stop the enemy
from splitting his Army in two.

His battle plan positioned his Army to accomplish
these multiple tasks.On his Right he had 3 Viper
Legions, & single Units of Flesh Rippers & Blood
Harvesters. In the Center he had positioned 2
more Viper Legions & 2 Blood Harvesters Units.
To his Left a Flesh Ripper Unit & 1 more Blood
Harvester. Voratch regretted the great half dragon
was missing but he had been left to secure the
vital junction of roads his army was now using.

Commander Tabelu had toured the camp fires of
his Army the previous night,finding them in good
spirits in spite of previous set backs. However,
Tabelu was running out of space.

He had been trading land for enemy casualties
but it seemed that the Shadow had plenty of
troops & could care less about losing them.

Tabelu needed to check the enemy now or be
forced back to the gates of Erenhead before the
Duke could fully prepare the city for siege.

His battle plan was simple, block the roads on
his Left & Right Flanks, from the enemy & seize
the hill country in the Center to divide the Shadow's
forces. To this end he had placed on his Right 2
Yeoman Archers & a Citadel Guard Unit, The Center
held a Yeoman Archer & a Cavalry Unit & on
his Left 2 Cavalry Units & another Yeoman Archer Unit.
Tabelu wished he had more of the Citadel Guard
Units but they were back in Erenhead City training
the raw recruits that had fled from the Villages
the Shadow forces had overrun.

Fight for the Roads-The first hour

Voratch moved to secure the needed roads ordering
WEDGE he sent a Viper Legion on his Left to secure
the road he intended to advance on. Two Harvesters
Units were sent forward in the Center to occupy hill
& forest terrain.To the Left he sent a Flesh Ripper unit
back to secure his supply on that road.

The Viper Unit upon taking the road fired on an
Erenhead Cavalry unit but no damage was done.

(Upkeep-2VP (road VP hexes) Total-2VP-Campaign
Total 33 )

The Erenhead Commander's reaction was swift ordering
ECHELON LEFT & sending the Cavalry & Roc Unit on
his left to take out the Viper Unit on the road & in
the Center a Cavalry Unit up to attack the Harvester
Unit on the hill.

The combined Roc & Cavalry attack destroys the
Vipers & the Roc Unit secures the road.The Cavalry
attack in the Center wounds the Harvester unit.

(Upkeep-1 VP (road)-Total 1VP-Campaign Total 16 )

The Shadow now attempts to SURROUND,sending
a Harvester Unit on the Right to occupy the supply road
& the Flesh Rippers to attack the Yeomen Archers.
To the Left a Harvester moves to seize the road

The Rippers fierce attack wounds the Archer Unit &
it retreats. The Rippers now pursue coming up
against a Cavalry Unit wounding it & causing a
rout which loses another Cavalry.The Weaken Cavalry
Unit Counter attack is brushed off.

(Upkeep-3VP (road VP hexes)-Total 5VP-
Campaign Total 36 )

Tabelu determined to regain the vital road & block
the enemies Center orders BATTLE MARCH.
The Palace Guard Unit is moved from the Right
Flank up to a village in Center, another Archer is
also pulled from the Left to the Left/Center hinge.
On the Left the Cavalry Unit is unleashed to move
up the Harvester Unit holding the supply road.

The Archer Unit targets the Harvester trying to drive
it off the road & wounds the Unit. The Cavalry
Attack on the Left wounds the Harvester Unit
which tries to retreat & loses another member
to the River & instead grimly holds onto the road.

(Upkeep-2VP(1 road VP &1 VP more Units in Center)
Total 3VP-Campaign Total 18 )

Voratch now orders ONSLAUGHT to save his Right
Flank supply line. Two Viper Legions are dispatched
to handle the threatening Cavalry Unit. In the center
a Harvester Unit is ordered to handle the Erenhead
Cavalry Unit.

The Vipers wound the Cavalry Unit & force it back
where a 2nd Viper Unit wounds it again badly
weakling the horsemen. The Harvester Unit
wounds the Cavalry Unit in the Center but then
is wounded itself in the counter attack.

(Upkeep-3 VP road VP hexes-Total 8-Campaign

The Erenheaders then launch a fierce COUNTERATTACK
using their Archers all along the battle line.

The Yeomen on the Left TAKE AIM & force the Ripper Unit
to retreat. A follow up volley from the Center Archers
fails to do any damage to the Rippers. On the Right
the Yeomen double volley drive the Harvester into
a rout forcing them to give up the road.

(Upkeep-2VP (1 road VP & 1 VP more Units in Center)
Total 5-Campaign Total-20)

Voratch determined to stop the threat of the enemy
cavalry & protect his Center orders PATROL CENTER
sending 2 Harvester Units to remove the horsemen.

The Blood Harvester in a frenzy destroys the Cavalry
in a display of OVERWHELMING POWER.

(Upkeep-3VP(2 road & 1 VP Lore Card) Total 11-
Campaign Total-42

Tabelu seeing a chance to block the enemies supply
road on his Left forgoes any other commands & simply
orders the weakened Cavalry Unit to force the
equally weakened Harvester off the road.

The horsemen force the Harvester off the road
& into the River destroying the Unit,The Cavalry
now advances to occupy the road.

(Upkeep-2VP (2 road VP )
Total-7-Campaign Total-22

Darkness Falls-The 2nd Hour

The Shadow Army strikes back with ATTACK RIGHT
to regain it's supply road.2 Viper Units are ordered
to regain the road from the enemy cavalry &
a Ripper Unit is sent against the Roc unit

The Viper Unit volley eliminates the weakened horsemen
& regains the road.but the Ripper has no luck against
the huge Roc & is wounded in the Roc's counter attack.

(Upkeep-2VP (1 road VP & 1 for Scenario bonus of
eliminating an enemy Unit adjacent to water)Total 13VP
-Campaign total-44VP

The Erenhead commander makes a DESPERATE PLOY,
The remaining weak Cavalry on his Left is ordered up
& OVERRUNS the Ripper Unit to obtain the Right/Center
hinge position causing a wound to the Ripper Unit.

The Cavalry then turns to attack the Ripper Unit
wounding it again.

(Upkeep 2VP (1 road VP & 1 VP more Units in Center)
Total-9-Campaign Total 24

Voratch moves to end the threat of the enemy Cavalry
once & for all ,ordering ECHELON LEFT. A Harvester
Unit is moved up the take out the weak Cavalry Unit.
On the Left the Harvester is sent once again to
reoccupy the road.

The enraged Harvester Unit easily eliminates the

(Upkeep-3VP(road VP)Total 16-Campaign Total 47)

Tabelu with the destruction of his of his Cavalry
can no longer threatened the Shadows control
of the roads nor keep control of the Center.
He gives the orders to pull out & the Erenhead
Army withdraws to prepare for what be the final
battle to decide the cities fate.

This Game was close ,until it wasn't. The Scenario
selection seemed to favor the Erenhead
side but the Shadow side had 2 VP hexes behind
it's lines & within easy reach.

The Roc Unit was probably misused as it spent most
of the Game camping out on a VP hex, it should have been
moved out & another Unit sent to occupy the VP hex.

The 4th & final battle won't save Erenhead City as with
the Campaign VP Total the Shadow Army has it's
not possible for them to lose.
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United States
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Badly needs pictures.
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