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We have dragged Reason from her Throne and set in her place the Empress of Dreams [liber Endvra]
Amor, sola lex
It was a very long time since our latest Battles of Westeros game. So long that we decided to start the BoW experience all over again, from the very first Scenario, that Clash on the Kingsroad that made us fall in love with the game.

Round 1 (initiative: Stark):

Rickard Karstark ordered two Archer units and move them on the two objective hexes. They both attacked, and the second attack was able to induce a casualty in one defending Lannister infantry unit. Kevan Lannister countered this move by ordering 3 Infantry units and moving them towards the southmost fords. Still, movement for Infantry units is not so high so that they weren’t able to actually enter the fords and attack Stark’s forces.
Marge Mormont moved 3 units (1 Cavalry + 2 Infantry) along the road to impact Lannister’s Cavalry units, and Addam Marbrand answered by moving 2 units North and attacking the Stark’s Cavalry unit near Marge, resulting in the first two Stark casualties.
The last Stark’s Infantry division was then ordered and moved to defend the Northmost ford. In the meantime, Lannisters accept a loss in Morale to rally the Infantry division closest to the forest ford; the Stark player counters this by accepting a Morale loss and refreshing the Archery division nearest to the same ford. Lannisters Infantry division then enters the ford, attacking from inside the river and killing one of Stark’s archers. Lord Karstark moves South to help and engage the men in the ford.
Addam Marbrand attacks with three units the Stark’s Cavalry nearest to Lady Mormont, destroying the enemy Unit, and pursuing against the nearby Infantry unit.

Round 2 (initiative: Stark):

Rickard Karstark ordered two Units and lead his Cavalry unit against the Infantry holding the ford, resulting in two casualties for the Lannisters. The subsequent Archery attack resulted in the Lannister unit destroyed.
On the other side of the battlefield, Addam Marbrand ordered two units, resulting in destroying a Stark Infantry division. Marge Mormont countered this, moving South with two units and destroying one Lannister Cavalry unit thanks to her special power being activated.
The water of the river turns red when Kevan ordered his unity and another Infantry unit, forcing the latter to re-enter the ford and giving them a +2 bonus instead of attacking himself. Unfortunately for the Lions, no successes derived from such an attack. Stark counters but with no success either, and then the action returns to the central part of the battle field, where one of the Lannister’s Cavalry unit exterminates one Stark Infantry unit and deals two extra casualties to another one after pursuiting.
Some minor skirmishes occupied the remaining part of the round, culminating in the very last Lannister first moving a second Infantry Unit in the southmost ford and then attacking with the Infantry division in the forest ford forcing the Archers defending one Objective to retreat. Lannisters advances to the hex with the southmost Objective, and the second round ends.

Round 3 (initiative: Stark):

Rickard Karstark tried to recover a good position in the southern part of the board, leading his cavalry against the Infantry division in the southmost ford and obtaining 3 casualties, but the unit wasn’t’ destroyed nor routed. Kevan Lannister countered, ordering 2 units and gaining a +1 die when flanking bonus. He entered the forest ford and attacked with his unit and the unit in the southmost ford Lord Karstark’s unit, killing all his knights and routing the leader. This allowed Kevan’s forces to pass the ford and actually gaining a stable position into the Stark-controlled zone.
The Starks then moved an Archery division closer to the northmost ford to attack Lannister’s Cavalry units, but failed at attacking, and triggered Addam’s answer, who ordered two Cavalry units to move. The first one dashed to one of the northern fords, holding it and forcing the archers defending the norhtmost Objective to retreat. Pursuiting the enemy was costly for the Stark player because he saw one of his unit reduced to one man only. Addam’s unit had moved between the ford and Marge’s unit to engage Lady Mormon’ts men, killing two of them. Stalwart was triggered, resulting in two knights from Addam’s unit being killed.
A Stark archer unit attacked the Cavalry unit defending the northmost objective, forcing them to retreat, leaving the objective unguarded. Some further skirmishes followed with Lannisters and Starks contending the very last objective, but in the end Lannister forces prevailed.
At the end of round 3 both objectives were under Lannister’s control, and there was no chance for the Stark to recover, with almost all their units destroyed or routed, so that the game reached an early end.

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