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This is my initial thought with no playtesting (because I have had zero time to do so):

This is an abstract game for three or four players.

At the beginning, each player chooses a colored token to place in front of themselves - this is how they will recognize their board positions.

Create a deck of cards from A to 6 of all four suits. Shuffle the deck and deal them into 4 piles of three cards for three players, and 5 piles of three for 4 players. The cards are dealt in order - you can see the three cards but there is a top, middle and bottom card. Next to each card pile is a placement board - the board has 4 colors, each color with four squares. Dice will be placed on this board.

Each player starts with 12 6-sided dice with 2 of each value visible on them (1,1,2,2,etc). This forms their resource pile.

Starting with a randomly chosen player and continuing clockwise, you may choose roll or manipulate. If you roll, choose any number of dice from your resource pile and roll them. These dice are now placed in your resource pile with the rolled values up.

If you manipulate, you have five options - place up to 3 dice from your resource pile on any board (either the same or different boards), collect all dice from a board that you currently have the highest total on, swap two top cards, collect the dice from Limbo, or push a die into Limbo.

When you place dice on a board, you can place on any square on a board (including opponents' squares!). Each board is related to the card stack adjacent to it. Dice placed stay on the board until removed by taking the highest value, or when one person's dice placement number reaches the current limit for the board and there is a clear highest value. The limit for a board is four dice when there are three cards in the board's pile, three dice when there are 2 or 1 cards remaining.

After you are finished placing dice, check if any limits are met on any boards. If there are, the person with the highest value of dice in their color on that board takes the topmost card from the card pile. They also must move all of the highest value dice into Limbo, AND turn those dice to the next lowest number (or leave it on 1 if the highest is 1). This may not be the person who last placed! Additionally, a board may score multiple times in a round. If, for instance, myself and an opponent have 3 dice totaling 6 points on the board and I place a die with value 1 on my color of that board, I will have reached the four die limit. Then when I take my card and dice, the limit is three dice. My opponent scores the next card and removes his dice immediately as well.

if a limit is reached on a board and there is a tie for highest value, nothing happens. The dice remain on the board until one person has a highest value.

You can only place up to four dice on your slot at any time.

If scoring takes of the last card, any remaining dice are returned to their owner (none are pushed to Limbo).

If you choose to swap two top cards, you must swap any two cards that would be the next to be scored. The penalty for this is to put one of your highest value dice into Limbo and lowering its value by 1.

If you push a die into Limbo, simply replace a die on any board (including another players') with a die from your resource pile and put the replaced die into Limbo. Its value is NOT lowered.

Taking the die from a board requires you to place one die of the highest value collected into limbo, and lowering its value by 1.

Taking the dice from Limbo puts all dice from Limbo into your resource pool.

The game ends when all but one pile of cards are empty.
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