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Neil Crompton
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3-versus-3 (6 player) mode:

This alternate game mode requires 6 players, divided into 2 teams of 3. Each team selects a player to be their Ruler. The players sit in a circle, with the 2 Rulers directly opposite each other and the other players sitting on either side of their Rulers.

Before the game, Lightning (闪电) should be removed from the deck. The Ruler of each team increases their maximum health by 1 point. Ruler abilities (character abilities than can only be used by the Ruler) cannot be used in this game mode.

Randomly deal 16 character cards face up for all players to see. Decide which Ruler will choose the first character card (flip a coin, etc). That Ruler chooses 1 of the character cards. Then the opposing Ruler chooses 2 of the character cards. Then the first Ruler chooses another 2 character cards, followed by the opposing Ruler choosing 2, then the first Ruler choosing 2, and so on, taking turns picking 2 cards each time. The last character card goes to the first Ruler. Each team should now have 8 character cards. Each player then chooses 1 of their team's character cards to use. (In case of disagreements, the Ruler can decide for their team.)

The sequence of turns is very different from regular SanGuoSha. The Ruler of the team which did not get the first choice of character cards gets to decide which team will take the first turn of the game. Whenever a team takes a turn, the Ruler of that team decides whether the Ruler has the turn or whether both of the other players in the team have turns. If the Ruler chooses to have the turn, then after the Ruler's turn it will be the other team's turn, and their Ruler makes the same decision. If the Ruler chooses to let the other 2 players have turns, the Ruler chooses which of them goes first. When that player finishes their turn, the other non-Ruler player on the same team has a turn. Then it's the other team's turn, and their Ruler makes the same decision. After any player has a turn, that player cannot be chosen to have another turn until all 5 other players in the game have had turns.

Whenever a player who isn't a team's Ruler dies, the player who killed that player may draw 3 cards. This works even if the player was killed by their own team mate.

When any player uses a card that targets all player, such as Barbarians (南蛮入侵) or Harvest (五谷丰登), that player chooses in which direction (clockwise or anti-clockwise) the card takes effect.

You win the game if the enemy's Ruler dies.
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