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Tim Korchnoi
United States
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My Little Man's first real wargame play: Barbarossa Solitaire
This is a session report from our friendly, middle school gaming club. I taught the original Diplomacy to the club and then expanded to the Colonial Diplomacy with a group of kids who grasped the rules readily. The kids often want me to play games with them and I am certain that part of it is the temptation to defeat me! devil cool So here is the report from our last session for this year. We drew powers blindly and I drew the UK. Our game only lasted until the 1888 turn.
Opening moves: Negotiations began fast and furious. I discussed things with Turkey and she and I drew up a plan to carve up the Middle East. Russia was planning to make a move on China with Holland grabbing usual real estate (like New Guinea and Davao). Franc moved west into SE Asia while Japan made some jabs at Russia in Vladivostock and the Korean Peninsula. I made a quick deal with Holland not to attack each others home resource centers and began expanding eastward into SE Asia as well.
Middle Moves: After several turns, I had amassed a number of fleets and armies, but I had to be careful since Turkey and Holland were my only reliable allies. Then, China began to negotiate with many people and tried to manipulate several people into conflicts (he tried to get Japan to attack Russia and me to attack France, even offering to carve up SE Asia between us shake ) I then resorted to my strategy of diplomacy being the art of letting someone else have your way. devil I managed to convince Russia, Japan, and France that China was going to come after them at some point and that China was just trying to get others to do their dirty work. I was convincing (granted, it did not take much to convince Russia who felt that Japan had attacked her in Vladivostock at Chinese behest already angry Thus, the grand alliance began to be formed and a hammer blow was about to be delivered on China in the 1880 turn. When the moves were revealed, China was visably shocked! cry I moved into Canton, Japan into Shanghai and Russia into Mongolia. China had to removed three pieces during the builds, which left it effectively crippled.
End game: at this point, it was infortunate that Turkey had to leave the game gulp Still, she left one last set of moves written, moves which tied down Russia and even caused the Czarina to lose a piece! soblue While this was going on, China tried to fight gamely with my forces moving into Tibet and Assam. France and Holland began to "butt heads" in SE Asia, trying both of them down and wearing each other out. Along a simliar vein, Russia and Japan began to pound each other in the Vladivostock, Manchuria, Seoul, Fusan, Peking, Shanghai region. I quietly moved my forces into the Middle East, making another pact (this time with Russia) to divide the now defunct Turkish empire. I also began to stealthily move my fleets into the Philippines region, preparing for my next move against Japan, a move I had promised Russia I would do so as to keep the area North and Northwest of India quiet. In the final round I gobbled up Cebu, Davao, and Formosa.
I finished with 19 resource centers, by far the most, thus winning the game. We all had a lot of fun and should be able to do it again next year since most of the students in this game will be back for next school year.
PS- For those of you who read my other session report on the orginal Diplomacy game, I am Russia in the new one....and I think I am about to bit hit by A-H, Germany, and England all at once. shake Sometimes you eat the bear and sometimes the bear eats you!
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