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Subject: Official Rules according to Monopoly Deal for mobile devices rss

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poof daddy

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I finally was able to play monopoly deal mobile version to see how some questionable rules were implemented. Pretty much all my questions were solved yet one issue came up that is not allowed in the original rules.

Houses and Hotels stack. Together they add 7M in rent. I was charging 15M on boardwalk in this game.

Houses and Hotels can be used to pay off debt and will attach to player charging rents sets if available if not they will go into the others players bank.

You can use 2 double the rent cards with a rent card this takes all your actions for the round.

When a double the rent is played to charge you rent a just say no cancels the rent meaning both cards were wasted. Unfortunately when I played the 2 doubles with a rent the computer did not have a just say no card. The total rent was 36M but Im assuming a just say no will cancel this payment as well making all 3 cards and your actions for that round gone to waste.

A just say no played when everyone is charged rent only prevents you from paying rent all other players still pay rent to the charger.

Now for properties.

There is no placing properties of same color separate if you have 3 reds they will be combined one by one as you lay them down. You cannot have 3 separate reds. Dual and 10 colored wilds can be moved around as desired even after being combined in a set. If you now lay down a colored property of a complete set the wild in that set will be replaced become unattached and flip to the other color.

If properties are stolen or received as payment they will attach to any matching colors that you might have even wilds stolen will still be what the other player played them as until you change them during your turn. The forced deal forcing them into a complete set then deal breaker combo works.

I was not able to start a 2nd set of properties of the same color. You have to play the opposite color if you already have that color complete. I did not ever get to a point of having 2 sets complete to see what would happen to the wild of those 2 colors.

Once a house is placed on a complete set you cannot move the wilds that are there anymore. The only way to get these out is to play a standard property of that color to replace the wild. The houses remained intact. Houses cannot be moved to other sets once placed.

I think that about covers all the problems but now for the bad part on what the cpu was able to do to me.

He took 2 10 colored wilds and made a complete set. You name the color when playing these. If I stole it at this point it would be received as the color the other player had declared until I change it during my turn. I charged him rent and he had 0 in the bank and it hit me those dont have any value there was no way to take these from him except to get a deal breaker which i did and he countered. I wanted to know what set he had made. I finally found out when he charged me 8M lol.

According to the official FAQ hasbro had up this should not be allowed:

A - No – this is impossible. You can use as many wildcards as you like to complete a set, but there always needs to be at least one standard Property card in the set.

The 2 multicoloured wildcards (the cards with all 10 colours across the top) DO NOT count as a full set on their own. They have to be used in conjunction with a 2-colour wildcard and/or a standard Property card.

It says there should always be a standard property in the set but specifically singles out the the 10 colored wild saying those 2 cards can never make a set on their own. The question before this says to treat a dual colored wild just like a standard property so Im assuming boardwalk and parkplace can be completed with both dual wilds.


A - Yes. Treat these Property Wildcards in exactly the same way that you’d treat a standard Property card. You can charge rent on 2-colour wildcards, too!

Other than that I think playing it as was implemented into this game would be the correct way to go.

Please ask any other questions that I might have left out that are still unclear.

Also if anyone wants to play monopoly deal on android phones send me a message.
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Daniel Piovezan
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Question: Can I hold more than 7 cards in my hand in order to discard them on purpose? Like, despite still being able to play cards, can I hold them in order to discard them, just to get them out of the game?

I can't think of why I would wanna do that, lol! I haven't played it in a long time, but I vaguely remember it being a strategy of mine.
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Clint Smith
United States
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Who the @#&% was that?
Where can one find this version? I can only find the online Demo and an unofficial app on iOS.
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