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Subject: Hand Size of 1 , and Encore rss

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Emmanouil Karakostas
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great game, guys!
couple of questions though.

1) The encore is triggered when you are going to draw cards from fate, and there not enough to fully draw, or when the deck just runs out??

2) Why the Hand size is reduced to 1 after encore???
Does that mean that when on the morning phase , I draw back up my hand size, i only get one card, and another one for player allowance?
Aren't they so few?
In the night phase, do i also discard excess cards from hand, above one, which is the new hand size???

Yesterday happened a situation, where we were stalling a lot after the encore, and could not do many things with our mere hands.

Am i playing something wrong?
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the Brothers Crow
United States
North Carolina
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thank you for the question & we're glad you enjoy the game.

the Encore is indeed triggered whenever a player attempts to Draw a card from Fate (during the Morning) & there is none, not when the Fate Deck simply runs out.

For instance, if your Hand was empty & there were 4 cards left in Fate: you would draw 3 to Restore your Hand & 1 for your Allowance. Fate is empty, but the Encore is not yet triggered. During your Rival's Morning, when they attempted to Draw a card, the Encore would then be triggered.

as for the Hand-Size of 1... that is a great & fair question.

By the time the game enters the Encore, players are usually 1 or 2 Fortunes from victory. Restoring one's hand plus the Allowance (a draw total of 4) would give a great advantage to the Player who first triggered the Encore, which would lead to an anti-climactic finish to the game. We wanted each draw to be of the utmost importance at this stage of play (similar to overtime in a sporting event, where every play has great drama).

As well, in Act 3 Characters are very powerful, and since many of the reshuffled cards are Characters - a Draw of 4 could yield devastating results. This, as well, led to some frustrating finishes.

Knowing the Hand-Size is 1 forces players to set themselves up for the Encore in the latter stages of the game, rather than relying upon it, if that makes sense. Indeed, if a player enters the Encore with only 2 Sets, they will have a very difficult time catching up.

Though in our Play-Testing we encountered from time to time the "handcuffing" you experienced, more often than not, the Hand-Size of 1 allowed for a more dramatic finish to the game... certainly in Act 3. Game Design is an eternal balancing act.

We will say that a)feel free to try it both ways: an Encore with the Hand-Size of 1 & 3 (or heck, 2). I have always been a fan of "house rules" & A Fool's Fortune is a malleable enough game that players are encouraged to tweak certain nuances. We would be very interested in your feedback, as well.

If the gaming gods grant us another printing, it is certainly a rules tweak we would revisit.

cheers & thanks for the input! happy gaming.

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