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romano veronese
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Return to the beginnings : Battlemist played with Runewars material

You don't use the season card,neither the order cards ! If you use dices you don't need fate card too.

,Please, dear Scott not read any more

Setting . Use all the map tiles or as you like.
The cities are occupied with the number of creatures they produce: the city with 0 creature has a Giant on it.

roll for initiative ( with a d 8) High number go first, the second, etc. Every player make a full phase of turn

Turn sequence.
1) Replenish rune (turn side up)
2) Harvest :set dials to number of total food wood ore contolled areas
3) Build developments(as normal game) only on not damaged stronghold gains benefits from them
4) Rally support : as normal game,but for recruiting Heroes you have to spent 2 wood and two ore
5)i] Fortifify[/i] (as normal game except that the stronghold start damaged (or better in construction) :the “3” stronghold could recruit max 3 units )If you repair you cannot build a ne stronghold
6 ) Acquire Power :first take influence as resource dials, then you can spent influnce to take controll of title card. Patriarch title gives one influence in this segment.
7) Recruit ( choose from two dials)
8)Movement (move till their max speed any your units) and Battle
10) Supply (as Winter secondary ability)

DIPLOMACY: you bribe creatures with influence: if you bribe the right cost the creature joins you.You can also make an ally and combat the other cretures in the same turn(but allied creature not help you this time)

INFLUENCE: you can recruit neutrals paying one influence for every point of life of the creature;

you can buy runes: second rune 8, third 14. fourth 24, fifth 32 ;

you can add 1(or subtract!) to result of the die (d8) for initiative
you can take a title card ( token paying more tokens than the number on the card)
Fake runes could be used as a token 5 influence

TACTIC CARDS cannot taken as normal game( a part cities) with strategize , but using the magical Rune power. (some tactical card are useless: discard or change: Pillage for example could you steal one development from a conquered enemy stronghold )

Magical Rune Power. At every moment.during your turn you can use a rune turning it .

One Rune: as the supremacy bonus of strategize.
One Rune: add one food to your dial
One Rune ( put down one wood or ore an enemy dial)
One rune ( as supemacy bonus of conquer: minus 3 to the force of enemy stronghold)
Two Runes: Battle frenzy :in one of your round of battle your units act two times.
Two Runes: One realm (yes that with the resource development devil ) not produce resource this round.
Three Runes: Battle fury :in three of your round of battle units act two times.
Three Runesut a desolation token(as banners rule)

Runes: you can buy runes with influence; with your heroes but see Shard ,: with tactical card; with objective card .
Home real can have just one Rune (so 3 territory , but just one place for Rune.
Shard of Timmorann : works differently: if you bring the shard on an enemy rune this explode and kill your hero,all units in the tile are routed and the Rune is destroyed .

Objective card: if you fulfill your objective you can take another card of DIFFERENT type (evil take good) (the reason : One less for !) You can change Objective card using the bonus Rally from 2 cities .
You win as you gain 6 runes(or what number you decide)

You start with a damaged stronghold.
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romano veronese
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I am joking about Scott or for people that believe Runewars perfect.
I see there is a review from Leaf Ninja:For my taste Runewar is not enought Amery and still too much Euro.

This is a work in progress.

in this game Neutral creatures play more(this is the reason to play with all the tiles: to have more neutral.
I should say that there is more of all: you see more battles, more units on board, more developmentand more magic.

I try to convert some magic of Battlemist in the new game,but this could be improved.

I don't enjoy the tactical choice of order card very much,not to have just two battle in a year, but i like the clash of warriors and the use of magic to turn the sort of the battle.
I'LL hope than somebody could enjoy (and find new macical tricks)
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Scott Lewis
United States
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NFHS Football & Basketball
Dread Our Coming, Suffer Our Presence, Embrace Our Glory (Solonavi War Cry)
buondiavolo wrote:
I am joking about Scott or for people that believe Runewars perfect.
LOL, no worries, no offense taken I don't believe it's "perfect", but I do think it's good. I have some non-official stuff too (mostly the custom heroes I use).

This particular variant could be interesting, although I think it goes beyond just "variant", as it's almost like a whole new game. If Runewars is Battlemist 2.0, this seems like it could be Battlemist 1.5

Who knows, maybe I'll give it a spin
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