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Subject: Entertaining curling-esque dexterity game but only with the right board rss

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Simon Taylor
Live in Perth, Australia
Born and bred in Britain
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Rebound is much like the sport Curling, but around a corner.

Each player has four pucks (mine are red and blue like the microbadges: mb, mb) which are ball bearings in a plastic surround. Players take it in turns to push their pucks down the channel on their right (bottom on the picture below), so that they slide to the end, bounce off the two rubber bands as the end, and return down the channel ot their left (top on the picture below).

If players judge the angles and power correctly, their puck will land in the scoring zone. Too hard and they'll land in the ditch and score nothing. Too gentle and they'll come up short and score nothing.

But of course it's more complicated than just trying to push four pucks with perfect direction and power. You're also playing against your opponent and have your earlier pucks in play to use. This means various tactics are available, such as
- pushing a puck down at a fast speed to try to knock one or more of your opponents' pucks into the ditch to stop them scoring
- pushing a puck down at a slow speed to form a blockade against your opponent if you are in a good position and don't want him to hit your other pucks away
- hitting one of your own pucks into a better position
- avoid hitting any of your opponents' pucks into better positions
- do you play safe for 10 or 20 points, or go for the 100 at risk of ending in the ditch?

With the pucks bashing into each other, in a game that plays in only a few minutes, it's quick and fun to play and not a dexterity game of dry concentration.

This is really simple to play, but tricky to master - a sign of a good game.

There is however one major flaw with my version, and I read others having had the same problem. My copy has the yellow one-piece plastic board; it was made in the 1980s by Idea Games (the one pictured above). And the issue is that the board is warped (and has been since the 1980s). It rises along the length of the board along the middle, which means every puck you send ends up rolling away from the middle line and down the edge. This means you just get a line of pucks along the edge of the board and it's impossible to get past them, so all you can do is hit them out of the way (which is easy as you can't miss them).

This flaw is bad enough that it makes the game unplayable. It is of course possible to rectify by finding a way to push the board down in the middle, to make the game flat. But it's hard to find a way of doing that that doesn't obstruct the game, and keeps it consistently flat. As a result, this game that should be really great, ends up almost a total dud.

The solution must surely be to avoid the cheaper plastic boards and do what I see has been done in some of the images on this site - make one out of solid wood that will hold true. I have never tried a wooden one, but I would imagine one of a high enough quality would retain its flat surface well, and that would make the game great again.

If you have some skill with wood, you could use the pucks from the actual game, since they are of good quality, and just replace the board with one of your own making.

It is a shame, since aside from the board, the pucks are of a good quality and the original rubber bands are still in working order in my 30-year-old copy - probably helped by it being so rarely used!
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Exit 191
United States
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Look to the past, learn for the future.
This weekend it starts! The Governor's Cup better be in Fairbanks by the end of the season.
Thanks for the great write-up. I saw a copy at Goodwill and checked the warp issue. Sure enough same problem with the huge yellow board. Shame, it looked very good.
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