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Subject: Tye Wing rss

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So I've been working on Tye Wing stats and was compairing the two base ships for empire/rebel. Compare the 12 point ships: the academy tie, PS1, 2-3-3-0 evade, focus, br and the Bandit Z95 PS2, 2-2-2-2, TL focus.

The Z95 gives up an agility and hull for a +1PS, missile slot, and two shields.

I'm trying to base the Tye on this. The Z's strength is its survivability with shields. The ties strength is in its agility. The tye's uniqueness cannot be in its hull because they were make-shift craft, so they might redeem their worth through firepower and difficulty to hit.

My proposed Tye Wing stats are
foc, br, boost, maybe TL
cannon slot, sensor slot
y-wing dial
12 points

With lower agility than a tie and no shields compared to a Z, the Tye will go down fast. It would not be a great swarm ship, but it could be a fair support ship. Because tyes were assembled from parts of imperial and rebel wrecks, why couldn't they be a blend of their stregths AND their weaknesses?

I eventually want to make cards for PS1-4, maybe a couple of named pilots. Was thinking about giving ept to PS 3 & 4.

Thoughts? Thanks.

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