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Subject: Review of the NOT OFFICIAL 125-card UK Expansion rss

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Tim Conklin

South Carolina
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First things first: This is NOT an official Cards Against Humanity product, despite what eBay or anyone else might tell you. This was the subject of some debate in a previous thread, one that prompted Ben Hantoot of CAH to post and confirm that "It's a knockoff." CAH does not currently offer the cards exclusive to the UK Base Set as an expansion, although hopefully they will do so in the future.

That said, before Ben chimed in, I already had purchased a set through eBay, if only to confirm my suspicions that it was a knockoff. I also wanted to provide the service of letting anyone who is thinking about purchasing this item know exactly what they'd be getting. This review should not be read as an endorsement of this product. It is provided purely for the sake of letting you know what it is.

Quality: Not bad, and much better than some other knockoffs that I've seen. Cards are the same size and approximately the same weight as official CAH product. Glossy stock, but no linen finish. The leding is off ever-so-slightly on the card backs, but is not readily noticeable without a direct comparison. Also, no typos, and registration marks are duly noted where appropriate, also unlike many knockoffs I've seen. Whoever compiled this put some care into it.

Are all the cards there? No, but most are. I'll cite what's what in the list below.

Any surprises? Yes, it includes the 7 new cards introduced with US Base Set 1.5, which is a nice bonus for anyone with an older base set. That said, it would've been nicer if they'd used those 7 cars to include some of the UK exclusives they excluded to make room for these.



The theme for next year's Eurovision Song Contest is "We are ______."
______? Jim'll fix it!
What kept Margaret Thatcher busy in her waning years?
The TFL apologizes for the delay in train service due to______.
What are school administrators using to curb rampant teenage pregnancy?
______. That's why mums go to Iceland.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapons are fear, surprise, and ______.


The Natural History Museum has just opened an interactive exhibit on ______.
Dear Agony Aunt, I'm having some trouble with ______ and would like your advice.
I'm sorry, Sir, but I couldn't complete my homework because of ______.
When I am Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, I will create the Ministry of ______.
In her latest feature-length film, Tracy Beaker struggles with ______ for the first time.
The school trip was completely ruined by ______.
What did I bring back from Amsterdam?
Next on Sky Sports: The World Championship of ______.
Channel 5's new reality show features eight washed-up celebrities living with ______.
Instead of coal, Father Christmas now gives the bad children ______.
Coming to West End this year, ______: The Musical.
Channel 4 presents ______, the story of ______.
______: Once you pop, the fun don't stop!
And the BAFTA for ______ goes to ______.
Daddy, why is mummy crying?
In Wormwood Scrubs, word is you can trade 200 cigarettes for ______.


400 years of colonial atrocities.
A bit of slap and tickle.
A Chelsea smile.
A ginger's freckled ballsack.
A mad cow.
A nice cup of tea.
A posh wank.
A sober Irishmen who doesn't care for potatoes.
A thousand Scottish warriors lifting their kilts in unison.
A vindaloo poo.
A white van man.
An argument with Richard Dawkins.
An entrenched class system
Anything that comes out of Prince Phillip's mouth.
Badger culling.
Blood, toil, tears, and sweat.
Blowing up Parliament.
Buckfast Tonic Wine.
Cheeky bum sex.
Daddies Brown Sauce.
David Cameron.
Dirty nappies.
Doing a shit in Pudsey Bear's eye-hole.
Ed Balls.
Faffing about.
Five litres of Special Brew.
Gary Glitter.
Gentleman's Relish.
Germans on holiday.
Hurling one's body down a hill in a pursuit of a wheel of cheese.
Jade Goody’s cancerous remains.
Jehova’s Witnesses.
Jimmy Savile.
Just touching David Beckham's hair.
Leaked footage of Kate Middleton's colonoscopy.
Madeleine McCann.
Maureen of Blackpool, Reader’s Wife of the Year 1988.
Millwall fans.
Mining accidents.
One Direction's supple, hairless bodies.
Perfunctory foreplay.
Pronouncing the names of northern Welsh towns.
Pussy Galore.
Ripping off The Beatles.
Rubbing Boris Johnson's belly until he falls asleep.
Scalping the Milkybar Kid.
Shipping convicts to Australia.
Shitting out a perfect Cumberland Sausage.
Slapping a biscuit out of an orphan's mouth.
The Black Death.
The bloody Welsh.
The BNP.
The end of days.
The French.
The Hillsborough Disaster.
The Honey Monster
The North.
The petty troubles of the landed gentry.
The Stig.
The sudden appearance of the Go Compare man.
The way James Bond treats women.

WHITE UK BASE EXCLUSIVE (issued in US as part of PAX Prime 2013)

A madman who lives in a police box and kidnaps women.


A brain tumour.
A fanny fart.
A foetus.
An AK-47 assault rifle.
Cheating in the Paralympics.
Concealing an erection.
Edible underwear.
Extremely tight trousers.
Getting naked and watching CBeebies.
Getting wed, having a few kids, taking some pictures, retiring to the south of France, and dying.
Kids with bum cancer.
LYNX Body Spray.
Some bloody peace and quiet.
The Scouts.
Used knickers.
Waking up half-naked in a Little Chef car park.
Wanking into a pool of children's tears.
Wiping her bum.
Women in yoghurt adverts.


David Bowie flying in on a tiger made of lightning.
Emma Watson.
Establishing Dominance.
My ex-wife.
Strong female characters.
The unstoppable tide of Islam.


Airport security guidelines now prohibit ______ on airplanes.
Rumour has it that Vladimir Putin's favourite delicasy is ______ stuffed with ______.


A bleached arsehole.
A bucket full of fish heads.
A saxophone solo.
A Super-Soaker full of cat piss.
An erection lasting longer than four hours.
Not wearing trousers.
Queen Elizabeth's immaculate anus.
The entire cast of Downton Abbey.
Trench foot.

As you can see, the few cards that didn't make the cut are largely rewrites, Anglicized spellings, and minor rewordings. The exceptions to this are the 3 last cards listed, and why they were excluded while cards like "A brain tumour.", "A foetus." and "Paedophiles." made the cut is beyond me, especially when the only difference to the US base cards is in the spelling.

Is it worth it? I paid $28 for mine. To me, that was too much. As for you, hopefully you can make a better-informed call now with this info, and weigh the ethics of doing so for yourself.

Like I said, I can't in good conscience endorse a product that purports to be official and isn't. However, I do recognize that there is a demand in the US for these cards among some of the more diehard CAH fans. As (the only official sales outlet for the game in the UK) restricts sale of the UK Base Set to the US, this has left these fans with two options -- buy the UK Base Set through a reseller at an exorbitant price, or take their chances with a knockoff like this that is also priced unreasonably high. Hopefully, CAH will recognize the demand for these cards and issue an official UK Expansion in limited quantities in the future. When they do, I know I'll be first in line.
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Michael Warbington
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Thanks for the write up.
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