Curtis Delaney
United States
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Inspired by the designs over at Esoteric Order of Gamers, I built this insert for my expansion. It's a modified version of the insert he designed for Lair of the Wyrm during the video series on using foam core. (

I store each box set separately, so this may not be of interest for those who mix everything together.

The large map tiles meant the original design from Lair of the Wyrm would not work without modification. A 10mm inset accommodates the large pieces.

While maintaining enough space below for the other components.

I was especially pleased to have a space large enough to fit Bol'Goreth.

The thickness of the foam core base meant that the base of the miniature rested about 5mm too high. Solution? Remove a 5mm chunk from the base of the insert. Now he fits perfectly.

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