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Subject: Two Player Session - Some Story Spoilers rss

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Tom Decker
United States
Foothill Ranch
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If you want to hear the better story, go listen to John. He's been making all the news shows. He's the hero. My story's not nearly as interesting. But I worked hard on the island, and I have a story to tell, too. A story of survival. So here it goes:

It was a rough night at sea, and I was up on the deck. Just ahead I saw some treacherous rocks, but before I could shout out, a big wave hit and I was thrown overboard. It turned out to be what saved me. As I washed up on the shore of an island, I saw the ship torn to pieces on those rocks. Quickly I looked around for other Survivors. That's when I met John.

Day 1: John had some experience with hunting and tracking. I had some background in construction and cooking. So we agreed right away that I'd stay back on tend the camp while he went out exploring. I knew we needed fire right away. While I struggled to get our campfire going, John went out to the wreckage and came back with a lighter for me. Well, that sure made getting the fire started easier!

Day 2: The storm had passed and we were having good weather. We took turns getting up early each morning to fish. We also found some edible stuff around the beach. John found a big fallen tree that was going to supply us with a lot of wood for a while. That was helpful, we were going to need lots of wood.

Day 3: We found a few other things from the wreckage. John got a machete for exploring, but we took things we knew would help us escape the island, if we were to survive. I built a small shack for us to sleep in, to help us get better rest.

Day 4: John went hunting for crabs and fell into the water and cut himself. He swore he saw a shark out there in the water! That was going to change our fishing plans! I spent most of my day cutting more wood for the fire and cooking the food.

Day 5: It started raining today. We were both pretty tired and decided to stay back in our little hut and rest. I managed to get some dry wood in first before it got too wet.

Day 6: I was able to build a better hut for us today! John was out exploring and found some native warnings. I guess we're not the only ones on the island.

Day 7: I found a barrel of gunpowder from the ship. John was out exploring and today he found a message in a bottle from a stranded castaway. It sounded like he may have been on our island. That's not a good sign. That evening, John devised a scheme to blow up the shark with the gunpowder. Heck we might even get some food from the shark. And what do you know, it worked! Good eating that night.

Day 8: John found a goat running around on the beach. Where did that come from?! He named it Sam, but he didn't look too closely because Sam was actually a Samantha. Good thing, too, because I would have wanted to cook Sam...with Samantha, we figured she could provide us with valuable goat's milk. I was secretly glad we didn't have to fight over the fate of Sam(antha).

Day 9: We found some extra planks of wood, and I thought it would be a great idea to start building a giant bonfire, that might help us get rescued. John meanwhile began going into the interior of the island. We suffered an earthquake today. That was bit ominous...knocked down a bunch of stuff at camp, and I had to waste a lot of extra energy getting things set up again.

Day 10: I spent all day gathering wood and resting. John even helped me grab some wood before heading back into the interior. He said he found some ancient Temple in there...sounded really cool, but he said it looked too dangerous to go in. I would have gone, but I guess it's nice that he is more focused on getting us off this island than adventuring. Of course, I also wonder if he was just making this whole Temple thing up.

Day 11: I completed the bonfire! It was huge and ready to be set. All we needed now was some sign that a ship was nearby. I wasn't going to waste all the wood and energy if nobody was going to see it. In the meantime, back in the interior, John found the remains of our message in a bottle castaway. He had a nice weapon with him. Neither of us were much good with guns, but John kept it anyway, I think more just for show than anything. He was walking around with a cocky swagger all day after finding that thing. I hope this place isn't getting to him.

Day 12: It was scorching hot today. We both needed to escape from the heat. John went looking for more salvage, and we found a rope and a few other useful things. I am beginning to wonder if we are actually going to make it. So far, we'd avoided arguments, but I think if we have more days like this where we're stuck in camp together, it might get bad. I even started a diary today, fearful that we might end up with our other castaway friend. I wanted to keep some record of our being here.

Day 13: John said he found a cannon today that he'd need my help bringing in. I was excited to finally get out of camp, but apparently I just wasn't meant to be an explorer, I guess. We ran into cliffs and snakes and we were lucky to get out of there alive. I don't know how he goes into the interior like that every day, but we decided we didn't need the cannon. It was too important for me to keep up the camp. The campfire almost went out that night, so we decided I would stick to the camp from now on.

Day 14: Well I decided it might be a good idea to started building a giant HELP sign in the sand. I worked hard on it all day, but I couldn't believe what happened that evening. John came back to camp with a native girl! His story was unbelievable...apparently some other natives had been chasing her and he was able to scare them off with his gun. She was very frightened, but somehow he was able to convince her that he was a friend. Well, she definitely knew her way around the island. That was going to be useful.

Day 15: Our native girl spent the day foraging for food for us and came back with quite a haul. This lifted my spirits a lot. Maybe we can survive out here for a while, if we keep getting food like this. In the meantime, I spent more time working on our HELP sign. John even kicked in a little time before going back into the interior. He said he was making good ground and thought he would make the headlands, soon. Hopefully he'll be able to see a ship out there!

Day 16: I finished the HELP sign. Now, with that and the bonfire, and a good supply of food and wood for the campfire, and with our goat and native girl, life around camp was looking pretty good. John came back that night with good and bad news. The good news was that he could see the headlands, just a small bit ahead. The bad new is that the native village, most likely where our helper had come from, lay right in the middle of the trail. There would be no way to reach the headlands without going through. Oh, he said it appeared that they were a tribe of cannibals!

Day 17: John decided he would try to get to the other side. He thought he could be stealthy and get through. Well, the story he tells, that you've all heard I'm sure by now, is how bravely and adeptly he managed to sneak through their camp. But based on all the scrapes and cuts he had when he got back, plus a wild look in his eye, told me it hadn't been all that heroic and had more than his share of luck. But he came back with some fantastic news! He had made the headlands, and with the help of his spyglass, he had seen a ship heading our way.

Well you all know the rest of the story from here. We lit the giant bonfire, and the ship came and rescued us. Sam the goat came along, too. Our native girl disappeared back into the wild before the ship came, though. I hope she's OK. Maybe there's a friendlier tribe some place on the island where she can go.

So that's my story...not nearly the wild tale of daring heroics like John tells. But I tell you, if I hadn't kept up the camp, tended to his wounds when he got hurt, provided for the food, and built that giant bonfire, we'd still be out there...possibly stranded forever.
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Stuart Marsh
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This is the best session report I've ever read! It's a spot on example of the gameplay.

Well done!
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