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Subject: [WIP] Haunting Hunter rss

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J Groves
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This is a game I was working on back in the summer and recently found was still on my computer. If I could get some feedback or opinions that would be nice. I don't entirely recall what's up with the strange evil ghost hunter theme but at least it's unique.

All ghosts are evil. You know that’s true and that’s why you do what you do. Entering haunted mansions with your ghost pal you shoot as many of them as you can.
It doesn't hurt that the ghost pelts fetch a pretty price with collectors. Meanwhile your ghost buddy devours as many helpless ghosts as he likes to increase his power.

Before beginning play each player should receive a matching shooter and ghost. A number of room cards should be laid on the table according to the following chart.
2 Players 4 Rooms 2x2
3-4 Players 6 Rooms 2x3
5-6 Players 8 Rooms 2x4

The cards on the table represent rooms. Between the rooms is referred to as the Hallway. The Hallway is otherwise treated as a room.
At the beginning of the game all shooters and player ghosts are in the hallway. Each room should have the number of ghosts indicated in the upper right corner of the card placed in it.
Play begins with the tallest player and progresses clockwise. During the first round players cannot shoot Player Ghosts.

End Condition
When only one ghost remains on the board, the others being shot or eaten, the score is tallied for each player. The player with the most points wins. Your score is determined based on the ghosts in your collection, according to the following chart.

Standard Ghost (Collection): 1 Point
Player Ghost (Collection): 2 Points
Special Ghosts (Collection): See room card
Your Ghost Survives: 2 Points

If more than 1 player ties for the most points the one that shot the other’s ghost wins. If there is still a tie roll the d6 against one another until someone wins.

On Your Turn
On each of your turns you control both your Shooter and your Ghost, making actions with each.
As the Shooter you may move and shoot each turn, in whichever order you prefer. As the Ghost you may move or eat another ghost.

Move: Move your piece from the hallway to a room or from a room to the hallway. Some rooms modify your ability to move.

Shoot: Roll a d6 to shoot a ghost. On a roll of 3 or more the ghost is shot and is removed from the board and placed in your collection. Some rooms modify your rolled value. In addition if your Ghost is in the room your shooting value is increased by 1.

Eat: Any non-player ghost in the same room as your ghost can be removed from play to increase the target to shoot your ghost by 1, to a maximum of 5 after eating 2 ghosts.

The number is the number of ghosts. The 2nd line is an additional effect of the room. These I have printed out as cards.
Trophy Room 1
Bounty: A ghost in this room adds three ghosts to your collection if shot

Master Bedroom 1
King Ghost: Shooting the King Ghost requires a 6. A failed roll results in the loss of ghost from your collection. The King Ghost cannot be eaten and is worth 4 points.

Sanctum 1
Dark Ritual: If you shoot a ghost in this room you may choose to take your ghost from an opponent’s collection and place it in the hallway

Basement 2
The Dark: -2 Shooting. A ghost in this room is worth 2 points.

The Lab 2
Shots Veer: -1 Shooting

Larder 2
Clear Shot: +1 Shooting

Gallery 2
Shoot Twice: In this room you can Shoot Twice

Parlor 2
Pushing: If you shoot a ghost in this room you may move one other ghost in this room to any other room.

Hall Closet 2
Run: If a player ghost enters this room any other ghosts immediately move to the hallway.

Labyrinth of Doors 2
Lost: If a 2 is rolled in this room draw another room card and replace it, but do not change the number of ghosts

Bedroom 2
No Additional Effects

Laundry 3
Chute Access: You can move from any other room directly to the Laundry

Library 3
Hidden Passage: You can move directly from this room to any other room.

Chapel 3
Holy Ground: Ghosts in this room cannot be eaten

Attic 3
Stairs: It takes a full turn to move a shooter into this room.

Ball Room 4
Cowards: Once a ghost in this room is shot the other ghosts move to adjacent rooms.
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