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It felt good to be back on dry land. I for one am most certainly not looking forward to returning to the deck of the Beagle after our last voyage performing the Hydrographic Study. Darwin slept through most of it, and the rest of us suffered immensely through what seemed more like a study in agony than hydrography!

I must say, we found the natives of Tribal Island to be an interesting people, quite moody and restless, but ultimately helpful if you helped them in return.

Our goal was simple. We had 2-1/2 months to recover the secrets of the 2 tribes and then leave the island as quickly as we arrived.

Thank goodness we came onto the island stocked with enough food for Darwin and me because we found a Culled Area when we first came on shore with no chance of producing any food the first week. Darwin, Friday, Vincent the dog, and I immediately explored the Island while Walt (the boy) and I also spent time constructing the snare to ensure a good supply of food. The exploration teams reported coming across River and Mountainous terrain, and we saw our determination climb steadily.

We heard reports that the tribes’ mood was fairly neutral, and that fortunately, it did not change with our arrival on the island. This was confirmed when we came across the first tribe that night. We gave them our rope in exchange for vegetables and presented them with the only wood in our supply. This seemed to please them some.

The second week brought High Water to our camp. Seeing that the tribes seemed to like trading, Friday and I easily constructed a Shovel that we wouldn’t mind giving away. Walt and I did some more exploring, and I asked Darwin to entice the first tribe to return to us for some additional trading.

Walt and I ultimately came upon some grassland plains during our exploration. Unfortunately, we got lost and our return to camp would be delayed until morning. We’d be hungry that night for sure.

I later found out that Darwin traded with the natives again and gave them the Shovel as planned in exchange for an Old Machete, which would be quite welcome since we wanted to hunt some of the animals we encountered in the wild. Darwin offered up some additional wood, and once again, the natives left without saying goodbye.

After some Unusually Cold Nights, we found we didn’t have the same quantity of wood on hand having to burn it all to stay warm. Wanting to have a constant supply of items to trade, I worked on building a Bed this week, and I also spent time trying to gather some wood. Friday and Walt continued exploring, and Darwin and Vincent went on a hunt.

They came upon a wild dog, and, as a result, Darwin returned bloody and bruised but with 2 handfuls of food and a little fur with him. Friday reported seeing some more grassland. Sadly, I failed in my effort to collect some wood finding that the source of wood that was there the week before was now completely exhausted this week.

We heard the second Tribe wasn’t too happy this week, but nevertheless, we encountered them and found them willing and able to trade. We gave them our Knife (of course, that wasn’t kind to our weapons level), but we did get a candle in return, which would help us continue to build other things the Tribes might like. We had plenty of food to offer Tribe 2, and they departed quite happy from what I saw.

Early in the morning, we were awakened with a jolt. A mild earthquake hit the island. Everything in camp seemed intact, but we did find that some of the grasslands we had previously explored were now cut off from us.

This week’s plan: more hunting, working on flint for a Fire, and trying to gather wood again. We made use of the candle and accomplished far more than we did the week before.

A Condor gave us additional food, and with Tribe 2 still not far away, we felt confident we might discover their secret this week. Meanwhile, we kept stocking up on wood in preparation for our next encounter with Tribe 1.

We traded away our Fire (and what little palisade it offered) in exchange for a universal gifting agent...that would certainly come in handy! Still we had plenty of food to give the second tribe, and this time they said they would be more than pleased to share their secret with us the following week. We were well on our way!

This week’s obstacle was some Rough Passage which blocked our way to a hilly area that the Tribes had told us about. Never having been there, however, meant that we didn’t really know what we were missing.

Our group brainstormed this week and came up with an idea to build a Diary for the first Tribe. However, we had already lost what little fur we had collected, and we knew our only chance of building a diary would be to go on another hunt. I wasn’t willing to do that this week.

Instead we went on a grand gathering binge to continue to stock up on wood, which is what Tribe 1 seemed to like the most. Friday and Vincent meanwhile took the time to recover Tribe 2’s secret as promised.

We traded with Tribe 1 and gave them our Pot, and in return, they offered some nestlings. Unfortunately, they weren’t quite ready to divulge their secret with us. Still they were quite content with all the wood we supplied, and we were certain we knew the secret to their secret now!

Really Awful Weather hit the camp this week. It made it difficult for us to rest so we’d have to stay busy instead. Fine with us. We were all extremely determined to finish up this mission and begin our trek back home.

More brainstorming gave us the idea for a Lantern. However, we decided to turn our attention to mixing up a Cure for the moment.

Our job was near complete. We gathered plenty of wood again, met up with the tribesmen, and gave them our Fire (so much for the Lantern) and received some big leaves in return. Best of all, they happily shared their secret with us. We’d be gone before the next week was out!

Most of us rested this week, and healed up. It was simple enough to recover the first Tribe’s secret (the horse came in handy for that), and by the end of the night, we had paid our respects to Tribal Island and left it in our ship’s wake. We were finally headed home!
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It´s always a pleasure to follow your session reports, Larry!
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