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Subject: Iris Strategy rss

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Bryan Rosander
United States
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I know she isn't part of the base game, but she is cute and I am going to have friends want to play her. I am writing this because she seems overpowered to me right now and I want to think through her strategy. Therefore, I would be interested in strategy against her as well.

She unlocks different abilities based on the style she played the previous turn. She can fairly easily get stun guard and soak, has priority bonuses, mobility, and can ignore stun guard. 4 of her styles have range 0~1, but she doesn't have range beyond that. She can't necessarily get all of this on the same attack, but she does have some really powerful combinations, especially with her unique base.

Serious Groove (High, Low): Range 1~2, power 6, priority 6, Advance 1 or 2 spaces, retreat 1 or 2 spaces. For the movement effects, Basically, she can move forward 1 space, backward one space, or stay in place.

Sonorous Groove (High, Low): Range 1~2, power 5 (7 if you hit the opponent last beat)

Spinning Groove (Middle): Range 1~2, power 5, Stun guard 7

Also, some other great combinations:

Serious Drive (High): Range 1, power 4, priority 5, Advance 2-4 spaces

Serious Strike (High): Range 1, power 5, priority 4, Advance 1-2 spaces

Serious Burst (Low): Range 2-5, power 3, priority 2, Retreat 2 - 4 spaces

Breakdown Drive (Middle): Range 1-2, power 2, priority 4, Advance 2-3 spaces, The opponent is stunned.

Breakdown Strike (Middle): Range 1-2, power 3, priority 3, Advance 1 space, The opponent is stunned.

Audio Strike (Middle): Range 1, power 4, priority 4, stun guard 5, move to any space behind the opponent. You can replace strike with most of the other bases, but strike's power seems most appropriate.

Serious Shot (Low): Range 1-6, power 3, priority 3, Retreat 1-2 spaces
(Trades stun guard / soak / power for priority and range).

Mobility and Ranged
Spinning Shot (Low): Range 1-5, power 4, priority 1, Soak 2, Stun Guard 4, Retreat 1 or 2 spaces

Spinning Shot (Middle): Range 1-5, power 5, priority 1, Stun Guard 5, Retreat 1 or 2 spaces

Iris doesn't have much long range, so you need this. It seems pretty
guaranteed though. With the retreat 1 or 2 spaces and range +1, she can out-range a lot of shots as well as using soak / stun guard.

To take advantage of these combinations, you probably want to combo styles in an order something like
Spinning or Breakdown->Serious or Sonorous->Audio->Serious or Sonorous Groove
You could reasonably safely Audio Strike into a corner, then take advantage of Serious or Sonorous Groove priority and damage.

In order to mix it up, you can play Serious or Sonorous with a different base after Audio, or play Sonorous or Serious Groove right after Spinning or Breakdown and not get the full effect.

Groove allows you to change the style, essentially the keywords, so it is good for "ending the combo". Dash can be played with a similar effect of ending the combo as well. Sonorous and Serious are great starts, though sometimes you might want to replace it with Audio to get Serious / Sonorous / Spinning options.

Playing Groove (Middle) would almost always be a waste as it has less power and stun guard than strike. It would allow you to reset your combo and strike might be in discard, but that seems rare.

R-R-R-Remix Finisher (High, Low) is like a faster more powerful serious groove.
At power 9, 8 priority, range 1-3 and advance 0-2 spaces, I'm not sure how to avoid it, outside of a Dash.

Up to Eleven allows you to use keywords from both discard piles, mixing up your combos even more and getting more soak and stun guard on spinning and groove. I'm not so convinced on the value of stun guard in the end game, so I prefer R-R-R-Remix right now.
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